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Aleut RavenNiiĝuĝim Tunugan Ilakuchangis
Introduction to Atkan Aleut
Grammar and Lexicon

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chaaduquudax̂ spider

chaadaquudax̂ spider

Chaaduquudax̂ niivudiin aguqalikux̂. The spider started making his net.

chaaduudax̂ blister

Chang kugan chaaduudax̂ akux̂. There is a blister on my hand.

chaamiidal to shave

Tayaĝux̂ inglaakut chaamiidal akux̂ txin isinax̂. A man was shaving and cut himself.

chaanikax̂ kettle

Kukam ngaan wan chaanikax̂ aĝida. Give this kettle to Grandmother.

chaanux̂ gray crowned rosy finch

Chaanux̂ ulam kangan tagakux̂. The gray crowned rosy finch landed on top of the house.

chaang five

chaangidim five times

Alax ama qankus chaang ax̂. Two and three is five.

chaangiqlux̂ elbow

Chaangiqlung nadusakuq. I hurt my elbow.

chaaqudal get into things; touch things without being told to (children)

Aniqdus chaaqudakus. The children are touching things.

chaasxix̂ cup

Chaasxix̂ taangax̂ itakux̂. The cup has water in it.

Chaasxix̂ chaxtaĝulaa agach ngus aĝida. Give me a cup that has no crack.


chaatix̂ forearm

Chaating chuqudakux̂. My forearm is small.

chaayax musical instrument

chaayax drum

Chaayax akux̂ wa. This is a drum.

chaayux̂ tea

chaayul to drink tea

chaayuusis utensil used for drinking tea

Chaayux̂ kayutukux̂. The tea is strong.

Chaayux̂ atxax̂tikuq, haqal chaayuda. I made tea; come drink some tea.

chachx̂ux̂ belt

Chachx̂ux̂ ngaan tayaqang akux̂ hikitiiĝutakux̂. I bought him a belt but he lost it again.

chachx̂um kaamiĝii beaded belt

Kiin chachx̂um kaamiĝii alal? Who wants a beaded belt?

chachix̂ cover

chachil to close

Yaasikax̂ atxax̂s chachil tumsada. Close the box right and put it away.

chachix̂ cover; lid

chachiĝil have cover or lid on; be closed

chachix̂tal have or use as a cover

chachix̂taasal: igiim chachix̂taasal be covered with

chachiisal cover with

chachilal close (several)

chadux̂ oil (diesel, seal, lubrication)

chaduĝnax̂ blubber (seal, whale, etc.)

Chadux̂ anaĝim suĝaaguzaa azax̂. Oil is a thing we use most often.

Chadux̂ akitukux̂. The stove oil is expensive.

chadum taankaa oil drum

Alax chadurn taankangis imdada. Fill two drums of oil.

chadux̂s, chaduĝil to crawl

Hlalĝux̂ chidigiim kugan chaduĝil haqakux̂. A big boy is crawling over here on his knees.

chagax̂ red cedar (driftwood)

Chagax̂ alaĝum achidan chalax̂takux̂. The red cedar is on the beach.

chagix̂ halibut

Chagix̂ qam ichaaqidagan angunaa ax̂. The halibut is a thin, large fish.

chagitxax̂ white orchid (plantathera hyperborea)

white orchid

Chagitxax̂ qaatunazax̂. The white orchid is good to eat.

chaxs, chagikux̂ split; crack

chaagidgul split (several)

chaglilaĝil have cuts

Iklax̂ chaagidgukux̂. He/she is splitting wood.

chaglil tears or cuts into pieces

chaglimax̂s tear to pieces

chaxs, chaxtil split; cut open

chaxtal have crack in it

chaxtalal have several cracks

Igluqas chaglil ilagaan chux̂taqax̂ agukux̂. He/she is cutting hide to make clothing.

chaxudax̂ wooden cap

Chaxudax̂ ukux̂tax̂tax̂t? Have you ever seen a wooden cap?

chaĝus cut; wound

chaĝutil cut; wound

Atx̂uun chaĝus aamagnikux̂. He cut his finger and it is bleeding.

chax̂ hand

Chax̂ sigus alazaĝulax. A hand has a lot of wrinkles.

chax̂sax̂ soup; fish broth

qam chax̂saa fish soup

Qam chax̂saa qaatunazax̂. Fish soup is usually good to eat.

chax̂sxix̂ submerged reef

Chax̂sxix̂ hitx̂azakux̂. A large surf emerges from the submerged reef.

chaknal be spoiled; rotten; have a rotten stench

Ulux̂ txin chaknatikux̂. The meat gets spoiled.

chalaaqux̂ swordfish; sailfish

Chalaaqux̂ chalakux̂. The sailfish landed on the beach.

chalax̂ clam

chalasiisix̂ shovel for digging clams

Chugum sinigan chalas akus. There are clams under the sand.

clam under sand

chalal land; come ashore; drift ashore

chalas, chalatil greet; meet (somebody who is landing)

Alax̂ chalal hulal ax̂tanax̂. The whale apparently had come ashore last night.

chalil to fish (with pole)

chaliisix̂ fish line

Apriilax̂ hulakux̂ mal qaadas chalil saĝanaq. Because it was the first part of April, I fished for Dolly Varden.

chamĝul to wash

Daniilax̂, atxax̂s chakin chamĝul taam angadada. Dan, wash your hands thoroughly and then wipe them.

chamlux̂ floor

Chamlux̂ chx̂uuĝilgaax̂t. Let's wash the floor.

chams to scrape

Igluqax̂ chamil huuĝuzuuzayakux̂. He's scraping the skin and trying to soften it.

chamusix̂ skin scraper

skin scraper

Chamusix̂ sux̂tal igluqax̂ chamida. Use the scraper and scrape the hide.

chahmax̂ dish

chahmaalix̂ wide valley

Chahmax̂ six̂tikux̂. The dish broke.

chahmis block; obstruct

chahmitil block; obstruct

chahmidusix̂ plug (as in boat)

Ayx̂aasim chahmidusii chuhmluda. Put the boat plug in place.

changal enter; go or creep in

changamixs go up and down (something floating)

Tumbuuyax̂ alaĝum ilan changamigikux̂. The buoy is going up and down in the water.

changanax̂ valley; ravine

Itx̂aygis slum aslaan changanas tanax̂tadas. Reindeer live in the valleys in the summer.

changix̂ bow (of boat; kayak)

changii bow (of boat; kayak)

Ayx̂aasim changii qayakux̂. The boat's bow is high.

chaquxs to chew

chaqugil chew

Ulum tungaĝii chaqugikux̂. He's chewing on tough meat.

Chaquxs qakuq. I am chewing my meat.

chasix̂ clock

chasim angaa half an hour

Chaang chasix̂ aygagikux̂. Five o'clock is coming.

Chasix̂ stiinam daĝan inkakux̂. The clock is hanging on the wall.


chataalux̂ slide

Achixaaluĝim ulagan chidaĝan chataalux̂ ax̂. There is a slide by the schoolhouse.

chataasix̂ toboggan

Chataasix̂ angazanazax̂. The toboggan comes in handy.

chidgix̂ something drifting

chidgiilal drift away

chidgilgal drift away

chidgisxal drift away

Ayx̂aasix̂ chidgisxakux̂. The boat is drifting.

boat drifting

chidĝix̂ green or blue

chidĝaayux̂ green

Inkax̂ chidĝikux̂. The sky is blue.

Qiigas chidĝaayukus. The grass is green.

chidĝis become blue; bruise on the skin

Chuyuu chidĝikux̂. His arm is blue.

chidigix̂ knee

chidigaĝil to kneel

Chidigim asuu. The knee has a cap.

Chidigaan kugan akux̂t. You are on your knees.

chidil strain; filter (water)

Buchuunikaan chidikux̂. He is straining his barrel.

chidul let itself down (sunset)

Agadgix̂ chidukux̂. The sun is setting.
sun setting

chiduyax̂ lightning

Chiduyax̂ qignam adigaa agux̂tazax̂. Lightning makes a bright flash in the sky.

Saygim chiikdaa axchigakux̂. The bullet from a gun is fast.

chiikdaĝus shotgun

Chiikdaĝus sux̂tal sas kalukuq. I shot some ducks with a shotgun.

chiidax̂ young (of birds or animals)

chiidax̂tal have as a pet

Chiidax̂ matax̂t? Do you have a pet?

chiidĝux̂ infant

Chiidĝux̂ saĝakux̂. The infant is sleeping.
infant sleeping

chiixuyaakax̂ song sparrow

Chiixuyaakax̂ tunukux̂. The sparrow is singing.

chiikdax̂ bullet

chas slide down

chatil slide down

chatal slide down a hill (person)

Hlax̂ liiziĝil chatakux̂. A boy is skiing.

Qayam ilidan chatakuq. I am sliding on the hillside.

sliding on hillside

chatis strand flats (reef)

Chatis qakakus. The strand flats are exposed from low tide.

chavichax̂ king salmon

Chavichax̂ qam angunaa azax̂. The king salmon is a big fish.

chdaxtix̂ loose excrements; diarrhea

Hlakuchax̂ chdaxtikux̂. The little boy has diarrhea.

chxal steal

chxax̂ theft

chxaqalix̂ thief

ChxaqaIix̂ qichitix̂ chxakux̂. The thief stole the money.

chxux̂ sponge; soak through

Chxux̂ sux̂tal chahmas chx̂uuĝada. Wash the dishes with the sponge.

chx̂al full; complete

chx̂aasal be full of

chx̂as fill

chx̂adusal fill up full with

Taankax̂ chx̂al ax̂takux̂. The tank is full.

chx̂uux̂s to wash

chx̂uux̂sxal to mop

Mariina chx̂uuĝil txin asx̂anix̂takux̂. Marina is washing clothes and she is tired.

Chamlux̂ chx̂uux̂sxal aguun machaalkix̂ suĝazax̂. When we wash the floor we use a mop.


chidaxs stretch

chidagikux̂ gets long

Imyaĝii chidagikux̂. His fishline apparently stretched.

chidaĝa border; margin; space beside something

Ulam chidaĝan akux̂. It is by the house.

chidgil hang loose; slack

Chux̂taqas chidgil ax̂takus. The clothing is hanging loose on the line.

chiikil be in disorder (messy house)

Ulax̂ chiikikux̂. The house is messy.

chiiknax̂ limpet

Quganas kugan chiiknas chitakus. The limpets are sticking to the rocks.

chiimdal roll with the surf

Duurang sux̂tal chiimdal angaliq. I was rolling with the surf in my boat today.

chiinkax̂ sheet metal

Chiinkax̂ tungaĝikux̂. The sheet metal is sturdy.

chiipax̂ chain

Chiipas asxum daĝan inkakux̂. The chains are hanging on the nail.

chiirtix̂ to circle or underline

Anaĝix̂ alanaan ukux̂tal agumis chiirtida. If there is something you want, underline it.

chigdax̂ raincoat (parka made of intestines)

Unangam chix̂taliisii chigdax̂ hiilax̂tadax̂. A Native raincoat is called a chigdax̂.

Chigdax̂ an'gis ilagaan aguĝizax̂. The raincoat is made out of intestines.

chiglil take apart; take off (clothes)

Txin chiglil taaman quyuda. Undress before you go to bed.

chixis stick; attach; cover

chixitil stick; attach; cover

Butiilkam krisxii chixis taaman tumsada. Cover the bottle before you put it away.

chixtal be united; be married

Tayaĝux̂ ama ayagax̂ chixtakux. The couples are married.

chiĝanax̂ river

chiĝanakuchax̂ stream

Chix̂tax̂ iĝanal aguun chiĝanax̂ axchigazax̂. When it rains a lot the river flows fast.

Chiĝanakuchax̂ qamdalakax̂. The stream is not deep.

shallow stream

chiĝdux̂ high tide

chiĝdul high tide

Agux̂ chiĝdutikux̂. The tide is rising.

chiĝnil make wet

chix̂s become wet

chix̂tikux̂ become wet

chix̂tal be wet (ground, people)

chix̂tax̂ rain

chix̂taliisix̂ raincoat

Alqul imliin chiĝnil angalix̂t? Why did you get your hair wet?

Chix̂tax̂ malgakux̂. It is raining.

Chix̂tatikux̂. It started raining.

chikas larvae (fly, bug)

Chikas hudas iĝamanaĝulax hitikux̂. The larvae spoiled the dried fish.

chikux̂ piece of meat in a pot

Asum chikungis iguda. Take the pieces of meat out.

chilal become loose

Iihmiising chilal ax̂takux̂. My shoelace became loose.

chilal untie

Ayx̂aasim paalinaa chilil aqichada. Untie the boat's bowline.

chilux̂ Alaskan Longspur (migratory bird)

Chilux̂ igax̂takux̂. The long-spur is flying.

chimchis something caught between the teeth

chimchilil pick the teeth

Agaluun chimchilida. Pick your teeth with a toothpick.

chimchiliisix̂ toothpick

Qaataa chimchiliisis? Where are the toothpicks?

chimgux̂ parcel

Sunam kugan chimgux̂ ayuxchx̂iitukuq. I want to send my package out on the tugboat.

Hlang ngaan chimgux̂ matakuq. I have a parcel for my son.

chimx̂al splash

chix̂aasal splash with

Taangax̂ sul txin chimx̂al ii haman? Did he splash water on you?

Taangax̂ ngiin chimx̂aasakux̂t. You spilled water on us.

chimix̂ footprint

Qaniigim kugan chihmis ukux̂takuq. I see footprints in the snow.

Itx̂aygim chimii al ax̂takux̂. It is a reindeer's footprint.

chihmiglul to wring

Chx̂uuĝis pulusxal chihmiglul qichx̂ida. Wring out the clothes and hang them out to dry.

chihmignux̂ big toe

chihmignum qagalĝingis toenails

Chihmignus kitam kugan azas. We have toes on our feet.

Chihmignung nanakux̂. My toe hurts.

 toe hurts

chingax̂ impassable point

Chingax̂ anax̂ mal axsxaakalakax̂. The impassable point cannot be crossed.

chiplaatix̂ chicken; chick

Chiplaatix̂ qakux̂. The chicken is eating.

chiqix̂ earth; ground; mud

chiqitul to be muddy

Akalugix̂ chiqitukux̂. The path is muddy.

chiripiichis shingles

Ulam chiripiichingis awaasakux̂. He is working on the house shingles.

chisal be scattered

Hax̂satis chisal ax̂takus. All the gun shells are scattered.

chisil scatter (objects)

Asxinux̂ sas ngaan muusix̂ tanam kugan chisikux̂. The girl is throwing oats out on the ground for the birds.

Mukax̂ stuuluĝim hangadan chisikux̂. She scattered some flour on the table.

flour on table

chis grab (as an eagle grabs)

chitil put on

Ulam kangaa chitikux̂. The top of the house is finished.

chital intact

Ulam huzuu chital ax̂takux̂. The house is all intact.

chitx̂ix̂ gall bladder

Isuĝim chitx̂ii tatikux̂. The gall bladder of the seal has burst.

chitx̂udgix̂ boil (on skin)

Chuyung kugan chitx̂udgix̂ akux̂. There is a boil on my skin.

Chitviirkax̂ Thursday

Chitviirkax̂ taĝulakux̂. It is the eve of Thursday.

chiyal to reach

Fiidur Praanikas suuĝan chiyal akux̂ ukul angaling. I found Ted reaching for the cookies.

chlax̂s dive

chlaĝikux̂ dives

Alax̂ chlaĝikux̂. The whale dived.

chmaa its tail

alam chmaa the whale's tail

Alam chmaa angunazax̂. The whale's tail is very large.

chngax̂ fur; hair

chngatul hairy; furry

chngulil shed fur

Isuĝis ama qawas chngulikus. The seals and sea lions are shedding their fur.

chngatux̂ sea otter

Chngatux̂ quganam kangan akux̂. The sea otter is on top of the rock.

chuchaxs stand erect; be steep

chuchagikux̂ stands erect: steep

Kiiĝuusix̂ chuchagikux̂. The mountain is steep.

chuchudal ring sharply

Kulukuulax̂ chuchudal tunukux̂. The bell is ringing sharply.
bell ringing

chuga the northside

chugaanul go toward the north

chugaanux̂tal go north

chuguuĝix̂ northern

Tayaĝus chugaanux̂tal qaqamiiĝukus. The men are hunting on the northside.

chugaayux̂ shawl

Chugaayuun chuda. Put your shawl on.

chugal sufficient; complete

Masinam anaĝingis chugal ax̂takus. The motor's parts are all complete.

chugilakan be silent

Chugilakan saĝada. Quiet down and go to sleep.

chuguĝul to point

Asxinux̂ alqux̂ chuguĝul hingamax̂? What is the girl pointing at?

chugux̂ sand

chuguĝil be sandy

chugutul be full of sand

Chugux̂ quganam six̂taa ax̂. Sand is broken up rock.

Alaĝum achidan chugux̂ akux̂. There is sand by the beach.

chuxcham uliigii Eskimo boot

Chuxcham uliigingis wan akiitas chuĝalizas. Eskimo shoes are still worn today.

chux̂tal wear

Qatxuuyang chux̂tal ax̂takux̂t. You are wearing my shirt.

chux̂taqas clothes

Kiin chux̂taqas imis ax̂s? Who gave you the clothes?

Chux̂taqas tugiidam kugan inkakus. The clothes are hanging on the clothesline.

clothes hanging

chukiidgix̂ gnat

Chukiidgis alanalakaĝis. There are lots of gnats.

chulaanux̂ chest

Hyaagam ilagaan chulaanux̂ agulgaakax̂. We can make a chest from wood.

chulal to dress

chul put on (coat)

chuchx̂il put on (clothes)

chux̂tachx̂il let or make wear

Chuuyung chul angaliq. I put on my jacket.

Adaam txin chulal aqadaguun txin chamĝuda. Adam, you dress, then wash your face.

chulixtax̂ sandpiper

Chulixtas txidix ukux̂takus. The sandpipers are looking at each other.

chumlil to sharpen

chumliisix whet stone

Alqus ngiin ukinax̂ chumlil hingamax̂t? Why are you sharpening the knife?

chumnax pine wood

Chumnax hyaagachxizax̂ ax̂. Pine wood is a good wood.

chumnux yellow

chumnugix̂ yellow

Qiigam asx̂ax̂taa chumnugikux̂. The dead grass is yellow.

chumtux̂ bone marrow

Itx̂aygim chumtuu qaatunazax̂. The bone marrow of the reindeer is good eating.

chuhmlul put in place

Kavkaanas chuhmlul saĝanaq. I set the traps yesterday.

Taankam tagadaa chuhmlul angaliq. I put on a new tank today.

chunix̂ backbone

chuniĝix̂ backbone

Isuĝim chuniĝii sigusada. Bring the seal backbone.

chunukax̂ nape of the neck

Chunukang huĝnaazakux̂. My neck is warm.

chuhnil stab

chunaaqul catch fish with fish spear

chuhnital stick into

chuhnusal stab; pierce

chuhnusix̂ awl

Isux̂ chuhnil asx̂atinaq. I stabbed a seal (with a harpoon) and killed it.

chungus down (bird's)

Saĝam misuukaa kasamim chungungis iIagaan aguĝikux̂. The sleeping bag is filled with eider down.
sleeping bag

chuqax̂ throat

chuqaI shout holler

chuqadal choke

Hlax̂ chuqakux̂. The boy is hollering.

chuqix̂ root (bottom part)

Asxutim chuqii sixsakux̂. The post broke from the bottom.

chuqudal little

Algam chiidaa chuqudazax̂. An animal's newborn offspring is usually small.

chutal be plugged up; stopped; clogged

Singkix̂ chutakux̂. The sink is clogged.

chutxii its point

chutxidigal be pointed; sharp

chutxital have points

Sdax̂ chaang chutxix̂tazax̂. A star has five points.

chuulkis stockings

Chuulkit chuda. Put on your socks.
socks on feet

chuuyux̂ jacket or sweater

Chuuyux̂ asxinung ngaan triivanaq. I ordered a jacket for my daughter.

Chuuyux̂ matax̂t. Do you have a sweater?

chuyux̂ arm

chaagamguuĝix̂ chuyux̂ right arm

Chax̂ chuyum angtaa ax̂. The hand is at the end of the arm.


chyaalis, chaalis immature seagull

Chaalix̂ slukam chiidaa ax̂. Chaalix̂ is a seagull's young offspring.


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