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Aleut RavenNiiĝuĝim Tunugan Ilakuchangis
Introduction to Atkan Aleut
Grammar and Lexicon

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laampax̂ lamp (kerosene)

Laampax̂ adigakux̂ yaa? The lamp is bright, isn't it?

Laampax̂ atakux̂. The lamp is lit.


laavkix̂ store

Laavkix̂ alaĝum achidan akux̂. The store is near the beach.

lagix̂ Aleutian Canadian goose

Lagix̂ ukux̂takung ting ukux̂tanax̂. I saw the Aleutian Canadian goose and she looked back at me.

lagim ichx̂uusii arctic cotton

Lagim ichx̂uusingis Atx̂am kugan azas. There is arctic cotton on Atka.

laglax lesser Canada goose

Laglax igax̂takux̂. The lesser Canadian goose is flying.

lal gather

Qagmangis kalul lakuq. I shot and gathered lots of geese.

Qas lakux̂. He is gathering fish.

Qiigas lakus, They are gathering grass.

lal escape of air

Sanĝum hugin'gii lakux̂. The air escapes from the inflated sea lion stomach.

lalux̂ yellow (color) cedar wood

Lalux̂ iklam chumnugii ax̂. A yellow cedar wood is yellow.

lampaadax̂ icon lamp

icon lamp

Lampaadax̂ kamgam ulagan ilan suĝazax̂. An icon lamp is used in the church.

lastax̂ fermented fur seal flipper; propeller

Lastax̂ qichikux̂. The propeller is turning.

Lastax̂ qakux̂. She is eating the fermented flipper.

latux̂ grandfather

Latux̂ Anang adaa ax̂. Grandfather is my mother's father.

Latuĝii his or her grandfather

Hlam latuĝii igaĝikux̂. The boy's grandfather is sawing wood.

liidal resembles; looks like

lisngil resemble

Hlax̂ adaan liidakux̂. The boy resembles his father.

Ukuĝangis amilaayus liidakus. They look like Americans.

Chix̂taakanax̂ liidakux̂. It looks as though it is going to rain.

Ayuxtaakaan liidax̂ malgakux̂. Now it looks like it's time for you to go out.

Agitaadaan lisngikux̂. He resembles his friend.

liidax̂ one or some

Piitrax̂ masinaĝikux̂, liidax̂ mataaĝing alamakuq. Peter has an outboard motor and I wish I had one too.

liintax̂ ribbon

Kamgiim kugan liintax̂ chux̂takux̂. She has a ribbon on her head.
hair ribbon

liisnalakax̂ few; rare

Qax̂ liisnalakax̂. There are very few fish.

liizis skis

Liizil angaliq. I skied today.

lil appear; rise

lix̂tal rise

Aĝadgix̂ likux̂. The sun rises.

Quganax̂ lix̂tal sakang akux̂. There is a rock sticking out in the sea.

litil appear; start (wind)

lital appear; start

Qagaadaa litil hulal ax̂taaĝutakux̂. This morning the wind started blowing again.

Nam hadaa lital saĝanaq. Yesterday I went as far as to see the south side of the island.

ludaa his older brother or sister

ludamiing older than me

ludaaĝix̂ elder; eldest; greater; greatest

Asxinum ludaa angunakux̂. The girl's older sister is big.

Ludamiing axtas iĝayux̂tazaq. I respect those who are older than myself.

Txin ludaaĝitikux̂. He becomes the greatest.

lukamachix gloves; mittens

Lukamachim atx̂uĝiĝulangis ama atx̂uĝingis malgax̂. There are gloves without fingers and with fingers.

Lukamachix chax huĝnatazax. The pair of gloves keeps the hands warm.

lul believe

luusal believe

lunalakan unbelievable

lunil begin to believe

luniisal begin to believe

Haman ngaan hix̂takung lunax̂. I told him about it and he believed me.

Hix̂tananing luusanax̂. He believed everything I said.

Hix̂tanangis lunalakan. It is unbelievable what he is saying.

Ngaan tunux̂tahlikung txin lunil angalix̂. I talked him into believing me.

Igiim luniisal angalli. He started believing him.

lupaatxix̂ shovel

snow shovel

lupaatxil to shovel

Lupaatxix̂ suĝal tanax̂ hilgilgazax̂. We use a shovel to dig dirt.

Ulam chidaĝan qaniigii lupaatxil inatida. Shovel all the snow by the house.

luusxix̂ spoon

Luusxix̂ sux̂tal asux̂ misada. Stir the pot with the spoon.

Luusxix̂ suĝal qalgazax̂. A spoon is used for eating.

luukas onions

Luukas sunam kugan waaĝakus. The onions came on the boat.

hlaaqudax̂ fur seal

fur seal

Hlaaqudax̂ akux̂. It is a fur seal.

hlaĝuudal soothe

Aniqdux̂ hlaĝuudakux̂. She is soothing the baby.

hlax̂ boy; son

Hlax̂ kalunaaĝikux̂. The boy is trying to shoot.

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