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Aleut RavenNii}u}im Tunugan Ilakuchangis
Introduction to Atkan Aleut
Grammar and Lexicon

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haadal to get better (from illness); calm down; abate (wind)

As{aa}il angaliku{ haadal a{taku{. He's been sick all day but he's getting better.

haagal to be hungry; starve

haaga{ hunger; starvation

haaga{ as{aasal starve to death

haaganil: txin haaganil become hungry

haaganal: tanam haaganaa island without food

Angalim huzuu haagal angaliq. I've been hungry all day.

haa}anil stop (a person)

txin haa}anil stop; cease; remain

haa}atal: txin haa}atal stop (for awhile)

Masinas txidix haa}anikus. The motor has stopped running.

Txin haa}atal an}iqadagumis taaman txin ayga{tida. Stop and rest for awhile before you start walking again.


haakulalakan be clever; know how

Hla{ haakulalaka{. The boy is very clever.

haanu{ red salmon

Haanu{ siknutiku{. The red salmon is getting old.

haasxu{ spear thrower; throwing stick (kept on the right side of the kayak)

Haasxu{ uku{ta{ta{t? Have you ever seen a spear thrower?

haasix double-bladed paddle

Iqyam haasii aku{. This is a baidarky's paddle.

hachi}il wait; wait for

Hingahligan txin hachi}il angaliq. I've been waiting for you right here.

hachi{ back (human or animal)

hachik kukin ha}ul carry on my back

Haching nanaku{. My back is aching.

hachil stuck

hachis, hachitil close up; shut (a door, etc.)

Imya}im kayuxtaa quganam quchigan hachiku{. His fishing line's sinker got stuck between rocks.

hadaa direction of; towards

hadakix direction of

hadangis plural form

hadaakul turn; turn toward; head for

hadaakutal turn; look toward

Kamgam ulaa qagaa hadan hadaakutaku{. The church faces toward the east.

hadaatxan toward; into

hadgi{ channel

Suna{ hadgi{ axs qakuu}aku{. The ship went through the channel into the bay.

ha}laxs, ha}lagil to have bad dreams; nightmares

Kukang amgaax ha}laxs amaxsi{. My grandmother had a nightmare last night.

hagyal to be clean

hagyaachxuzal to be very clean

hagyas, hagyatil make clean

hagyatal have cleaned

hagyayal clean (fish); clean up (place)

Ulang hagyayakuq. I am cleaning my house.


haxs grow; grow up (referring to people)

hagil to grow up

Hla{ hagduku{. The boy is maturing quickly.

haxsal open; become open; become visible

haxsil turn on; open

haxsi{tal open (temporarily)

Qahmigi{ haxsida. Open the door.

open the door

Taangam kraanaa haxsil a}iilal a{taku{. The faucet was left running.

haxsiisi{ can opener

Haxsiisi{ su{tal baanki{ haxsilgaza{. We use a can opener to open a can.

ha}aa}u{ narrow indentation at the coast (ten to sixty feet deep) with rocks surrounding

Ha}aa}um qakuutxaa aku{. It is a very deep inlet.

ha}adil be pale

Sagima}ii ha}adiku{. Her face is pale.

ha}is put upright

ha}itil lift

Sa}al qilakuq ting ha}itiku{t. I was sleeping this morning when you woke me up.

ha}iyal make get up; save; make stand

Asxuti{ ha}iyaku{. He is trying to stand the post up.

ha}u}iilu{ pack sack

Muuyusii ha}u}iilu{ matal At{a{ hnu{tana{. Moses had a pack when he came to Atka.

ha}ul pack; take on his back

Paavilaa ha}ul chi}ana{ ngaan aqaanuusada. Pauline, come and take her across the river.

Braatang Isu{ ha}ul ixchiisana{. My brother packed a seal home.

ha}uyal to wrestle

Alax hlax txidix ha}uyal am}inadix aadakus. Two boys are trying to beat each other by make believe fighting.

ha{sal to pack; prepare; get ready

Sunam kugan ayugii}an ha{sal hingamaku{. She's packing for a trip on the tug.

ka{sati{ gun shell

Ha{sati{ kaluusal aa}akung kalulagaa-a{taku{. The shell I tried to use did not shoot.

ha{s stand up; get up

ha{til stand up; get up

ha{tal be in a raised position; stay up; out of bed

ha{tu{sal get up (many)

Taya}u{ ha{tal hulaku{. The man stayed awake all night.

haka up there (as in the air, on top of a hill)

hakan the one up there

hakang up there

hakaax from up there

hakaa}al get up there; rise

hakaanul move upwards

hakaatxaku{ it is way up there

hakanguda}an upwards; (split) lengthwise

Hakahligan inkatiqang. I have hung it up there.

Iga{ta{ hakang iga{taku{. An airplane is flying up there.


haka{ feather

Haka{ chugum kugan aku{ sulakan angaling. A feather was on the sand but I didn't pick it up.

haku up there (aslant)

hakun the one up there

hakuux from up there

hakuu}al come up, ashore or toward the shore

hakuu}aasal come up on; take ashore

hakuu}as take or get up

hakuu}atil take or get up

hakuutxaku{ it is far up

hakunguda}an upwards

Agu{ hakuutxaku{. The tide is far up. (flood tide)

halaa}ul to peel

Kartuufilas halaa}ul unada. Peel the potatoes and cook them.
peeling a potato

halal turn head; turn around

halaasal turn or lift

halazal turn the head several times

hala{tal turn the head

halalil seasick

Isu{ halal aku{ kaluqang. When the seal turned its head I shot him.

halas take the cover off

Ingtiin halas aqadagumis taaman ha{tida. Take your blanket off first before you get up.

halgi{ root

Anqa{tal halgi{ ting as ilgada. Let's go out to look for root.

halim hadaa the windward

halmuda{s go straight against the wind

Ay{aasi{ halmuda{s ay{aku{. The boat is going against the wind.

halul to sew a skin

halu{ seam

Anastaasiya{ igluqa{ chaglil halul angali{. Anastasiyaa cut and sewed a skin.

halu}iku{ it is sewn

haluusal sew with

haluusi{ needle

hama over there (invisible)

hamaa}al go there; arrive there

hamaa}aasal take over there

hamaa}as: txin hamaa}as get there

hamaanul go over there; out there

hamaanuch{il send there

hamaanuusal take with him (as expected or mentioned)

hamali{tal go over there

Hamali{tal uyada. Go over there and get it.

hamamal do so

hamamaasal do so

hamamaalal to be done so

hamamas do so there or then

hamanguda{s go there

hamanguda}an over there in that direction

ham}a{ sleeve

Ham}a{ chagliikalakaq. I cannot cut a sleeve.
sleeve pattern

hams heal; be healed

hamil heal; be healed

hamiyal heal; cure

hamayal heal; cure

hamayaasi{ means for curing (plaster)

Chang hams a{taku{. My hand has healed.

hana{ malgaku{ the sea is breaking against the beach

han}is breakers

Han}i{ hadangin haqaku{. The surf is coming toward us.

hani{ lake

Hani{ angunaku{. The lake is big.

hanim kamgituu American Goldeneye (waterfowl)

Hanim kamgituu sa{ a{. The Goldeneye is a duck.

hanikal float

hanika{ fish float

hanikas float; lay still

hanikatil float; lay still

hanikatal anchor (boat)

hanikatil anchor (boat)

Ay{aasi{ udam ilan hanikaku{. The boat is floating out in the bay.

hangadaa higis to jump over

Fiidur hyaagam hangadaa higis akum txin manitana{. Fiidur was proud when he jumped over some lumber.

hangal to climb

hangaku{ to climb

Hlam tutaqa}iiyulax usxi{ hangaku{. A naughty boy climbed on top of a tree.

haqal come; set in; come about

haqaasal come with; bring; hand over; give; catch up with

Suna{ ana}is haqaasaku{. The ship is bringing things to the village.

haqaasach{il has brought himself up to the same level

haqach{il let come

haqa{tal come

haqalal come one after another

haqanisal decoy; imitate to make come

haqaqalil start to come

haqas, haqatil come upon; find; bring about

haqatal know; have learned to know

haqatalakan don't know

haqataasal know

haqataqadal do not remember

haqayal be careful; cautious

haqayaasal be careful with

haqisngal sneeze

Aniqdu{ haqisngaku{. The baby is sneezing.
holding a sneeze

hasa{ flat rock that goes out in the sea; skerry

Qawas hasam kugan hanga{takus. The sea lions are on the skerry.

hasxil head into the wind

Hasxil ay{aku{. He is heading into the wind (in a boat).

hasinal be many; much

An}a}inas hasinakus. There are lots of people.

hata{s slip; startled

hata}iku{ slip; startled

hata}nil startle; scare

hata}niisal: igiim hata}niisal be afraid of

Hlakucha{ hata}iku{. The little boy got startled.

hata{ch{il to bounce

Mariiya{ hmiichi{ hata{ch{il mikaasakux. Mary is bouncing the ball.
bouncing a ball

hati{ ten

Ataqan ama sichiing hati{ a{. One and nine is ten.

hatidim ten times

Hatidim hati{ qanaang a{? What is ten times ten?

hati{ lip

Hati{ kixsxaa nanaza{. It hurts when you bite your lip.
bite your lip

hawa there

hawan that one

haang, hawang there

hagumal do there or so

hawaa}al arrive there

hagumaasal do so to

hawanguda}an over there; that way

Taya}u{ hawanguda}an huyaku{. The man went over that way.

hawaxs to tow

Ikla{ tanam hadagaan hawagil udusaku{. He is towing the log down the hill.

hayal to request; ask a favor

Ting hayaku{. He/she asks me for a favor.

hazan next to it

Hazan at{ung aduku{. The finger next to my middle finger is long.

hiiyuka{ beak; bill (of bird)

Hilgim hiiyukaa aduku{. The oyster catcher's bill is long.

hidangil turn up (the lamp); make the flame higher

Laampa{ hidangida. Turn up the lamp.
turn up lamp

hidati{ spring; well; swamp

Hidati{ umduku{. The swamp is soggy.

higal frozen

higas: txin higas be freezing

higasxal freeze; be cold (person)

higayal freezing weather

higayas start to freeze

Higaya{ malgaku{. It is freezing out today.

higitil to jump

Vasilii higitil aku{ ayuna{. Willie jumped and fell.

higidgil be messed up; have flying hair

Imling higidgiku{. My hair is sticking up.

hixs burn; put fire to

higiku{ burn

hixsxal be burnt

hixtuqas kindling

hixtuqa{sil make; chop kindling

Hla{ hixtuqas aguku{. The boy is making kindling.

making kindling

hi{sal understand; find out; remember

hi{saasal find out; grasp; notice; recognize

hi{sach{il make understand

hi{sanil let find out

hi{sanaa}asal try to find out

Ayaga{ anaa hi{saasaku{. She recognized the lady.

hiidu{ draught; drafty

Ula{ hiiduku{. The house is drafty.

hiigi{ black oyster catcher

Hiigi{ chugum kugan aku{. The oyster catcher is on the sand.

hika up there

hikan that one up there

hikang up there

hikanguda}an upward there

Qagmangis hikang iga{taku{. The geese are flying up there.

hikil disappear from sight

hikidgul cast; fling

hikis lose; miss; waste

hikitiku{ lose; miss; waste

Hla{ hikiku{. The boy disappeared from sight.

hiku up there, slantwise

hikun that one up there

hikung up there

hikuux from up there

hikunguda}an upward, a slant, there

Ti}la{ hikung aku{. The eagle is up there.

hikuu}as: txin hikuu}as be filled; satisfied; pull to its place (boat)

Taya}us ay{aasi{ sayul hikuu}atikus. The men pulled the boat up to its place.

hil say; utter; call; summon; ask for; tell

hiku{ says; utters

hi}al be said; be told; be ordered

hi}ada{ it is told

hi}azada{ it is told

hi{tal say; tell; explain; promise; ask for; call for

hiila}al be called; be done continually

hiila{tal be called; it is told

hiilal be done; be done to

hiisal: aalax hiisal do a second time.

hiisa{tal say; tell; order; call

Alqus hi{tal hingama{t? What are you saying?

hilaa{ confession

hilal to read

Ivaan tachim hilal alu}ilaka{. John can't read and write yet.

Taata{ hilaquli{ alanaan hi{taku{. Father said he needs something to read.

father sitting

hilgil dig

Vikiinti{ ulang chida}aa hilgil hi}aku{. Someone said Vincent is digging by my house.

himla{ white crested waves; rough sea

hilma{ white crested waves

Himlas txidix qayatikus. The swells are getting rough.

hinga right there; that

hingan that one

hiikus those

hiing there

hingaax from there

hiikul be so; for that reason

hiikuulal be done to so; receive such treatment

Hingan ayaga{ uku{tada. Look at that woman.

hingalas nits; louse eggs

Hingalas kamgii kugan aku{. He has nits in his hair.

hingul to push

Kachalam kugan akuq ting hingul ting hata}nina{. I was on the swing, then he pushed me and scared me.

hiqamaxsil stutter; stammer

Asxinu{ hiqamaxsil tunu{taku{. The girl is stuttering.

his go out; come out; grow; make; put into state

hitil go out; come out

Ulam ilagaan hitil angaliq. I went out from the house today.

hidgul make (several)

Kamgadas txidix hidgukus. They became Christians.

hidulal be taken out

hidusal go out with; take out

Taanga{ hidulaku{. The water is being taken out.

take out water

Ulu{ hidusaku{. He takes out the meat.

hitaxs come forth; appear; show up

Qugana{ sakang hitagiku{. The rock appeared out there.

hitagna{ straight cloud with a sharp edge on top

Hitagnam sitxan sla}uza{. Underneath the straight cloud it is stormy.

hital go out for awhile; make, put into temporarily; regard as; recognize as

Hital slaa}a{taangan a{siting. I am going out for awhile.

hitxalil start to go or come out

Uuguchiingi{ chixtiim ilagaan hitxaliku{. The fox is starting to come out of its den.

hitxidgul cast out

hitxis cast out; kick out of the house

hitxitil cast out

Sabaaka{ ulam ilaan hitxisxaku{. The dog was kicked out of the house.

hitxiyal try to cast out

hitxi{ tail

sabaakam hitxii dog's tail

Sam hitxii aduku{. The duck's tail is long.

hit{a{ breakers (out in the ocean)

Cha{sxi{ hit{azaku{. There are breakers by the reef.

hitmil to pluck (duck)

Sa{ hitmikuq. I am plucking a duck.

hitnisas plants

Hitnisas kuu}akus. The plants are now growing.

hitzaa}u{ newly emerged

hitzal go out each time; one after the other; make several into

Taa}an' gim hitzaa}uu qaatunaza{. A newly emerged cow parsnip is good to eat.

hiyal try to make; have become

Kamgada{ txin hiyaku{. He/she is trying to become a Christian.

hizax barely; with difficulty; almost

Isu{ hizax kaluku{. He almost shot a seal.

hizal repeat

hu}du{ moss

Hu}du{ qayas kugan agach hitiiguzaza{. Moss grows mostly on hills.

huchutal: txin huchutal behave well; behave nicely

huchutaasal comfort; soothe

Aniqdu{ txin huchutaku{. The child is behaving nicely

huchuuzal behave; be quiet

huchuuzalakan not behaving

Aniqdu{ huchuuzalakan. The baby is not behaving.

huda{ dry fish

huda{sil to make dried fish

Huda{ qakalaka{ mal chikalgaku{. The dry fish is not dry and that's why the maggot are on it.

hugi{ case; bag

huxs{il put shoes or boots on

Kitat huxs{ida. Put your shoes on.

hugin'gi{ confined air

hugin'gi}iqadaku{ it is running out of air

Laampa{ hugin' gi}iqadaku{. The lamp ran out of air.

hu}daxs boils

hu}dagiku{ to boil

Asu{ plitam kugan hu}dagil ngus hi}aku{. I was told the pot on the stove is boiling.

hu}naa, ulam hu}naa the lee side of the house

hu}naadal be lukewarm

hu}naazal be warm

hu}na{tal have shelter from the wind

Ula{ hu}naazaku{. The house is warm.

hu}nas: txin hu}nas get warm

hu}natal keep warm (brood)

hu}nayal warm

hulal bloom (flowers); dawn, beginning (of day, month); do in or until the morning or tomorrow

hulaalal dawn with (weather, etc.)

Slachxiza{ hulaalal a{taku{. It has dawned with good weather.

hulazaa}u{ the first light in the morning; bloom

Aahmaa}i{ hulazaa}uku{. The flower just bloomed.


hulmal melt (snow, ice, salt, etc.)

hulmil melt; cause to melt

Kda{ hulmaku{. The ice is melting.

Saala{ hulmil alaadikas unalgaa{t. Let's melt lard and fry some dough.

Kda{ hulmiku{. He is melting the ice.

humgix lungs

Humging nanaku{. My lungs hurt.

hums inflate

humiku{ to inflate

hum}al to be swollen (door)

hum}atil swell; to become swollen

humsxal to be inflated

humtal to be in a swollen state; bulge

humsil blow; inflate

humsiisal blow (into something)

Baluuna{ humikuq. I am inflating the balloon.

Baluuna{ humsil txin as{ani{ taku{. He's trying very hard to blow up his balloon.

huna{ hole

Kriisa{ huna{ aguku{. The rat made a hole.

hunkil tip (something over)

hus, hutil tip over

Drami{ hunkiku{. He tipped the drum over.

tipping drum

Ay{aasi{ hutiku{. The boat tipped over.

husal roll

husatil to roll

Qugana{ husal utiku{. The rock rolls down the hill.

Chadum taangkaa husatil udusaku{. He is rolling a drum down the hill.

husi{ jaw; lower jaw

Husi{ mata{t? Do you have a lower jaw?

husi{ load

husi{tal have as a load

husiilal be loaded in

husitul have a big load

Ay{aasi{ husituku{. The boat has a large load.

huta{ thumb

Huta{ cham at{uu a{. A thumb is a kind of finger.

hutu{ handle

Qahmigim hutuu qinganaku{. The door handle is cold.

hutyuugas iron; flat iron

Hutyuugas txidix akinatikus. The flat irons are getting hot.

huudal shout; howl; whistle


Suna{ huudaku{. The ship is blowing its whistle.

huutuqaa{s rock; roll

Suna{ huutuqaa{s ay{aku{. The boat is rolling back and forth while running.

huyal go in some direction

huyaasal go with; bring

Ulam hadan huyaku{. He/she is going to the house.

huy}i{ steam; smoke (from kettle or from the sea in a storm)

Ala}u{ huyu}iku{. The sea is steaming.

huyu{ brother

huyuu her brother

Huyu{ uhngi{ mata{. A brother has a sister.

Asxinum huyuu ayuxtaku{. The girl's brother is out in a boat.


huzu{ everybody; everything

huzus all

huzuu all of it; the whole

huzu}il being altogether

huzuugizaa absolutely all of it

Xliibam huzuu alakuq. I need a whole loaf of bread.


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