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To the Teacher
Elders and Experts
Notes on Collecting, Pressing and the Class Herbarium

Section One

Teacher Notes

Eight activities guide students as they learn plant
collecting etiquette and examine leaf structure.

Section Two

Teacher Notes

Five habitat areas provide field collecting opportunities as
students begin a Class Herbarium.

Section Three

Teacher Notes

Seeds and experiments fill the activities of this section.

Section Four

Teacher Notes

The energy cycle is the focus as students go inside a leaf
to look at photosynthesis.

Section Five

Teacher Notes

A community celebration concludes the unit with students
sharing their projects and information.


Appendix A

Unangam Values
   The Right Way to Live as an Unanga{
   Simple Instructions with the Long List
Interview Release Form
The Sound System for Unangam Tunuu
How to Use the Aleut Dictionary/Unangam Tunudgusii

Appendix B

Plant Illustration Cards
   Leaf and Flower Card
Seed Test Card
Setting Up Your Experiment
Photosynthesis Game, directions, board and pieces

Appendix C

Meeting the Standards

Appendix D

\Missing Plant Names
\Unangam tunuu Color Words


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