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Aleut RavenNii}u}im Tunugan Ilakuchangis
Introduction to Atkan Aleut
Grammar and Lexicon

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taadaayu{ flounder

Taadaayu{ qam ichaaqidaa a{. The flounder is a thin fish.

taaga{ rip tide

Akayum taagangis i}anazas. The rip tides are rough at the pass.

taa}an'gis lateral stalk of the cow parsnip

Taa}an'gis qalgazas. The cow parsnip is edible.

taaman then only

taamaazagaan all the more; more and more

Qaqadagumis taaman hitada. Go out only after you eat.

Hlakucha{ taamaazagaan txin diikatiku{. The little boy is getting to be more and more mischievous.

taamul to lick

Hatining taamukuq. I am licking my lips.

taanga{ fresh water

kasakam taangaa vodka

taangam idigaa pop

taangam vidraa water bucket

water bucket

taangal to drink;, drip on

taangaatul wanting to drink; wanting liquor

taangach{il to water

taanganisal to wait for geese or fresh water ducks to drink (behind a duck blind)

taanganuu}idal to taste flat (water)

taangas, taangatil to fetch water

taangatul to have much water

taangulal to be thirsty

taangulasxal to get thirsty; wanting to drink

Taangaatukuq. I am thirsty.

Taangam idigaa maazazana}ulax. We never had any soda pop before.

Taangam vidraa higaku{. The water bucket is frozen.

Alqul taangam hasinaa taangal hingama{t? Why are you drinking lots of water?

Asxinu{ taanga{ taangal angali{. The girl drank water today.

Aahmaa}is taangach{il ii qila{si{t? Did you water the plants this morning?

Taya}u{ taanganisaku{. The man is waiting for game by the creek.

Asuun taanganuu}idaku{. Your cooking tastes flat.

Chi}ana{ hnu{tal taangatida. Go to the river and fetch some water.

Chi}ana{ taangatuku{. The river has lots of water.

Hlakucha{ taangulasxaku{. The little boy wants to drink water.

boy wants water

taanka{ tank (hot water)

Taanka{ akinaku{. The tank is hot.

taata{ father

taataa his or her father

Taata{ maamang ugii a{. Father is my mother's husband.

Hlam taataa qaqamii}uku{. The boy's father is hunting.

taatunal to be poor; not wealthy

Ana}i{ matalakan taatunakuq. I feel poor because I don't have anything.

taaza{ wash pan

Taaza{ chu{taqas itaku{. The wash pan is filled with clothes.

tachim (ulax) (not) yet

Qaqadat ii? Tachim (ulax). Have you eaten? Not yet.

Tachim haqatalaka}ing. I don't know yet.

tadal step

Kugan tadakung. I stepped on it.

tadaalu{ mat; step

tadus surprise

tadutil surprise

Ting tadutiku{t. You surprised me.

tagadal be new; be fresh

Tagadaqadaku{. It is no longer new.

tagal to land

tagaalu{ airport; air field

At{am tagaalu}a i}amanalaka{. The air field on Atka is in bad shape.

tagalu{ homestead

Tagalu}ing hnukuq. I have reached my homestead.

taganil to be snowing

Tagani{ malgaku{. It is snowing.

taxsal to put away; to collect; to gather

Qalgada{ taxsakus. We are putting away food.

Tingin taxsakus. We are assembling.

taxul to tie; wrap

Chimgung ngus taxul atxa{ tii{t. Would you please wrap up my package for me.

Yaasika{ taxuda. Tie the box.

tie the box

ta}al to try; check; learn; understand

Ay{aasi{ ta}ada. Check the boat.

Duura{ maqa}ii{taayulax ta}a{taangan a{takuq. I checked to see if the dory was all right.

Adalulgaa igiim ta}aku{. He is learning to lie.

Igiim ta}aya{taqaa. He tries to learn it.

ta}ayu{ salt; salty

Qalgada{ ta}ayuku{. The food is salty.

ta{ now; well; enough

Ta{! Now!

Ta{ sanaku{. That's enough.

Ta{ ii? Well?

ta{s to get dark

ta{til to get dark

Ta{tiku{. It is getting dark.

takal to come off; get loose

takas to take off

takatil to take off

Takatikung. I took it off.

takda{ bump on the head; a cod bladder stuffed with cod liver

Kamging takda}iku{. I have a lump on my head.

tal}i{ branch; tentacle

Aaqanam tal}ii aduku{. The octopus tentacle is long.

tali}il to dance

Kiinkus as tali}il sa}ana{t? Who did you dance with last night?

tahlida{ knot in wood

knot in wood

Hyaagam kugan tahlida{ aku{. There is a knot on the log.

tamaaka{ tobacco

Tamaaka{ imis i}amanalaka{. Tobacco is not good for you.

tamgaalu{ white winged scoter

Tamgaalu{ tagaku{. The scoter has landed.

tamsu{ cheek groove

Tamsung izanalaka{. My cheek groove is easy to see.

tahmiigasis garters; arm bands

Chuyuum da}an tahmiigasis chu{taku{. He is wearing arm bands on his arm.

tahmlada{ tobacco pouch

Tahmladang hikitikuq. I lost my snuff box.
snuff box

tana{ land; island; ground; earth; place

Piitram tanaa Peter's place

qawam tanaa sea lion rookery

tanam ulaa sod house

tanam qawaa caterpillar

tanaa}al to return (by land)

tanaanul to come ashore

tanadgusi{ village

tanadgusil}u{ city

tanadgusiigamax main town; city

tana}il to have village on it; to have home on; to stay home; have room

tana{tal to live at

tanal}il to bury

tanasxa summer camp

tanasxan ulaa cabin

taanasxaadal to go camping; be camping

tanasxaadal to go camping

tanasxa}il to stay at camp

tanatul to be roomy; spacy

Ala}um ilagaan tanam hadan huyaku{. He comes to the land by sea.

Tanam kugan higitiku{. He jumps on the ground.

Qan'gim ngaan tanam ulaa i}amanaku{. A sod house is good for winter.

Tanam qawaa kitakucham hasinangis mataza{. A caterpillar has lots of little legs.

Tanasxan sa}al hulakuq. I slept at camp last night.

Tanaanul chalakuq. I came ashore (in a boat).

Tanadgusing angunakucha}ulax. My village is very small.

Tanadgusil}u{ hnulgal aguun ulas qayal hasinazas. When we come to a big city there are many tall houses.

Tanadgusiigamax hnukuq. I came to a city.

Amlagi{ tana}ana{ a{taku{. There was once a village on Amlia,

At{am kugan tana}ikus. We have a home on Atka.

Slum huzuu tana}ikuq. I stayed home all summer.

Ula{ tana}ilakan. The house has no space.

At{a{ tana}aku{. We live on Atka.

As{a{ta{ tanal}ilgaku{. The dead were buried.

Tanasxan al sluzas. We camp out all summer.

Tanasxan ulaa usxis ilagaan agu}iku{. The camp house is made of logs.

Tanasxaadal aguun txin hnu{tazaangan a}naq. I'll visit you when you are camping.

Taanasxaadakuq. I am camping.

Tanasxa}ikuq mal uku}alakan ukutikuq. The reason I wasn't around was that I was camping.

Ulam nagan tanatuku{. The house has lots of room.

tanahma{ warp; longitudinal threads in basket

Is{atim tanahmangis aguku{. She is making the longitudinal threads of a basket.

tan}aa}i{ bear

tan}aa}im chumnugii brown bear

tan}aa}im qaxchikdaa black bear

black bear

Tan}aa}im algam kayutuu a{. A bear is a strong animal.

Tan}aa}im chumnugii angunaku{. The brown bear is big.

brown bear

Tan}aa}im qaxchikdangis udang malgaza}ulax. We don't have black bears here.

tan}i{ island; islet

Tan}i{ i}amanaku{ aku{ aaliisizigalaka{. The island is good but has no good land.

Tanadgusim sadan tan}i{ aku{. There is an island out there in front of the village.

tani{ forehead

Taning tas{idaku{. My forehead is shiny.

tanil to lighten

taniisi{ flashlight

A}adgi{ ula{ taniku{. The sun is shining on the house.

Taniisi{ ngus a}ada. Give me a flashlight.

taqil to turn around (boat)

taqimixs to go zig zag

Txin taqitiku{. He turns around.

taqul to put arms around

taqu{tal to hold in arms; to hug

Ayaga{ ting taqu{taku{. The woman is hugging me.

tas to burst; erupt;

tatil to burst

tatal to have burst; to have a hole in it

tatxil to make burst

Bruudnaan tatxiku{. He punctured a hole in his boat.

tas{idal to be shiny

tas{idayal to polish

Ala}u{ tas{idaku{. The water is glossy.

Luusxis mulil tas{idatii{t. Scour and polish the spoon.

shiny spoon

tasul to shuffle playing cards

Kaartas tasuku{. He is shuffling the cards.

tataam again

tatahliim once again

tatahlii}utaam still another time

Taya}u{ tataam ayuxtaku{. The man goes out once again.

tatu{ lagoon; pond

Tatu{ tas{idaku{. The pond is shiny (calm).

taya}u{ man

Taya}u{ sa}aku{. The man is sleeping.

tayal to buy

tayana{ trader

tayasal to sell

Simuun ataqan yaabluka{ tayal angali{. Simeon bought one apple today.

Ulang tayasakuq. I sold my house.

sold house

tduxs to knock on door; stamp on floor

tidgis sound of footsteps

tidgimaxs trample

Tdugi{ agu{taqadaa{t. Quit making that knocking noise.

Tidgis tuta{t? Do you hear the sound of footsteps?

txin you; himself; herself; itself

txidix you two; themselves

Anaan txin hi{taku{. Your mother is calling you.

tixs, tigil to press down; settle

tixtal to lean against

tigmixs to press down several times

Ula{ tanam kugan tigiku{. The house has settled down on the ground.

ti}la{ eagle

ti}laagamax mature eagle

Ti}la{ hakaatxa{ iga{taku{. The eagle is flying high in the air.


ti}lu{ scar

Kitang kugan ti}lu{ aku{. There is a scar on my foot.

ti}yu{ wild rye

ti}yul to pull off wild rye

Qiigas ti}yukuq. I am pulling grass.

ti{il jerk

ti{mixs to jerk several times

Sla}u{ ula{ ti{mixtaku{. The wind is jerking the house.

tiigilgaada{ kittiwake

Tiigilgaada{ qa{ qaku{. The kittiwake is eating fish.

tiihna{ mound; knoll

Qayam kangan tiihnas akus. There are mounds on the hill.

tiisicha{ one thousand

Tiisicha{ taya}us uku{takuq. I saw one thousand men.

tiklaada{ finger-pull

Ting as tiklaadada. Do the finger-pull with me.

tihmaqu{ short tail of seal, reindeer

Isu}im tihmaquu unalgaku{. The seal's short tail is being cooked.

tihnil to pitch (tent)

Pulaatxi{ tihnikuq. I pitched the tent.
pitched tent

ting I; me

tingin we; us

timas, tingis we; us

Tingin hi{taku{. He/she is calling us.

tmadgi{ Atkan mackerel

Tmadgi{ qunali}iza{. The Atkan mackerel is striped.

tmagi{ nereocystis (seaweed)

Tmagis ala}um kugan hasinakus. There are lots of kinds of seaweed in the sea.

tmal to slip

Qa{ sunaa}ikung tmana{. I tried grabbing a fish but it only slipped.

Tmach{ikung. It slipped out of my hand.

tmuusi{ (aya{u{) stick; cane

Qaataa tmuusing? Where is my cane?

traapa{ staircase

Ulang sadan qankus traapas a{sxaqa{. They put these steps outside my house.

Traapas qayakus. The staircase is high.


traavki{ dish towel

Chahmam traavkii suda. Take the dish towel.

truba{ chimney

Plitam trubangis saazalilgaakaku{. We should clean the soot from the stove pipes.

Truba{ qayaku{. The chimney is high.

truuvka{ smoking pipe

Truuvkaan imdaqadagumis truuvkada. Fill your pipe and smoke your pipe.

tudangalgi{ rainbow

Tudangalgi{ uku{takuq. I see a rainbow.

tugaadi{ urine; bladder

tugaadil to urinate

Hlakucha{ tugaadiku{. The little boy is urinating.

tuga{ fist

tugal to strike; pound

Alqu{ tugal hingaliida{ agu{ta{ hinga? Why is she making all that noise pounding?

U}aluun ngaan tugaasakuu. He struck him with his spear.

tugamixtal to strike several times

tugida{ moon; month

Tugidaagamax January

Tugida{ tachim ch{alaka{. The moon isn't full yet.

Tugida{ ch{aku{. The moon is full.

full moon

tugi{ diaphragm

qam tugii fish diaphragm

qawam tugii sea lion diaphragm

Qawan tugigan qakaa qaatunaza{. Dried sea lion diaphragm is good to eat.

tugil to be sloping

tugitil to stretch hung up

tugiida{ clothesline

tugima}i{ long sandy beach

Tugima}im ilan aygagikuq. I am walking on the long beach.

tuglal to feel; to touch

Tugla{takung. I felt it.

tu{il to target practice

Tu{ikuq. I am target practicing.

tukluxs to scratch

tuklumigdal to scratch several times

Sabaaka{ txin tuklugiku{. A dog is scratching himself.

scratching dog

tuku{ rich; chief; boss

taya}um tuku}ulaa poor man

taya}um tukuu rich man

Kuluuzas ama tingis tuku{ matazas. Both Indians and ourselves have chiefs.

tuku{ sea bass

Tuku{ axitikuq. I caught a bass.

tukuulki{ ax

Tukuulki{ ukul hixtuqas qilam ngaan aguda. Find the ax and make kindling for morning.

tula{ upper arm

Tulaa aduku{. His upper arm is long.

tulkil to grind; mash

Kartuufila{ tulkiku{. She is mashing potatoes.

tuhlutulu{ bog; swampy area

Tuhlutulu{ tanam umduu a{. A bog is a swampy area.

tumbuuya{ float

Tumbuuya{ ala}um kugan hanikaku{. The float is floating out in the water.

tumga{ ivory tusk

Amgaadam tumgaa aku{. It is a walrus tusk.
walrus tusk

tumsal to put in order; store

ulam naga tumsal to put the house in order

Imga}i{ tumsaku{. He is coiling the fishline.

Imliin tumsadigataza{. She keeps her hair in good order.

tumtatul thick (round object)

Hyaagam tumtatuu aku{. It is a thick log.

tuhmu{ lymphatic gland

Isu}im tuhmuu aqis anuusada. Remove the seal's lymphatic gland and throw it away.

tunul to make a sound; talk

tunu{ sound; voice; word; language

tunu}ilakan to be hoarse

tunu{tal to talk

tunu{taasal to talk about; speak (language)

tunu{taa}u{ sin

tunu{taa}ul to sin

tunumkal to talk; say something

tununa{ interpreter

tunuugal to swear

tunuulu{ windpipe

tunuzachxizas gospel

tunuzul to talk cleverly; flatter

Aniqdu{ tunuku{. The child is crying.

Saaku{ ala}um ilan al tunuku{. The king eider is cackling out there in the ocean.

Tunuu tutaqang. I heard the sound of it.

Tunungin agiitingis haqatalaka}ing. I don't know some of his words.

At{am tunuu tunu{taasaku{. He speaks the Atkan language.

Chuqang nanal tunu}ilakaq. I have a sore throat and my voice is hoarse.

Alax an}a}inax txidix as tunu{tal angalix. There were two people talking to each other.

Agitaadaan tunu{taasaku{. He is talking about his friend.

Tunu{taa}ulagada! Don't sin.

Tunumkaazal. Tell a story.

Ali}is tunumkaazakus. The old men are telling stories.

Ting tununa{taku{. I am his interpreter.

Ting tunuugaasaku{. He is swearing at me.

Tunuuluun tuta{t? Do you feel your windpipe?

Tunuzachxizas hilalgakus. The gospel is being read.

Taya}u{ tunuzuku{. The man is a good talker.

talking to audience

tunga{s hard; tough; strong; firm

Tunga}iku{. It's hard.

Tunga{tikung. I made it strong.

Txin tunga{tiku{. It becomes strong. (He gets established.)

tunga}ayal to repair

Ulang tunga}ayakuq. I am repairing my house.

tus to get to hear

tutil to get to hear

tutal to hear; to listen; to understand; to feel

tutaqa}il to obey; behave

tutaatunal nice to hear

tutxaqatul to have keen hearing

tutxaqulal to be deaf; hard of hearing

tutusi{ ear

Haqanaa tutakung. I heard him coming.

Hi{tanangis tutakung. I heard what he said.

Haadanang tutakuq. I feel that I am getting better.

Chaayas tutal txin qa}ataku{ hinga. She's happy listening to music.

Chaayas tutaatunaku{. The music is good to hear.

Tutxaqulakuq. I am hard of hearing.

Tutusi{ tutaalaza{. We use our ear to listen.

Tutusing chutal ana{ tutaakalakaq. I cannot hear anything because my ears are plugged.

ears are plugged

tutuunus hard roe (of fish)

Adgayum tutuunungis lakuq. I am gathering some hard roe of pink salmon.

tutuutu{ owl

Tutuutu{ tunul aguun ting inunach{iza{. When an owl hoots it gives me the chills.

Tutuutu{ amgim saa a{. An owl is a night bird.


tuuflis dress shoes

Tuuflit chuda. Put on your dress shoes.

tuut{u{ dry stalk of wild parsnip or cow parsnip

Taa}an'gim tuut{ungis. They are some dried stalks of parsnip.

tuuhyul to be lonesome

txin tuuhyunil to become lonesome

Ting tuuhyuniimis a}iku{t. You will make me lonesome. (I'll miss you.)

Txin tuuhyutal. He looks lonesome.

tuyuuna{ village chief

Tanadgusim tuyuunaa aku{. He is the chief of the village.

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