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Aleut RavenNii}u}im Tunugan Ilakuchangis
Introduction to Atkan Aleut
Grammar and Lexicon

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maadugaa{ snow bunting

snow bunting

Maadugaa}is qayas kangangim azas. The snow buntings are up in the hills.

maaguza{ real truth

Maaguzaa}an a{taku{. It is the real truth.

maakal be able to do

Maakal agumis mada. If you think you are able, do it.

maalal be done; we do

Maalaku{. We did it.

Qaatuku{ maalal qach{isxaqa{. He was hungry so he was fed. (We fed him because he was hungry.)

maama{ mother

Maama{ taatang ayagaa a{. Mother is my father's wife.

Maarta{ March

Maarta{ qan'gim tugidaa a{. March is a winter month.

maasal doing it

Maasakung. I did it.

Qaatuku{ maasal qach{ikung. I fed him because he was hungry. (He was hungry so I fed him.)

maasla{ butter

Maasla{ wayaam akituku{. Butter is costly now.

Maasla{ xliibam kugan aku{. There is butter on the bread.

maasta{ mast

Sunam maastaa qayaku{. The ship's mast is tall.

maazal get something; not exist

Imya}iku{ maazana{. He had successful fishing.

maazalaka{ gone; not there

Maazaqadana{. It disappeared.

machaalki{ mop

Kiin wang machaalki{ a}iisal a{taa}utaku{? Who left this mop here again?

mach{il let do

Ngaan mach{ikung. I let him do it.

madigal be lucky

Madigas matiku{. He was fortunate.

maxaayal to wave

Qanaanuumis ting maxaayal angali{t? Where were you going waving at me earlier?

ma}il have

Sabaaka{ ma}ikuq. I have a dog.
happy dog

ma{sil cleaning; working on

Qa{ ma{siku{. She is cleaning the fish.

makaaka{ monkey

Makaaka{ alga{ aku{. A monkey is an animal.

malaa}is inflorescence of wild parsnip

Taa}an'gim malaa}ingis kuu}akus. The tops of the wild parsnip are bloomed.
wild parsnip

mal do

Chaayuutut ii? - Makuq. Do you want to drink tea? Yes I do.

Makung alaka{. I have nothing to do.

Kaagnanaa}ihli{ makuq. I am just teasing.

Aygagiituku{ mal aygagna{. He wanted to walk, so he did.

malgal to be done; it is

Slachxiza{ malgaku{. It is a nice day.

Tanasxaadaatuna{ malgal? Is it good to be camping?

manital proud

Hla{ txin manitaku{. The boy is proud.

maqa}ilakan it is all right

Maqa}iqadaku{. It is all right now.

maqa{tal habit of doing something

Agiida{ maqa{tazakus. They usually go visiting.

Qa{ maqa{tazaqangis. They used to eat them before.

maqda{ mammary glands

maqdal to suck

Aniqduun maqdach{iku{. She is breast feeding her baby.

mas to do

matil to do

Maa}an matiku{. He agrees to do it.

masxal become; it is time to

Slachxiza{ masxaku{. It has become fine weather.

Aangsusxazaa masxaku{. It is time for us to start picking berries.

masinas motor

outboard motor

Masinas ay{aasim kugan chitakus. The outboard motor is attached to the stern.

matal to have; to be

Ula{ matakuq. I have a house.

Qalgaakaan mataku{. It is edible.

mayaa{s to hunt; trap animals

Taya}us mayaa{s qanagzakus. The men trap during the winter.

mazal usually does it

Kuriza{ ii? Maza{. Does he smoke? Yes, he usually does.

midalil to clean a hide

Isu}im igluqaa midaliku{. He is skinning the seal hide.

midimit{i{ bufflehead; butterball

Midimit{is iga{takus. The buffleheads are flying.

migal to hatch

Kasami{ migaku{. The eider-duck is hatching her eggs.

miila{ soap

Ch{uu}iitukuq miila{ matalakaq. I want to wash but I don't have any soap.

mikaasi{ toy


Qanan mikaasi{ alat? Which toy do you want?

mikal to play

mikayngul to be playful

Ulal}um nagan mikalgazagan ilan mikal angali{. He was playing in a big gymnasium.

Hlas mikakus. The boys are playing.

Hmiichi{ mikaasakus. They are playing with the ball.

Aniqdu{ mikaynguku{. The child is playful.

minuuta{ minute

Minuutas aginangis haqatada. Keep track of the minutes.

miquda{ pocket knife

Miqudaan ugunuu}ana{t. Don't forget your pocket knife.
pocket knife

misaayal disturb

Tingin misaayaku{. He/she is disturbing us.

misal stir

Ifraasiya{ asu{ misaku{. Betsy is stirring the pot.

Asu{ misaku{. She is stirring the pot.

misuuka{ sack

Misuuka{ imdada! Fill the sack.

mitiisi{ broom

mitil to sweep

Mitiisi{ su}al mitilgaza{. A broom is used for sweeping.

Aana{ chamlus mitil a{taku{. Ann is sweeping the floors.

muka{ flour

Muka{ su}al xliiba{ agulgaza{. We use flour to bake bread.

muluka{ milk

Aniqdu{ muluka{ alaku{. The baby wants milk.

mulutuukax hammer


MuIutuuka{ su}al asxus aqisxaza{. We use a hammer to take off nails.

mulutuukal to hammer

Mulutuukal hingamaku{. He is using a hammer.

muuli{ butterfly

Muuli{ ataqadim hnuuqaaya{ ana{. A butterfly was once a cocoon.

muustas bridge

Muustas i}a{takuq. I am afraid of the bridge.

Muustas chi}anam qusan aku{. The bridge is over the creek.

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