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Aleut RavenNii}u}im Tunugan Ilakuchangis
Introduction to Atkan Aleut
Grammar and Lexicon

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Word Building

ukina-{ a knife

+ -kucha-{ =
+ -l}u =

ukinakucha{ a small knife
ukinal}u{ a big knife
ukinal}uuklu{ a mighty big knife
ukinaaklu{ the rugged knife
ukina{siida{ a poor or dull knife
ukinachxiza{ a wonderful knife
ukinaliga{ material for a knife
ukina{siku{ makes a knife
ukina}iku{ has a knife or knives; ukina}il
alga{siku{ butchers (having=) with a knife
alax ukina{taku{ has two knives
ukinadigaku{ has a good knife or good knives

kimla-{ belly

kimlatuku{ has a big belly, is big-bellied
kimlalugiku{ has a bad stomach, diarrhea

qa-{ fish

qasiku{ fishes, (gets fish)
qatxa}iku{ has caught fish
qaligdaku{ cleans fish
qalima}iku{ cuts fish
qanuku{ smells of fish

adu-ku-{ is long

aduugama{si-ku-{ is too long

aduutii (aduucha) its length

aduuta-: ataqan siga{ aduutaku{
it is one fathom long

agitaadaam as txin aduutaku{
is as long as the other one.

adunaa{ta-: agitaadaam ilagaan adunaa{taku{
it is a little longer than the
other one

aduuchxuzaku{ it is very long

agitaadaam ilagaan aduuchxuzaku{ it is much longer than the other one.

atxa}iku{ is right

atxa}iiguzaku{ is quite right

awaku{ is working

awaakaku{ can work, is able to work

awaatuku{ wants to work

awanaa}iku{ tries to work

awaqaliku{ starts to work

awaqadaku{ stops working, has already worked

awaa}utaku{ works again

awahliku{ is still working

awayukaku{ has worked for a long time

awayugaa}iku{ has worked for a short time

awaduku{ works fast

awadulaka{ works slowly

awazuku{ works well

awazulaka{ works badly

awa{taku{ is a skilled worker

awaza{ usually works

awaza}ulax never works

awaaguzahli{ maqa{taku{ usually does nothing but working

awamakuq I am working too

awaadahlilaka{ is not even working

awamasuku{ he is probably working

awaduukalaka{ he will probably not be working


qanguku{ came in (now)

qangu{taku{ was in (came in and went out again)

qangumaayaku{ finally came in

qanguda}itiku{ came in all of a sudden

qangumixtaku{ (the child) goes out and in

qangulakus (people) enter one after the other


ayugiku{ goes out (to sea)

ayuxtu}ikus several go out

ha{tiku{ gets up

ha{tu{sakus get up one after the other (in bunches)


qanguku{ came in

qanguusakuu came in with it, brought it in


hitiku{ went out

hidusakuu went out with it, took it out


qisatikung I tied it

qidu{ ngaan qisadusakung I tied it with a rope

sukung I took it

chang ngaan suusakung I took it with my hand


qakaku{ is dry

qakatikung I made it dry, dried it;

txin qakatiku{ dried itself = became dry

qakayakung I try to make it dry


as{al dies, is dead

as{atikung I killed it

ukina{ ngaan as{adusakung I killed it with a knife

as{ayakung I try to kill it


sa}aku{ sleeps

sa}anikung I put him to sleep

txin sa}aniku{ he fell asleep

sa}ayakung I try to make him sleep

sa}ach{ikung I let him sleep


hlam sukuu the boy took it

hlam ngaan such{ikung I let the boy take it


taya}um as{atikuu The man killed it

taya}um ngaan as{atich{ikung I let the man kill it


txin a}utiku{ he hid (himself)

ngaan a}utich{ikung I let him hide (himself)


qangukuq I came in (now)

qangulgaku{ (one, somebody =) we came in

qangulgaa{ta{ let us go in


Hitikuq. I went out.

Hisxaku{. (one=) We went out.

Hisxaa{ta{ Let us go out.


Hadan huyagang. I went to him (in the past).

hadan huyalgaga{ one (somebody) or we went to him


Sukung. I took it.

sulgaku{ it was taken; we took it


As{atikung I killed it. 

As{asxaku{. It was killed; We killed it.

As{atich{ikung. I let it be killed; I had it killed.

As{atich{isxaku{. one = We had it killed.

ngaan as{atich{ikung. I let him kill it (I had it killed by him)

ngaan as{atich{isxaku{. one = We let him kill it.


qanguusakung I came in with it, I brought it in.

Qanguulaku{. It was brought in; We brought it in.


Taanga{ ngaan ch{adusakung. I filled it with water.

Taanga{ ngaan ch{adulaku{. It was filled with water; we filled it with water.

Su{takung. I hold or use it.

su}aku{ it is held or used; we hold or use it


Chachikung. I closed it; I put a cover or lid on it. (chachii its lid)

chachi}iku{ it is closed, it has a cover or lid on it


Haqatalaka}ing. I don't know it.

haqatanalaka{ is such that one does not know it, is unknown


Qaatukung. I want to eat it.

qaatunaku{ is such that one wants to eat it, is delicious


imya}iku{ fishes (with a line)

imya}na{ fisherman


amgi}ikuu watches him

amgi}na{ watchman

amgi}na}iku{ has a watchman = is being watched


haqataqa}ulang I did not know it

haqataqa}ilakaq I do not know anything


unguchiku{ is sitting

unguchiilu{ a chair (place for sitting)

unguchiilu}digaku{ sits comfortably


qaku{ is eating

qaasis silverware (means for eating)


chalas clams

chalasiku{ digs clams

chalasiisi{ shovel for digging clams

utxis ashes

utxidgusi{ ash tray (means for disposing of ashes)


adaluku{ he is lying (telling lies)

ting adaluusaku{ he is fooling me

ting adaluusanaa}iku{ he tries to fool me

ting adaluusanaa}ii}utaku{ he tries to fool me again

ting adaluusanaa}ii}utamasu{taku{ maybe he tries to fool me again

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