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Aleut RavenNii}u}im Tunugan Ilakuchangis
Introduction to Atkan Aleut
Grammar and Lexicon

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ichaagidal be flat (of stone, land, etc.); thin (of skin, booklet, etc.)

Chiinka{ ichaaqidaku{. The sheet metal is thin.

ichaxs drips

ichagiku{ drip

Taanga{ ichagiku{. The water is dripping.


ich{ul wipe the posterior

ich{uusi{ toilet paper

Txin ich{ul taaman anqada. Wipe your posterior before getting up.

Ich{uusi{ inal a{taku{. The toilet paper is all gone.

ichingul feel chilly

Ichingul hingama{t? Are you feeling chilly?

ida}alakan be known

Amilaaya{ ida}alakan tunu{taalaza{. We know and speak English.

ida{talakan know

ida{taasalakan know (that..)

Ting ida{ta}ula{t? Do you know me?

idaqa}ilakan be clever; intelligent

Idaqa}i}ula{t? Are you clever?

idgis pull out

idgitil pull out

Du{ta{ chagim ilagaan idgitikuq. I pulled the hook out of the halibut.

hooked halibut

id}us swallow

id}util swallow

idigal be sweet

Saaxara{ idigaku{. The sugar is sweet.

idigasi{ anus

An}a}inas huzungis idigasi{ matas. Every person has an anus.

idu}is inside of chest

Idu}ining hixsxakus. I have heartburn.

igachi{ sinew

Igachi{ tunga}iku{. The sinew is strong.

iga}il saw

iga{s saw

iga}iilu}is sawhorse

iga}ilsi{ saw

Hlaning saxtalakan ikla{ iga}il qila{sis. My boys were not lazy about sawing wood this morning.

Iga}iisim itxala{tangis malga{. There are different kinds of saws.


igal take off; take flight; get out

igadux snowstorm

iga{tal fly

iga{ta{ airplane

igana{ cliff

igasi{ wing

Igasi{ qakas aqadaguung mitiisi{tazaq. A wing was dried then it was used as a broom.

igdagil to drill

igdagusi{ drill (noun)

Unanga{ igdagusi{ agu{tal igdagusazana{. Natives made drills and drilled with them.

Amilaayam igdagusii wan liidaza{. The white man's drill looks like this.

igluxs to stumble

iglugiku{ to stumble

Qiigas igluxs ayuku{. He tripped over the grass and fell.

igluga{ hide; skin

isu}im igluqaa seal hide

qawam igluqangis sea lion hides

iqluqaasal cover (a boat with skin)

Tachim ayaga{ igluqa{ midalinaa uku{ta}ulaq. I've never seen a woman clean a hide before.

cleaning a hide

igna{ weight

igna}ilakan be light

ignatul be heavy

Qugana{ ignatuku{. The rock is heavy.

i}as get scared; be frightened

i}atul be afraid; be timid; wild

Sa{ i}as iganikuq. I scared the duck into flight.

ignil let go; release; let depart

igni{tal let go for awhile

Hingan ignida. Leave it there.

boat on shore

igul pull or take out

igu{tal have taken out

igus, igutiku{ lengthen; piece out

Chahmas iguda. Take out the dishes. (Set the table)

ixchxa slender connection

ixchxii slender connection

kitam ixchxii ankle

chang ixchxii my wrist


ixchximuuda{ side of neck

Ixchximuudang nanaku{. I have a stiff neck.

ixs go back

igiku{ heads homeward

ixchil go home

ixchich{il send back

Taya}u{ ixs tanaa}aku{. The man returned.

Ta{tiku{ taaman ixchil sa}ana{. He went home when it was getting late yesterday.

Hla{ ixchich{ikuq. I am sending the boy home.

sending boy home

ixsal calm down

ixsa{tal calm down for awhile

Sla{ ixsa{taku{. Apparently the storm has ceased for awhile.

ixsil slow down (speed)

Ay{aan ixsida. Slow your motor down.

ixti{ pit; house pit

Ixtim ilan sa}akuq. I am sleeping in the house pit.

i}a}al be feared

Taya}u{ i}a}aku{. The man is feared.

i}a{tal fear; be afraid of

I}a{takung. I am afraid of it.

i}anal be terrible; terrifying; rough; bad; wicked

i}anaalal be scolded

i}anaasal scold

Ala}u{ i}anaku{. The sea is rough.

I}atukuq. I am scared.

i}ama}al be liked

i}amanal be good; nice; righteous; useful; fit; calm; be well

i}amanalaka{ be bad; ugly; in a bad condition

i}amanaalal be treated well

i}amanaasal be good, nice, with respect to; treat well

I}ama}al ngaan tunu}aku{. He was spoken to in a very friendly way.

i}ayul be respectful; humble

i}ayu{tal respect

I}ayu{takung. I respect him very much.

i}i}idal be thin; slender

i}i}idas: txin i}i}idas become thin; slender

Taya}u{ i}i}idal qayaku{. The man is tall and slender.

i}ila{ skin boat

I}ila{ agulgaa awa{ amasuku{. It must be a lot of work to make a skin boat.

i{chi{ worm

I{chis tanam ilan alanalaka}is. There are lots of worms.

ika right over there

ikan that one right over there

ikang right over there

ikaa}al get beyond

ikaa}a{taasal lie or go across

iikaanul lie crossways

iikaanus put crossways

Ay{aasi{ ikang aku{. The boat is right over there.

ikla{ firewood

iklal put firewood in (stove)

iiklaaygis pieces of wood ready for use (driftwood)

Plita{ iklada. Put some firewood in the stove.


iku over there; right aside

ikun the one over there

ikung over there

ikuux from over there

Ikunguda}an huyaasada. Take it aside in that direction.

ikul turn around

ikudgul turn; convert

ikus turn around; turn inside out

Paltuun iku{taku{. Your jacket is inside out.

inside jacket

ilaa some part of it or him, her

Chagim ilaa ngus achxu}aku{. I was given a part of a halibut.

ilaanu{ relative

ilaanuning my relatives

Ilaanuning i}ama{tazaq. I like my relatives.

ila{tal have or treat as a friend or companion; be friendly to; love

Ayagang ila{takuq. I love my wife.

ilamal give more

Chadu{ ilamakuq. I put more fuel into the tank.

ilahligan just to; only there

At{am ilahligan it{aygis akus. Just around Atka there are reindeer.

ilgal to look for; search

Alqu{ ilgal hingaliida{ agu{ta{t? What are you looking for?

Qayam kangan it{aygis ilgal aa}aku{. He looked on top of the hills for reindeer and saw none.

ilgi{ smell; stench

ilga}il stink; spoiled

Ulu{ txin ilga}il a{taku{. The meat has spoiled.

ilgung my grandchild

Tachim ilgu{ mata}ulaq. I don't have a grandchild yet.

ilida{ front side

ilidaa its front side

ilidan on the front side of it

Qayam ilidaa chatakuq. I am sliding on the front side of the hill.

ilim-hadaa the inside

ilim hadan inside

ilim hadagaan from within

Ay{aasi{ ilim hadagaan hitiku{. The boat is approaching from within the bay.

imas yell; holler; shout

imatil yell; holler; shout

imach{il shout; holler

An}a}ina{ imatil ting hata}niku{. I got startled when someone yelled.

Ayaga{ imach{iku{. The woman is shouting.

imdal fill; put something into

imda}il have contents; be pregnant

imda{taasal have filled with

imdaasal fill with

Vidramaan taanga{ imdaasaku{. He/she fills the bucket with water.

imla{ gorge

Imla{ qakuutxaku{. The gorge is deep.

imli{ hair

Imli{ isiika{t ii? Can you cut hair?
long hair

ims turn to the side

imil turn to the side

imsxal be turned around

Ay{aasi{ imsxaku{. The boat is turned on its side.

imul take around

imudigal be round

imudigas: txin imudigas get round

imunaa its surrounding

A}adgi{ imudigaku{. The sun is round.

imus, imutil go around; surround

imutal go or be round

imya}i{ fishline for deep sea fishing

imya{s fish with a fishline

Imya}ikuq. I am deep sea fishing.

Imya}i{ haang tugiku{. The fishline is stretched out.

ihmil be torn off

ihmis, ihmitil tear off

Bumaagi{ ihmisxaku{. The paper was torn off.

ihmiisis shoelaces

Iihmiisingis adulaka}is. The shoelaces are short.
short laces

inaayul does not want people around him

inaayu{tal does not want anyone to be there

inaayu}al be rejected

Ting inaayu{tat? Don't you want me around?

inal end; come to an end

inadgul finish

ina{tal have come to an end; be through

inas finish (work, etc.); pass to the end (the summer, etc.); finish doing something

Hilaqulis inakus. The book is finished.

inaqang I myself

inaqamis you yourself

inaqamchix, inaqaam he himself; she herself

inaqamchix you yourself (pl)

inaqaam he himself; she herself

in'gaam once in awhile; for awhile

In' gaam hingamaza{. Once in awhile it does that. (motor, weather, etc.)

ini{sil feel well; be happy; rejoice

ini{sina{ joy

ini{sital: txin ini{sital be happy; rejoice

Ini{sikuq. I am happy.

Ini{sitaasal. Receive it with gladness.

inimaan in vain; for nothing

Inimaan ayuxtakuq. I went out for nothing.

inka{ sky

inkamii}u{ cloud

Inka{ hakaatxaku{. The sky is high.

Inkamii}um qaxchikdaa haqaku{. The black cloud is coming.

Inkamii}us inkam ilan akus. There are clouds in the sky.


inkal hang

inkas, inkatil hang up

inkacha}il, inkati}il be hanged

inkatal have hung up; have hanging

Furaasking inkaku{. My hat is hanging up.

inqil fall on

Inqil ayukuq. I fell down.

inu{ piece of food

inul put (food) in his mouth

inuqa}ich{izal give communion

Tamaaka{ inu{taku{. He has tobbacco in his mouth.

inga right there in front

ingan that one right there

ingang right there

inganguda}an in that direction; away from here

Ingang a}ada. Put it right there.

ingachi{ married couple

Ingachi{ haqaku{. The couples are coming.

ingatu{ red-faced cormorant

Ingatu{ chla}iku{. The cormorant dived under.

ingi{ fish dip net

Ingi{ achixaalu}im ulagan ilan agunaq. I made a dip net at the schoolhouse.

ingisxi{ owner

Ingisxi}iku{. It has an owner.

ingiyu{ living human body

Qaataa ingiyuun? Where is your body?

inglaakus beard; moustache

Inglaakuning adukus. My beard is long.

inglus leader; hookline

Yaarusam inglungis tunga}ikus. The halibut skate leaders are strong.

ingsal go backwards

Ay{aasi{ ingsaku{. The boat is going backwards.

ingti{ blanket

Ingti{ hu}naazaza{. The blanket is usually warm.

iqana{ old woman

Iqana{ aqlaku{. The old woman is angry.

iqu{ corner

iqu}ii its corner

Ulam iqu}ii umnalaka{. The corner of the house is drafty.

iqya{ kayak

iiqyaadal to ride in a boat

Iqya{ ay{aalaa tachim haqatalaka{t. You don't know how to drive a kayak yet.


is fall; drop down

itil fall

ital be set out

Yaarusa{ itaku{. The fishline is set out.

itxil drop; let drop

itxidgul drop several

itxisxal be dropped

itxital drop temporarily

itu{sal drop

Alqu{ itxil hamaliida{ agu{t? What did you drop that made all that noise?

isal break; become broken (rope); get across (river)

isa{tal be cut; have a cut across it

Qidu{ isa{taku{. The rope is broken.

isxa{ bed; mattress

Isxa{ ngus tayaatukuq. I want to buy a bed for myself.

Isxa{ huu}uzuuzal hu}naazazak. The bed is soft and warm.


isxa}il lie in bed (sick)

isxa{sil make a bed; nest

isxa{s, isxatil to bury

As{aa}i{ isxa}iku{. The sick person is in bed.

isxanal change; make different

isxanaasal exchange

isxanaasis change of clothes

isxana}iku{ it is changed

isxana{tal change

Chu{taqaning isxanakuq. I changed my clothes.

Isxanaasining huzungis ch{uuqulikus. All my change of clothes are dirty.

isil cut; make a cut into; cut across; slice bread

Ulu{ isil ting achxuku{. He cut up some meat then gave me some.

Qa{ isiku{. He/she cuts fish.

isu{ hair seal

isu}i{ hair seal

isu}is plural form

isu}aada{ young seal

isu}iigamax grown up seal

isu}naa{s hunt seals

isu{sa}ul hunting seals

Isu{ ii al wa? Is this a seal?

Isu{ txin sakaa}atal sa}aku{. The seal slept peacefully.

sleeping seal

isu}im igluqagan bruukii seal skin pants

Isu}im igluqagan bruukii hu}naazaza{. The seal skin pants are warm.

itaangi{ the first

itaangil be the first

Itaangikuq. I am first.

itaangis doing first; ahead; before something else is done

Itaangis txin hamaa}atiku{. He got there first.

ital contain; have in it; have on board; set

Ulu{ isil ting achxuku{. The cup contains water.

itxan apart; in or at different places

itxaan apart

itxaanul go to a different place or different places

itxaanu{tal go to different places

Itxaan a}ada. Put it in a different place.

itxa{tal be different; extra

itxa{taza{ he is different from others; is a peculiar guy

itxala{tal be different; various

itxul comb

itxuusi{ fine tooth comb

Ayaga{ txin itxuku{. The woman is combing her hair.

Itxuusi{ wang a}il angaling qaataa? Where is the comb that I put here?


it{aa its side

it{aasi{ collar

Ay{aasim it{aa tunga}ilaka{. The side of the boat is weak.

it{aygi{ reindeer

it{ayginaa{s hunt reindeer

it{aygitxa}il get; kill a reindeer

It{aygi{ chiidaan as qaqamii}uku{. A reindeer is searching for food with its fawn.

It{aygi{ kii}uusi{ hangaku{. The reindeer is climbing the mountain.

itikaalu{ stem, stalk of wild parsnip

itikaalum tuut{aa dry stem of wild parsnip

Itikaalum tuut{aa aduku{. The dry stem of wild parsnip is long.

itmali{ post for tying boats

Itmaling sixsaku{. My post broke.

itus fish spear with three teeth

Itus su}al qas lalgazas. The fish spear is used for catching fish.
fish spear

Iyuuli{ July

Iyuuli{ saaqudgim tugidaa a{. July is a summer month.

Iyuuni{ June

Iyuuni{ qanikinga tugidaa a{. June is a spring month.

izana}ulax known

izanaqadal become known

Hamang izama}ulax. It is easy to find. (something you are looking for)

looking at caribou

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