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Curriculum Resources for the Alaskan Environment

Subject Areas: nutrition, home economics, business, art

Timeline: two weeks/repeated

Grade Levels: 9-12

Purpose: to provide a relevant business/fund-raising experience for students


J. and V. Lewis and J. Boyle
-Shirt Sales


Square bullet Activities

  • Students will choose between possible fund-raisers and conduct all activities:
  • Manage concessions:

    decide what items will be sold in various meetings/activities; these items can range from cigarettes and pop to hamburgers and fry bread

    obtain permission from the organizations involved

    identify dates; advertise

    manage the budget; keep financial records

    cook, serve, and clean

    restock and reorder.

  • Sell t-shirts:

    use profits from popcorn sales to purchase T-shirts from a wholesaler; order early to ensure delivery on time

    determine an appropriate price; sell during the spring carnival.

  • Hold an auction:

    select items to be auctioned, either commercial, homemade, or solicited from individuals, businesses, organizations (items might be baked goods, dishes such as moose, dried or smoked fish, artwork, vehicles, radios, clothes, etc.)

    set up an accounting system; conduct the auction; sell refreshments; clean up

    hold in conjunction with other activities (movies, bingo, etc.).

  • Hold a raffle (request of local retailers donation of raffle item):

    set ticket prices, sell tickets, keep track of sales.

Square bullet Resources

  • stores in the community
  • school food supplies
  • food stores that ship to the Bush (e.g., Prairie Market in Anchorage)
  • for T-shirt project: Velva Sheen Manufacturing Company


  • Develop the enterprise into catering organization, store, bakery, etc.
  • The activity might be a part of a large fund-raising drive or an individual one-time activity.
  • For T-shirt project, have students design a logo:

    use indigenous designs and the native language

    be sure to make instructions to the printer very clear

    concentrate on improving village spirit rather than on profit.


Carving and Jewelry Co-Op

Fund-Raising: Concessions/Raffle/Auction/T-Shirt Sales

Rummage Sales

Mail Order Business

School-Based Enterprises

Café Operation

Open House

Community Use of School Library

Village Recreation

Guest Speakers


Local Livelihood

On-the-Job/Cooperative Education

College Preparation

Teacher's Aide Training

Managing Community Affairs

Land Claims Brainstorming

The Corporation Game or Alaska Monopoly

Reconveyances: ANCSA Studies

Resource Development Options

City Council Meeting Simulation

Mock Board of Directors Meeting

REAA School Board Trip

Your Village

Family Tree

Village Archaeology

Building Traditional Dwellings

Cultural Heritage Projects

Traditional Hunters Manual

Ethnic Dinners

Following the Iditarod Dog Race

Visit to the Tribes

Trip to Mexico

Cross-Country Skiing

Firearms Handling

First-Aid Training

Christmas Shopping      



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