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Aleut RavenNiiĝuĝim Tunugan Ilakuchangis
Introduction to Atkan Aleut
Grammar and Lexicon

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ichaagidal be flat (of stone, land, etc.); thin (of skin, booklet, etc.)

Chiinkax̂ ichaaqidakux̂. The sheet metal is thin.

ichaxs drips

ichagikux̂ drip

Taangax̂ ichagikux̂. The water is dripping.


ichx̂ul wipe the posterior

ichx̂uusix̂ toilet paper

Txin ichx̂ul taaman anqada. Wipe your posterior before getting up.

Ichx̂uusix̂ inal ax̂takux̂. The toilet paper is all gone.

ichingul feel chilly

Ichingul hingamax̂t? Are you feeling chilly?

idaĝalakan be known

Amilaayax̂ idaĝalakan tunux̂taalazax̂. We know and speak English.

idax̂talakan know

idax̂taasalakan know (that..)

Ting idax̂taĝulax̂t? Do you know me?

idaqaĝilakan be clever; intelligent

Idaqaĝiĝulax̂t? Are you clever?

idgis pull out

idgitil pull out

Dux̂tax̂ chagim ilagaan idgitikuq. I pulled the hook out of the halibut.

hooked halibut

idĝus swallow

idĝutil swallow

idigal be sweet

Saaxarax̂ idigakux̂. The sugar is sweet.

idigasix̂ anus

Anĝaĝinas huzungis idigasix̂ matas. Every person has an anus.

iduĝis inside of chest

Iduĝining hixsxakus. I have heartburn.

igachix̂ sinew

Igachix̂ tungaĝikux̂. The sinew is strong.

igaĝil saw

igax̂s saw

igaĝiiluĝis sawhorse

igaĝilsix̂ saw

Hlaning saxtalakan iklax̂ igaĝil qilax̂sis. My boys were not lazy about sawing wood this morning.

Igaĝiisim itxalax̂tangis malgax̂. There are different kinds of saws.


igal take off; take flight; get out

igadux snowstorm

igax̂tal fly

igax̂tax̂ airplane

iganax̂ cliff

igasix̂ wing

Igasix̂ qakas aqadaguung mitiisix̂tazaq. A wing was dried then it was used as a broom.

igdagil to drill

igdagusix̂ drill (noun)

Unangax̂ igdagusix̂ agux̂tal igdagusazanax̂. Natives made drills and drilled with them.

Amilaayam igdagusii wan liidazax̂. The white man's drill looks like this.

igluxs to stumble

iglugikux̂ to stumble

Qiigas igluxs ayukux̂. He tripped over the grass and fell.

iglugax̂ hide; skin

isuĝim igluqaa seal hide

qawam igluqangis sea lion hides

iqluqaasal cover (a boat with skin)

Tachim ayagax̂ igluqax̂ midalinaa ukux̂taĝulaq. I've never seen a woman clean a hide before.

cleaning a hide

ignax̂ weight

ignaĝilakan be light

ignatul be heavy

Quganax̂ ignatukux̂. The rock is heavy.

iĝas get scared; be frightened

iĝatul be afraid; be timid; wild

Sax̂ iĝas iganikuq. I scared the duck into flight.

ignil let go; release; let depart

ignix̂tal let go for awhile

Hingan ignida. Leave it there.

boat on shore

igul pull or take out

igux̂tal have taken out

igus, igutikux̂ lengthen; piece out

Chahmas iguda. Take out the dishes. (Set the table)

ixchxa slender connection

ixchxii slender connection

kitam ixchxii ankle

chang ixchxii my wrist


ixchximuudax̂ side of neck

Ixchximuudang nanakux̂. I have a stiff neck.

ixs go back

igikux̂ heads homeward

ixchil go home

ixchichx̂il send back

Tayaĝux̂ ixs tanaaĝakux̂. The man returned.

Tax̂tikux̂ taaman ixchil saĝanax̂. He went home when it was getting late yesterday.

Hlax̂ ixchichx̂ikuq. I am sending the boy home.

sending boy home

ixsal calm down

ixsax̂tal calm down for awhile

Slax̂ ixsax̂takux̂. Apparently the storm has ceased for awhile.

ixsil slow down (speed)

Ayx̂aan ixsida. Slow your motor down.

ixtix̂ pit; house pit

Ixtim ilan saĝakuq. I am sleeping in the house pit.

iĝaĝal be feared

Tayaĝux̂ iĝaĝakux̂. The man is feared.

iĝax̂tal fear; be afraid of

Iĝax̂takung. I am afraid of it.

iĝanal be terrible; terrifying; rough; bad; wicked

iĝanaalal be scolded

iĝanaasal scold

Alaĝux̂ iĝanakux̂. The sea is rough.

Iĝatukuq. I am scared.

iĝamaĝal be liked

iĝamanal be good; nice; righteous; useful; fit; calm; be well

iĝamanalakax̂ be bad; ugly; in a bad condition

iĝamanaalal be treated well

iĝamanaasal be good, nice, with respect to; treat well

Iĝamaĝal ngaan tunuĝakux̂. He was spoken to in a very friendly way.

iĝayul be respectful; humble

iĝayux̂tal respect

Iĝayux̂takung. I respect him very much.

iĝiĝidal be thin; slender

iĝiĝidas: txin iĝiĝidas become thin; slender

Tayaĝux̂ iĝiĝidal qayakux̂. The man is tall and slender.

iĝilax̂ skin boat

Iĝilax̂ agulgaa awax̂ amasukux̂. It must be a lot of work to make a skin boat.

ix̂chix̂ worm

Ix̂chis tanam ilan alanalakaĝis. There are lots of worms.

ika right over there

ikan that one right over there

ikang right over there

ikaaĝal get beyond

ikaaĝax̂taasal lie or go across

iikaanul lie crossways

iikaanus put crossways

Ayx̂aasix̂ ikang akux̂. The boat is right over there.

iklax̂ firewood

iklal put firewood in (stove)

iiklaaygis pieces of wood ready for use (driftwood)

Plitax̂ iklada. Put some firewood in the stove.


iku over there; right aside

ikun the one over there

ikung over there

ikuux from over there

Ikungudaĝan huyaasada. Take it aside in that direction.

ikul turn around

ikudgul turn; convert

ikus turn around; turn inside out

Paltuun ikux̂takux̂. Your jacket is inside out.

inside jacket

ilaa some part of it or him, her

Chagim ilaa ngus achxuĝakux̂. I was given a part of a halibut.

ilaanux̂ relative

ilaanuning my relatives

Ilaanuning iĝamax̂tazaq. I like my relatives.

ilax̂tal have or treat as a friend or companion; be friendly to; love

Ayagang ilax̂takuq. I love my wife.

ilamal give more

Chadux̂ ilamakuq. I put more fuel into the tank.

ilahligan just to; only there

Atx̂am ilahligan itx̂aygis akus. Just around Atka there are reindeer.

ilgal to look for; search

Alqux̂ ilgal hingaliidax̂ agux̂tax̂t? What are you looking for?

Qayam kangan itx̂aygis ilgal aaĝakux̂. He looked on top of the hills for reindeer and saw none.

ilgix̂ smell; stench

ilgaĝil stink; spoiled

Ulux̂ txin ilgaĝil ax̂takux̂. The meat has spoiled.

ilgung my grandchild

Tachim ilgux̂ mataĝulaq. I don't have a grandchild yet.

ilidax̂ front side

ilidaa its front side

ilidan on the front side of it

Qayam ilidaa chatakuq. I am sliding on the front side of the hill.

ilim-hadaa the inside

ilim hadan inside

ilim hadagaan from within

Ayx̂aasix̂ ilim hadagaan hitikux̂. The boat is approaching from within the bay.

imas yell; holler; shout

imatil yell; holler; shout

imachx̂il shout; holler

Anĝaĝinax̂ imatil ting hataĝnikux̂. I got startled when someone yelled.

Ayagax̂ imachx̂ikux̂. The woman is shouting.

imdal fill; put something into

imdaĝil have contents; be pregnant

imdax̂taasal have filled with

imdaasal fill with

Vidramaan taangax̂ imdaasakux̂. He/she fills the bucket with water.

imlax̂ gorge

Imlax̂ qakuutxakux̂. The gorge is deep.

imlix̂ hair

Imlix̂ isiikax̂t ii? Can you cut hair?
long hair

ims turn to the side

imil turn to the side

imsxal be turned around

Ayx̂aasix̂ imsxakux̂. The boat is turned on its side.

imul take around

imudigal be round

imudigas: txin imudigas get round

imunaa its surrounding

Aĝadgix̂ imudigakux̂. The sun is round.

imus, imutil go around; surround

imutal go or be round

imyaĝix̂ fishline for deep sea fishing

imyax̂s fish with a fishline

Imyaĝikuq. I am deep sea fishing.

Imyaĝix̂ haang tugikux̂. The fishline is stretched out.

ihmil be torn off

ihmis, ihmitil tear off

Bumaagix̂ ihmisxakux̂. The paper was torn off.

ihmiisis shoelaces

Iihmiisingis adulakaĝis. The shoelaces are short.
short laces

inaayul does not want people around him

inaayux̂tal does not want anyone to be there

inaayuĝal be rejected

Ting inaayux̂tat? Don't you want me around?

inal end; come to an end

inadgul finish

inax̂tal have come to an end; be through

inas finish (work, etc.); pass to the end (the summer, etc.); finish doing something

Hilaqulis inakus. The book is finished.

inaqang I myself

inaqamis you yourself

inaqamchix, inaqaam he himself; she herself

inaqamchix you yourself (pl)

inaqaam he himself; she herself

in'gaam once in awhile; for awhile

In' gaam hingamazax̂. Once in awhile it does that. (motor, weather, etc.)

inix̂sil feel well; be happy; rejoice

inix̂sinax̂ joy

inix̂sital: txin inix̂sital be happy; rejoice

Inix̂sikuq. I am happy.

Inix̂sitaasal. Receive it with gladness.

inimaan in vain; for nothing

Inimaan ayuxtakuq. I went out for nothing.

inkax̂ sky

inkamiiĝux̂ cloud

Inkax̂ hakaatxakux̂. The sky is high.

Inkamiiĝum qaxchikdaa haqakux̂. The black cloud is coming.

Inkamiiĝus inkam ilan akus. There are clouds in the sky.


inkal hang

inkas, inkatil hang up

inkachaĝil, inkatiĝil be hanged

inkatal have hung up; have hanging

Furaasking inkakux̂. My hat is hanging up.

inqil fall on

Inqil ayukuq. I fell down.

inux̂ piece of food

inul put (food) in his mouth

inuqaĝichx̂izal give communion

Tamaakax̂ inux̂takux̂. He has tobbacco in his mouth.

inga right there in front

ingan that one right there

ingang right there

ingangudaĝan in that direction; away from here

Ingang aĝada. Put it right there.

ingachix̂ married couple

Ingachix̂ haqakux̂. The couples are coming.

ingatux̂ red-faced cormorant

Ingatux̂ chlaĝikux̂. The cormorant dived under.

ingix̂ fish dip net

Ingix̂ achixaaluĝim ulagan ilan agunaq. I made a dip net at the schoolhouse.

ingisxix̂ owner

Ingisxiĝikux̂. It has an owner.

ingiyux̂ living human body

Qaataa ingiyuun? Where is your body?

inglaakus beard; moustache

Inglaakuning adukus. My beard is long.

inglus leader; hookline

Yaarusam inglungis tungaĝikus. The halibut skate leaders are strong.

ingsal go backwards

Ayx̂aasix̂ ingsakux̂. The boat is going backwards.

ingtix̂ blanket

Ingtix̂ huĝnaazazax̂. The blanket is usually warm.

iqanax̂ old woman

Iqanax̂ aqlakux̂. The old woman is angry.

iqux̂ corner

iquĝii its corner

Ulam iquĝii umnalakax̂. The corner of the house is drafty.

iqyax̂ kayak

iiqyaadal to ride in a boat

Iqyax̂ ayx̂aalaa tachim haqatalakax̂t. You don't know how to drive a kayak yet.


is fall; drop down

itil fall

ital be set out

Yaarusax̂ itakux̂. The fishline is set out.

itxil drop; let drop

itxidgul drop several

itxisxal be dropped

itxital drop temporarily

itux̂sal drop

Alqux̂ itxil hamaliidax̂ agux̂t? What did you drop that made all that noise?

isal break; become broken (rope); get across (river)

isax̂tal be cut; have a cut across it

Qidux̂ isax̂takux̂. The rope is broken.

isxax̂ bed; mattress

Isxax̂ ngus tayaatukuq. I want to buy a bed for myself.

Isxax̂ huuĝuzuuzal huĝnaazazak. The bed is soft and warm.


isxaĝil lie in bed (sick)

isxax̂sil make a bed; nest

isxax̂s, isxatil to bury

Asx̂aaĝix̂ isxaĝikux̂. The sick person is in bed.

isxanal change; make different

isxanaasal exchange

isxanaasis change of clothes

isxanaĝikux̂ it is changed

isxanax̂tal change

Chux̂taqaning isxanakuq. I changed my clothes.

Isxanaasining huzungis chx̂uuqulikus. All my change of clothes are dirty.

isil cut; make a cut into; cut across; slice bread

Ulux̂ isil ting achxukux̂. He cut up some meat then gave me some.

Qax̂ isikux̂. He/she cuts fish.

isux̂ hair seal

isuĝix̂ hair seal

isuĝis plural form

isuĝaadax̂ young seal

isuĝiigamax grown up seal

isuĝnaax̂s hunt seals

isux̂saĝul hunting seals

Isux̂ ii al wa? Is this a seal?

Isux̂ txin sakaaĝatal saĝakux̂. The seal slept peacefully.

sleeping seal

isuĝim igluqagan bruukii seal skin pants

Isuĝim igluqagan bruukii huĝnaazazax̂. The seal skin pants are warm.

itaangix̂ the first

itaangil be the first

Itaangikuq. I am first.

itaangis doing first; ahead; before something else is done

Itaangis txin hamaaĝatikux̂. He got there first.

ital contain; have in it; have on board; set

Ulux̂ isil ting achxukux̂. The cup contains water.

itxan apart; in or at different places

itxaan apart

itxaanul go to a different place or different places

itxaanux̂tal go to different places

Itxaan aĝada. Put it in a different place.

itxax̂tal be different; extra

itxax̂tazax̂ he is different from others; is a peculiar guy

itxalax̂tal be different; various

itxul comb

itxuusix̂ fine tooth comb

Ayagax̂ txin itxukux̂. The woman is combing her hair.

Itxuusix̂ wang aĝil angaling qaataa? Where is the comb that I put here?


itx̂aa its side

itx̂aasix̂ collar

Ayx̂aasim itx̂aa tungaĝilakax̂. The side of the boat is weak.

itx̂aygix̂ reindeer

itx̂ayginaax̂s hunt reindeer

itx̂aygitxaĝil get; kill a reindeer

Itx̂aygix̂ chiidaan as qaqamiiĝukux̂. A reindeer is searching for food with its fawn.

Itx̂aygix̂ kiiĝuusix̂ hangakux̂. The reindeer is climbing the mountain.

itikaalux̂ stem, stalk of wild parsnip

itikaalum tuutx̂aa dry stem of wild parsnip

Itikaalum tuutx̂aa adukux̂. The dry stem of wild parsnip is long.

itmalix̂ post for tying boats

Itmaling sixsakux̂. My post broke.

itus fish spear with three teeth

Itus suĝal qas lalgazas. The fish spear is used for catching fish.
fish spear

Iyuulix̂ July

Iyuulix̂ saaqudgim tugidaa ax̂. July is a summer month.

Iyuunix̂ June

Iyuunix̂ qanikinga tugidaa ax̂. June is a spring month.

izanaĝulax known

izanaqadal become known

Hamang izamaĝulax. It is easy to find. (something you are looking for)

looking at caribou

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