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Aleut RavenNii}u}im Tunugan Ilakuchangis
Introduction to Atkan Aleut
Grammar and Lexicon

Note: These pages use ISER's free Unangam fonts. To download the font, go to:
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An example of a word with the Unangan font


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ababa! brr; it’s cold

Ababa qingana{ malgaku{. Brr, it is cold!

achxul give away food; share

achxu{tal to give a share

achxu{taasal give away, share

Isu{ waa}aasakuq an}a}inas achxul angaliq. When I brought in a seal, I shared it with the people.

ach{il let be; think or say to be

Hamang al ach{iqang aku{ mana}ulax a{taku{. I thought that he was there but he wasn’t.

achixal teach

Uchiitila{ achixal hiing aku{ uku{takuq. I see a teacher teaching there.

Uchinikas txidix achixal qanagzas. The students learn throughout the winter.

achixaasal teach something

Unanga{ achixaasal angaliq. I taught Aleut today.

achixaalu}i{ school

Achixaalu}im ilan achixana{ aku{. The teacher is in the school.

achixana{ teacher

Achixana{ achixaalu}im ilan aku{. The teacher is in the school.

achixaqa{ student

Achixaqa{ achixaalu}im ilan unguchiku{. The student is sitting at the desk.
student at desk

achixs fall

achigil pitch

achigidgul fall, cause to fall (several)

Asxinu{ hingulgal aku{ haang achigil sa}ana{. Yesterday when the girl was shoved she fell down.

achili{ little finger

Achiling adulaka{. My little finger is short.

achul feel cold

achunal windy

achuna{ wind

Achunaku{ uma. It is windy.

Achuna{ ixsaa}utaku{. The wind has calmed down again.

Hla{ achuku{. The boy is cold.

adaa}al come ashore

Chngatu{ uchixs angalikum adaa}al a{taku{. The sea otter went out swimming and came back to shore.

adaxs to roast

adagil to roast

Ulu{ unaalu}im qusan adagiku{. Meat is roasting over the fire.

ada{ father; father’s brother; priest

Ada{ sunam kugan waa}aku{. The priest came on the boat.
priest from boat

adulal lie

adaluusal fool; deceive

Txin adaluusakuq. I’m fooling you.

Hla{ adalul tunu{taku{. The boy is telling a lie.

adgayu{ pink salmon

Adgayu{ chi}anam qaa aku{ ala}um ilan aza{. Salmon is a fresh water fish but stays in the sea.

Adgayu{ higitiku{. The pink salmon jumped.

adgilax earthquake

adgilgi{ earthquake

adgilaxs tremble by earthquake (the ground)

Amgaax adgilaxs amaxsi{. There was an earthquake last night.

adigal bright; shine

Laampax adigal ataku{. The lamp is shining brightly.

adi{ lower lip

Adi{ alqu{ a{? What is the lower lip?

adu{ cave

adul}il put in a cave

Hingan tanam kugan adu{ anaa qamdaza{. The cave on that island is very deep.

adu{ debt

adu}i{ debtor

Ting adukuq. I am buying on credit.

adul long

adulakan short

Ay{aasii aduku{. His boat is long.

adutal keep long

Hla{ imliin adutaku{. The boy keeps his hair long.

adutil make long

Taya}um inglaakungis txidix adutikus. The man’s beard is getting long.
adutich{il allow to lengthen

Asxinu{ imliin adutich{iku{. The girl allows her hair to get long.

aduugama{siku{ too long

Imya}i{ aduugama{siku{. The fishline is too long.

aduutal as long as

Iklas txidix aduutakus. The logs are the same length.

aga over there

agan that one over there

agaax from over there

agaanul to go across (bay, river)

Hla{ agaanul angalii txin waa}atiku{. The boy who went across came back.

aganguda}an towards the other side

Taya}u{ aganguda}an huyaku{. The man is going towards the other side.

agacha he, she, it, they in particular, rather; more

agach rather, more

Agacha tukuku{. He is rather rich.

agal go away

agach{il lead away

aga}al depart from

aga{tal move away for a while

Kuusxi{ plitam chida}aan agal angali{. The cat moved away from the stove.

cat from stove 

agalitil hit behind

Isu{ kalul aku{ agalitina{. He shot and hit behind the seal.

agalim the rear

Agalim hadaa ukuda. Look towards the rear.

agalikul to be too late

Agalikul txin waa}atiku{. It came here too late

agalmuda{s move backwards; go to the rear (a boat)

Suna{ agalmuda}an ay{aku{. The boat is moving backwards.

agaluu}i{ being or coming behind; later

Hla{ agaluu}il aygagiku{. The boy is coming from the rear.

agalu{ tooth

agalus teeth

Qanaang agalus mata{t? How many teeth do you have?


agamaxchi{ a small kind of rorqual, possibly a little piked whale (balaenoptera acutorostrata)

Agamaxchi{ kalukuq. I shot a whale.

agamgi{ red chiton

Agamgis kugan agamgis ukunaq. I found red chiton on Agamgis.

agas to take away; wash away by a wave

agatil to wash away

Han}is ikla{ agas hulal a{taku{. The waves washed away the log last night.

agayal to try to take away

Quganal}u{ ulang achidagaan agayakuq. I am trying to take away the big rock.

agdaa}i{ vertebrae; backbone

Piitram agdaa}ii itiku{. Peter has a slipped disc.

agidusi{ comb

Agidusi{ su{tal imliin singlaku{. He/She is combing his/her hair.
combing hair

agiicha another; some

an}a}inam agiicha another person

agiitingis other persons

agiichigaan sometimes

Hi{tanangin agiitingis tutakung. I understand some of what he says.

agiidal visit

agiida{ guest

agiida{tal have as guest; entertain

Ingachi}i{ agiidaku{. The couples are visiting.

agiital be together with; accompany; take along

agiitaatunaza{ easy to get along with

agiitagaa the other; another

Braatang agiital ayuxtazaq. I usually go out in a boat with my brother.

agil open; become open (mouth, eyes, clam, etc.)

agidgil be wide open

agidgul open several

Dangis agidgiku{. His eyes are wide open.

agi{tal to open

Agi{tal chuqaan uku{tach{ida. Open your mouth and let me see your throat.

agil to yawn

Txin saxtanil ii agil hingama{t? Why are you yawning, are you lazy?

agil}i{ mouth

Qawam agal}ii angunaku{. The sea lion’s mouth is big.

agis to spread

agitil to open, comb

Maasla{ xliibam kugan agis qalgaza{. We spread butter on bread then eat it.

agisa{ lookout; observation hill

agisa}il look around from observation hill.

agisa{tal use as lookout hill.

Taya}u{ agisam kangan aku{. There is a man on the lookout hill.

agitaadaa his partner; his fellow; his friend; the other one

agitaadas plural form

ay{aasim agitaadaa the other boat

Agitaadas matalgaa i}amanaza{. It is good to have friends.

aglal gather (grass); haul (water)

Agach taanga{ aglal a{taa}utaku{. The boy is helping haul water.

Taanga{ chi}anam ilagaan aglal qila{sis. We hauled water from the river this morning.

aglu{ killer whale

Aglus qas qakus. The killer whales are eating fish.
killer whale

agu}adgi{ outgoing tide (pass) ebbtide

Agu}adgi{ txin ay{atiku{. The flood tide is starting.

agu}a}il to look for food at the beach

agu}il}u{ low tide

Agu}a}il qila{sis. We went looking for sea food this morning.

agu}na{ sea urchin

Qahngus quchigingin agu}nas akus. There are sea urchins among the seaweeds.
sea urchin

agul make; manufacture; build; produce; bring forth

Is{ati{ aguku{. She is making a basket.

Nivzuuruf ula{ agul inatiqaliku{. He’s almost through building his house.

Andrii ula{ agul inatiku{. Andrew finished the house he was building.

agu}il made

Isxa{ agu}il ii? Is the bed made?

agu{ tide; part of the beach which is left dry during low tide

agu}i{ tide

Agu}i{ a}aku{. The tide is going out.
tide out

agu{tal make; arrange temporarily

agulal make several

Slachxiza{ agu{tal ukutiku{. It has been nice weather lately.

Aguu}u{ God

Tanam aguu}uu czar (god of the earth)

aguu}u{tal act as a god

Aguu}u{ Kamgam ulagan ilan Kamgaalaza{. We pray to God in the church.

axchigal move fast

axchigalakan to be slow

Ay{aasi{ axchigal ay{aku{. The boat is going fast.

axis drag; catch by dragging

axitil to drag

axital have caught by dragging; hold around

Chagi{ axis qila{siq. I caught a halibut this morning.

axs to pass; move along; go by or through; spend or pass over; (a term); elapse (of time)

agmigdal make repeated movement along

agulal be passed over with

agusal pass with

axch{il let pass

axsxal be passed

axtal pass by

Sisxi{ agnas. They crossed the pass.

Kuu axsxaakalaka{. One cannot pass over it.

Tana{ axsxal umaanulgaza{. One has to pass over the land to get across to the other side.

Iga{ta{ hawan axtal iga{taku{. The airplane passed by here.

axsal get a hole in it

axsagna{ hole

axsa{tal have a hole in it

Bruudnaa axsaku{. His boot has a hole in it.

hole in boot

axsil put a hole in it

Baanki{ axsil aku{ ilagaan taanga{ hyuqalina{. When he put a hole in the can, water started pouring out.

a}adgi{ sun

a}ada{s sunshine

A}adgi{ agiichigaan uluudaza{. The sun is sometimes red.

A}adgi{ akinaku{. The sun is hot.

a}al to be born or uncovered; to be brought somewhere

a}a{tal to be opened; uncovered (tide); to have been born; to go somewhere for some time

Agu{ a}aku{. It is low tide now.

a{diika{ ptarmigan

A}diika{ qan’gim aslaan quhmaza{. Ptarmigan are white during winter.

A}diika{ iga{tal aguun axchigaza{. When the, ptarmigan flies, it flies fast.


a}iisal leave; let go

a}iilal be left

a}i{taasal be left for the time being

Txin a}iisal. He left.

a}il go give

Alqu{ ngus a}il anuxtakat? What do you think she is giving me?

a}laaya{ Redbreasted Merganser (waterfowl)

a}laayam quhmaa American Merganser

A}laaya{ angunaku{. The merganser is big.

a}lul to bail

a}luusi{ bailer; dipper; ladle

Chi}anam ilagaan taanga{ a}lul angali{. He bailed or fetched some water from the creek.

fetch water

a}us conceal; hide;

a}ucha}il be hidden

a}udgul to hide several

a}utal keep hidden

a}utaasal to hide with

a}utich{il let hide

Uuquchiingi{ quganas quchigingis txin a}us angali{. The fox hid among the rocks today.

a{s put; place; give

a}il put; place; give

a}zal to give habitually; deliver

a{sxal be given

a{sxada{ tribute

Kanfiixta{ hlamaan a}il angaliq. I gave the boy some candy.

a{tal apparently be; have been; blow from some direction (wind)

naa-a{ta{ west wind

Haqal a{taku{. He has come.

a{tal have put; have (somewhere); give; have been

a{tu{s put or give to several; distribute

Ay{aasing ngaan a{tal angaling. I loaned him my boat today.

loan boat

a{tagaliku{ although

Sa}al a{tagaliku{ umlatida. Even though he is sleeping, wake him up.

aka straight out there

akan that one out there

akan ula{ the house straight out there

Akan ula{ amaatxaku{. That house is far from here.

akaa}igan beyond

akaanul go further; proceed

akaanu{tal proceed; continue along

akanguda}an forward; ahead

Suna{ akanguda}an txin ay{atiku{. The ship moves forward.

akalu{ road; path 

Akalu}i{ qaniixtuku{. The road has lots of snow.

akalu}im ay{aasii car; road traveller

Akalu}im ay{aasigan nagan ay{aatuzaq. I like to ride in a car.

akangaa the ceiling (of house) roof (of cave)

sam akangaa palate

Ulam akangaa hakaatxaku{. The ceiling in the house is high.

akayu{ straight; pass between islands

akayu}il: unangangin akayu}il have sounds between them (islands)

Akayum anuu i}anaku{. The current at the pass is rough.

aki{ price

akii its price

akil pay; repay

akich{il sell

aki}ilakan have no price

aki{tal have as a price; cost

aki{taasal offer

akiisal pay

akilach{il sell several

akitul be expensive

akitulakan be cheap

Taya}u{ akil angaliq. I paid the man today.

akii}asal carry with him; take along

akii}alal be taken along

Saygis akii}alal ayuxtalgaza{. We usually take our guns along when we go out in the boat.

guns to boat

akii{cha limit; border

akii{tingis plural

Ulam akii{cha umnalaka{. The border of the house is drafty.

akiital as far as; until

Taya}u{ wan akiitis hamang awaza{. The man still works there at that place today.

akinal hot

akina{ heat

akina{ malgaku{ It is hot. (weather)

akina{sil be out in hot weather, feel hot

Piichi{ akinaku{. The oven is hot.

hot oven 

akinam hadaa lee side

Akinamuda}an ay{akuq. I am sailing with a fair wind.

aku over there (to the side)

akunguda}an off that way

Akunguda}an huyaku{. It goes off in that way.

al be; be somebody or something; be somewhere or in some position; be so or on the contrary.

Hatim ataqan al hamang akus. There are eleven there.

alaada{ porpoise

Alaada{ axchigal uchigiza{. The porpoise swims fast.

alaadikas fried dough

fried dough

Anaan alaadikas unal ii? Is your Mother cooking fried dough?

alax two

alaxs make or get two

algidim twice

algim a second time

It{aygis alagnas. We shot two reindeer.

Ataqan ama ataqan alax a{. One plus one is two.

algidim hati{ twenty

Hati{ ama hati{ algidim hati{ a{. Ten plus ten is twenty. 

ala}u{ ocean; sea; saltwater

ala}ul}il put into the sea

ala}ulil go into the sea

ala}uhmii}il choppy sea; starting to get rough

Yas hangadingis txidix ala}ul}il. The top of the reefs go under the water.

ala}um iga{taa float plane

Ala}um iga{taa uhlii At{a{ hnu{taza{. Only sea planes come to Atka.

ala{ whale

Ala{ ataqadim tanam algaa ana{. The whale was once a land animal.

alal want; need; be at a loss

alanal be needed

alanatalakan have enough of

alanil need

alatalakan have plenty

Hla{ ay{aasim alax kulisa{taa alaku{. The boy wants a bicycle.

alanga{ cottonwood

alanga}is cottonwoods

Alanga}is su}al baliikas agulgaza{. Cottonwood is used for making smoked salmon.

alga{ animal (mammals in general)

alganaa{s hunt (sea) mammals

alganaa{snikas hunters

Alganaa{snikas ayuglakus. The hunters are going out.

alga{sim ukinaa butcher knife

Alga{sim ukinaa chuqudaza}ulax. A butcher knife is not small.

al}inal inapproachable; not ready; difficult

Malgaa al}inaku{. It is hard to do.

al}ul behave; feel awe

al}unil: txin al}uniku{ he repents; sorry for what he did

Al}ul hingama{t? Do you feel awe?

alixs overflow

Chaasxi{ imdakung alixs stuulu}im hangadan hyuna{. When I filled the cup it overflowed over the table.
cup overflow

ali}ngi{ wolf

Ali}ngi{ uuquchiingim ilagaan anguna{. A wolf is larger than a fox.

ali{ old man

ali}is the elders

Ali{s: txin ali{tiku{. He is starting to get old.

ali{siisi{ leptarrhena pyrolifolia (medical plant)

Ali{siisis saaqudgim aslaan malgaza{. Ali{siisis are found in the summer.

alima{ leg; sea lion flipper

Qawam alimangis angunazas. The sea lion flippers are usually big.

alisal visible

Ukina{ alisatalagada. Don’t keep the knife where it is going to be taken.

alitxul make war; attack

alitxu{ war; warrior; troop of warriors

Alitxu{ inaku{. The war is over.

alqu{ what?

alqus plural form

alqul be or do what; how; why?

alqutal done how?

alquusal do (why)

Alqus hi{tal hingama{t? What are you saying?

aluga{ the root of black lily

alugas to pick black lily roots

alugatil to pick black lilies

Ayagas alugatikus. The women are gathering roots of black lily.

alu}is mail

Alu}is waa}al aguun kiduusamalii{t. When the mail arrives, you be sure to help with it.

alu}im hugii envelope

Alu}im hugigan aduu agach alakuq. I want a long envelope.

alu}asi{ writing instrument

Karandaasi{ hingay aku{ alu}asi{ a{. A pencil is a writing instrument.

alu}il to write

Hla{ alu}il sa}ana{. The boy wrote yesterday.

alu{ letter

Kiin wan alu{ ukaa}asal? Who brought this letter here?

alum angaa side (of body from hip to head, etc.)

Ay{aasim alugan angaa umnalaka{. The boat’s side is leaking.

ahIiku{ still is

Ula{ hamang ahIiku{. The house is still there.

amaanul to go away

Sa{ uchixs amaanul uku}aqadana{. The duck swam away until it was nowhere in sight.

amaanul go away

amaanuch{il send away

amaanuusal take away

amaa-hadaa far away; out of sight

amaatxal to be far

Adaagi{ waax amaatxaku{. Adak is far from here.

amaatxal to be far

amaatxalakan not far

amangaa the further side; space behind

Suna{ amaa-hadan a}aku{. The ship went out of sight (behind the horizon).

ama{ul race

Hla{ kingi as ama{uku{. The boy is racing with his brother.

amasuku{ maybe

Qilagan ana{ amasuku{. Maybe it was yesterday.

amayaknal dirty; worthless

Tanam chi{taa amayaknaku{. The wet ground is dirty.

amduxs squeeze; pinch

amdugil squeeze; pinch

Aangsus amdugiI taangangis iguIgaza{. We squeeze the fruit juice out.

Taya}u{ chang amdugil natna{. The man hurt my hand by squeezing it.

amgaada{ walrus

Amgaada{ ala}um qinganagan ilan aza{. Walrus live in cold waters.


amgi{ night


amaxs do last night

Amgi{ masxaku{. Night has come.

amgi{s watch; keep guard

amgi}na{ watchman

Amgi}na{ qayaam kangan aku{. The watchman is standing on his hill.

amgi{sil pretty; beautiful; fancy

Asxinu{ amgi{siku{. The girl is pretty.

amxi{ flesh of fish

Qam amxii aqitiku{. She takes off the flesh from the fish.

am}il fight

am}iisal to fight with

Chilus am}ikus. The birds are fighting.

Kiinkux akux am}il hamamax? Who are the two fighting?

Amilaayus American

Amilaayas American

Amilaayal speak English

Amilaayas alga{. We are Americans.

amil}i{ fishing place; place out on the sea where one gets fish.

Piitram amil}ii chagis alaza}ulax. Peter's fishing place has lots of halibut.

amna{s flows; runs (stream)

amna}alal float

Chi}ana{ amna{s utiku{. The river flows downstream.

amnixs to throw; fling

amnixtaasal to throw continuously

Hla{ ala}um achidan amnigiku{. The boy is throwing rocks down by the beach.

Quganas amnixtaasaqadada. Quit throwing rocks.

amnil tight; tightly closed

amniyal to close; lock (the door)

Qahmigi{ amniyaku{. He locked the door.

lock door

Amrikaanchi{ American

Amrikaanchi{ aadal tunu{taku{. He is speaking English or American.

amtal: txin amtaku{ to feel sorry for oneself

Sa}aqadaam txin amtana{. After oversleeping, he felt badly.

amtatu{ pintail (dafila acuta. tzitzihoa)

Amtatu{ sam axchigaa a{. The pintail is a very fast duck.

Amtatum hitxii aduku{. The pintail's tail is long.

amu{ article of clothing; dress

amus article of clothing; dress (plural form)

Asxinu{ amu{ chu{taku{. The girl is wearing a dress.


amulinal to make noise; be loud

Amulinal tunu{taku{. He talks loudly.

ahmaatikna{ splinter; shavings of wood

Hyaagam ahmaatiknangis anida. Light the shavings.

ahmas to ask

ahmayaa{s ask about; try to find out

ahmayaa{tal ask; ask about

Alqu{ ahmayaa{tal? What did he ask?

ahmi}a around there; that region

Wayaam sas ahmi}angis axsxaduukalaka}is. Nowadays you can't get near those ducks.

anax club; stick

anagi{ club; stick

anagasal to hit with

anamixtal to hit (several) with a stick

anagil to bat

Hmiichi{ ama qam ngaan anax malga{. That is a bat (club) for both ball and fish.

Hmiichi{ anagiI amaatxa ngaan hnuch{iku{. His hit sent the ball far.

hit ball

ana{ that is (it); something; anything; somebody; anybody

ana}i{ something; anything

Tachim ana{ atxazalakaq. I haven't caught anything yet.

ana}italakan have got nothing; be empty

ana}itxa}ilakan get nothing (as when fishing)

ana{ mother

anang my mother

Asxinum anaa awaku{. The girl's mother is working.

anati{ property mark

Ikla{ anatil}ikuq. I put a mark on the driftwood.
mark on driftwood

an'gaaglakan do not mind; not worry

an'gaagasalakan do not mind; take no offense

Taya}u{ ting an'gaagasalaka{. The man doesn't mind me.

an'gi{ intestines; guts; state of mind

aan'gichikaadal think; ponder

aan'gichikaadaasal think over

an'gilugil worry

an'gital have in mind; think of; wish

an'gizigalakan be uneasy; discomforted

an'giziga{talakan be uneasy with; frightened of

Qawam an'gingis anuusada. Throw the sea lion intestines away.

Aniqdu{ hingan taya}u{ an'giziga{talaka{. The child is frightened of the man.

an}il breathe; take breath; rest

an}ida take a break

An}ilakan agumis as{aamis a}na{t. If you don't breathe you will die.

an}a}ixta live (a life)

an}a}iikal be healthy

an}a}iisal live on

an}a}ina{ somebody; person (homo sapiens)

an}a}inaagamagis grown-up people

an}a}ina}il have people in it

an}a}inalgux giant

Isu}i{ an}a}il ii? Is the seal alive?

An}a}inal}u{ an}a}inakucha{ su{taku{. A giant is holding a small person.


an}a}ital keep alive

an}idga}il scream

an}ila{sil be short of breath; lack of air

An}a}inas alanalaka}is. There are lots of people in this world.

an}isiku{ to rest

Awal txin kayu}asal angaliku{ mal an}isiku{. She's been working very hard today so she's resting.

an}usi{ nose

An}usiin kahnulida. Blow your nose.

An}usi{ su{tal umtalgaza{. The nose is used for smelling.

anil light (fire)

ani{tal have a thing burning

Unaalu}i{ anida. Light the bonfire.


aniqdu{ child

aniqdu{il have a child

Maamas aniqdu{ matazas. Mothers have babies.

Aniqdus ala}um achidan chugum kugan mikakus. The children are playing by the beach on the sand.

anqal stand up; rise to his feet; set out; depart

anqaasal stand up with; rise with

anqa{tal stand; be in right position; go away for awhile

anqas place right side up; erect

Hla{ anqa{taku{. The boy is standing.


anuxtal have in mind; think of; desire; want; wish

anuxtaasal think; wonder; want; hope that

Sa}al anuxtal angaling. I thought he or she was sleeping.

anul flow; stream

anu{ current; tide

Anu{ kayutuku{. The current is strong.

anul throw

Kayutul anul agumis mikaqadaangan a}ikuq. If you throw too hard, I am not going to play with you anymore.

Anulgila{ February (hunting of cormorants)

Anulgila{ qan'gim tugidaa a{. February is a winter month.

ahni{ root of lupine (lupinus nootkatensis)

Ahni{ qalgaa qaatunaku{. The root of lupine is good to eat.

angaa side; lateral part; the half

Qam angaa suda. Take half of the fish.

angaachi}il sing

Ruuzdistvam aslaan angaachi}il txidix qa}atanas. They were happy to sing during Christmas.

Asxinu{ angaachi}iku{. The girl is singing.


angaada{ thwart

Hla{ angaadam kugan unguchiku{. The boy is sitting on the thwart.

angada the space beside or in front of it

Ulam angada anqa{taku{. He is standing beside the house.

angadal to wipe (table, dishes, etc.)

Chahmas angadaku{. She is wiping the dishes.
wiping dishes

anga}al be added

anga}il match

anga}i{ pair

Sapuuging angaa hikiku{. My other shoe is lost.

anga{tal add

Ana}i{ anga{taku{. It is mixed with something.

anga{taa together with

Kuufyang saaxara{ ngaan anga{tal taangazaq. I drink my coffee with sugar added.

anglaa}is gums; gills

Qam anglaa}ingis uluudaza{. The gills on the fish are red.

angali{ daylight

angalidigal be bright; light

angali{tal to have as color

Angali{ haqaku{. Daylight is coming.

Angali{ ama amgi{ ayuxtanaq. I was out in a boat day and night.

angamuda{s go aside; withdraw

angazanal handy; assist; give aid; be profitable

Hlam angazanaa aku{. The boy is helpful.

angil start out; come from

Suna{ Adaagim ilagaan angil waagaku{. The ship came from Adak to here.

anglaa{ old squaw

anglaa}i{ old squaw

Anglaa}i{ sa{ aku{. The old squaw duck is a kind of duck.

anglil to strain oneself

Txin anglilakan aa}aku{t maakaan. You don't have to strain yourself to do it.

angtaa the end; half

Hyaagam angtaa chutxidigaku{. The end of the wood is sharp.

angunal big; have much

Ala{ angunal aduza{. A whale is big and long.

Ula{ angunaku{. The house is big.

angunataku{ haughty

Asxinukucha{ txin angunataku{. Is that little girl acting haughty?

ahngaku{ acknowledge

Ahmatikung ahngaku{ awaqalinaq. I asked him first and he acknowledged so I started working.

ahnga{tal acknowledge

Taya}u{ ahnga{tal aku{ taaman hlas ayuginas. The man acknowledged the boys before they left in their boats.

apalsiina{ orange

Apalsiina{ qaatunaza{. The oranges are good eating.

Apriila{ April

Apriila{ qanikinga tugidaa a{. April is a Spring month.

aqadal cease to be; be no more; has already been

Aniqdu{ aqadaku{. He/she isn't a baby anymore.

aqa{tal be straight

Chagim du{taa aqa{taku{. The halibut hook is straight.

aqas stretch

aqatil stretch

Ayaga{ kudut aqatiku{. The woman stretched her legs.

woman stretching

aqil become loose or retreat

Qahmigim hutuu aqiku{. The door handle came off.

aqlal anger; angry

An}a}ina{ aqlal txin uku{tach{ida}ulax. A person should never show that he is angry.

araamachu{ bullhead

kuhyu{ bullhead

Araamachu{ kamgituza{. The bullhead's head is large.

as with; together with

As haqakung. I came with him/her.

asaa his or her name

asaasal give as a name

asa}al be called

asa{tal have as a name; be called

Muyusii asa{takuq. My name is Moses.

asaga{ cousin

Asxinum asagaa ula}iku{. The girl's cousin is home.

asxinu{ girl

Asxinum imlii aduku{. The girl's hair is long.
long hair

asxu{ nail

Asxu{, kugan tadalgaa nanaza{. To step on a nail is painful.

asxuti{ post; pole; stake

Qignam asxutingis sadaadan akus. There are light posts outside.

asxuu or

asxuunulax or

amasxuu or

Ting asxuunulax txin satxa{ ta}aa}an a{s. Who is going to check the gillnet, you or I?

as{aa}il sick

As{aa}il agumis txin agliisazaa{t. Take care of yourself when you're sick.

as{al die

as{aanas dead; mummies

as{aasal die by

as{a{tas the dead

as{alal die in great numbers

as{adgul kill (several)

as{ayal try to kill

As{a{tas qayam kangan akus. The dead are on top of the hill.

as{anil to get tired

Ta{tiku{ txin as{anil quyuna{. When it got dark she got tired and went to bed.

as{ani{taku{ to get tired

Hyaagas iga}il txin as{ani{taku{. He's getting tired cutting the wood.

as{as to kill

as{atil to kill

Aalika{ it{aygi{ as{atil angali{. Alex killed a reindeer.

as{udgi{ girl (between 8 -17 years old)

As{udgi{ sa}aku{. The girl is sleeping.

asla correspondence; something corresponding or appropriate; time occasion; position or point corresponding to something

aslangis plural form

Aslixtaqang. I met him.

aslixs meet; find

Taya}u{ umaanuI aku{ hIax aslixs as tanaa}ana{. When a man went hiking he met a boy so they returned together.

asu{ cooking pot

Asum suudaalu}a}ii nagan krupa{ unakuq. I am cooking rice in the pot with a handle.
cooking rice

ataasal thought

ach{il thought

Suna{ haqal ach{ikuq. I thought the ship was coming.

atal burn; flame

Qigna{ ataku{. The fire is burning.

atamku{ stump

Atamku{ qayaku{. The stump is tall.

ataqan one; single; one and the same

ataqan hla{ one boy

Ataqa{ continuity; one place

ataqadim once; at once

Ana}i}ulax ama ataqan ataqan a{. Zero plus one is one.

atxa{s be in order; right; correct; just

atxa{s, atxa{til put in order; repair; prepare; make ready

Masinat atxa{s aku{ txin ay{atna{. When he fixed his motor he started out.

atxazal catch; get hold of

Piitra{ isu{ atxazal qila{si{. Peter caught a seal this morning.

atxida{ codfish

Atxida{ qa{ a{. The codfish is a kind of fish.

atxil: txin atxil stop; it stopped (moving of boat, talking of person, etc.)

Masinas txidix atxikus. The motor stopped.

atxis measure

Atxitikung. I measured it.

atxuli{ lower part of human body (from abdomen down)

Aniqdum atxulii chi{taku{. The baby is wet.

at{u{ toe; finger

Huzu{ hati{ at{us mataku{. There are ten fingers all together.
ten fingers

At{u{ alqu{ a{? What is a finger?

at{um qagal}ingis fingernails

At{um qagal}ingis alqus as? What are fingernails?

atiku{ starts to burn

atxaliku{ starts to burn

Plita{ atiku{. The stove starts to burn.

atim-hadaa down; downward direction

achidaa space below or beside an opening.

Taya}u{ atim hadan huyaku{. The man is going downward.

atuung six

atuungidim six times

Alax ama siching atuung a{. Two and four is six.

atuung stuulu}is six tables

awa over there; aside (moving or in relation to moving)

Awan ukuda. Look over there.

awal work; serve

Awa{ work; worker; bond-man; servant; slave

Ayagas awal amaxsis. The women worked last night.

ayaga{ woman; female

ayagaa his wife; his wife's sister

ayagachxiza{ pretty woman

Ayaga{ tali}iku{. The woman is dancing.


aya}il be bashful; ashamed

aya}inal be disrespectful

Asxinu{ aya}iku{. The girl is bashful.

ayal fall; tumble down

ayana{ cliff

Iganas ayal ala}um achidan hnunas. The rocks fell off the cliffs, rolling toward the beach.

ayangi{ fog

ayangitul be fogged in; lie in fog

Ayangitiku{. It has become foggy.

Ayangi{ qayas ilagaan sakaa}aku{. The fog has rolled down from the top of the hills.

aygaxs to walk

aygagil to walk

aygagalal be carried

aygagasal walk with; carry

Suun'gis ay{aasim hadan aygagasal akum itxina{. He dropped some supplies while carrying them to his boat.

Taya}u{ tana{ aygaxs haqaku{. The man is walking across land and is coming here.

ayxa{ more than

Hingan ayxa{ qas mataku{. He has more fish than that.

ay}a{s tremble; shake

Adgilax malgaku{ ulas ay}a{s i}anana{. When there was an earthquake the houses shook.

ay{aasi{ boat


ay{al move at sea; swim (sea mammals); move (reindeer)

ay{aalal be used for boat

ay{aasal take along (boat)

Ay{aasi{ masina}iiyulax aku{. The boat is without a motor.

ayxaasim alax kuIisa{taa bicycle

Ay{aasim alax kulisa{taa aku{. This is a bicycle.

ay{aasim Masinaa outboard motor

Taatang ay{aasigan masinaa si{til a{taku{. My dad's outboard motor broke.

ay{aasim paarusa}ii sailboat

Ay{aasim paarusi}ii ataqadim At{a{ hnu{tana{. Once a sailboat came to Atka.

ayqilakan don't find anything difficult

ayqinal be difficult

Hingan taya}u{ ana{ ayqi{taza}ulax. That man never finds anything difficult to do.

ayuxs, ayugil go out; start out; leave (in a boat)

ayuxch{il to send out (mail)

Suna{ ayuxs sa}ana{. The boat left yesterday.

ayuxtal go out (temporarily)

Ay{aasi{ ayuxtal aqadaam waa}aku{. The boat went out temporarily and came right back.

ayu{a{ lumpfish

Ayu{as wayaam uku}aza}ulas. We don't see lumpfish anymore.

ayukal be or stay for a long time

Iga{ta{ wang ayuka}ulax. The plane does not stay here for very long.

ayul fall; collapse

ayus fell

ayuyal try to turn over

Uli{ ayul aku{ aqlana{. Uli{ got angry when he fell.


ahyux buttocks

Ahyuum kukin unguchiku{. He/she is sitting on his/her buttocks.

azaata{, aza{ approximately; about

aza{ numbering; amounting to

Qanan aza{ isu{ husii-a{s? How many seals will it (boat) take as a load?

haman azaata{ slu{ about this many years

Qanan azaata{ qas atxazat? Approximately how many fish did you catch?

azal usually be; be each time



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