This work is a draft to be shared for regional input.

Values of the Unangan/Unangas

These rules for living from the tradition of the people of the Aleutian and Pribilof Islands are presented to you by the Unangam Elders’ Academy through the Association of Unangan/Unangas Educators and the Aleutian/Pribilof Islands Association. Volunteers asked for input from the communities of St. Paul, St. George, Atka, Nikolski, Unalaska, Akutan, King Cove, Sand Point, False Pass, Nelson Lagoon, and Anchorage about what was important to learn as an Unanga{ in each place, followed up on suggested research, then presented the data to the group who would like to share this with you.

Alaska Native educators have made a great effort to bring forward these enduring cultural values that have sustained them. Remember that these rules for living are part of our tradition and if we are mindful to teach them to our young people we can go forward as the successful people we are destined to be.

Please share your thoughts about what you have read in this brochure. If you have comments or questions about these values please send them to:

Association of Unangan/Unangas Educators
PO Box 220196
Anchorage, AK 99522-0196




Values of the Unangan/Unangas

Eastern dialect
Western dialect

Kudalii}in maqa{takan txichin aguqangin / Kadaangis maqa{tal txichix aguqangis
The way of our beginning, our ancestors

Udaadan tanangin kugan Unangan anangin / Udaadan Unangam tanangin kugan anangis
Our people’s land and sea around here

I{taqangin lulalix matalix an}a}iingin matakun / Hi{tanangis luulal ama matal an}a}iingin matakus
Believe in them and keep them going through time

Aniqdun ngiin aqaa}an a}nangin qulingiin aku{ gumalgaku{. / Kinguu}ingin wan slum kugan haqaa}an a}nangin qulaan aku{ gumalgaku{.
For the coming generations that we don’t see yet, for their time here.

Father Michael Lestenkoff

An}a}iisi{ matanaan imin i{amnaku{. Ana}i{ ukunachin imchin ugutaasaamchim a}na{txichin. / An}a}iisiin siga{ imis aku{ mal sigaan inixsiisada.
Life is gifted to you. What you make of it is your gift in return.

Tuman ilaanu}itxin, Unangan maqa{tadqangin mataa}in matakun. / An}a}iisiin, ilaazat ama Ulamis an}a}inangis maqa{singis ida{talagada{.
Know your family tree, relations and people’s history.

Tana}nangin I}ayuusalix an}a}iimchin a}na{txichin. / Tana{, Ala}u{ ama slum imuunuu huzuu ana}im ana}in}is sahnga{tada.
Live with and respect the land, sea, and all nature.

Wan ala}um ilan ana}im an}a}inangin usuu Aguu}u{ agach ngiin a}iqaa. / Algas ama ana}im an}a}ingis huzungis Aguu}um agacha ngiin a}iqaa haqataasada.
Respect and be aware of the creator in all living things.

Txin achigalix an}a}igumin anuxtanatxin a{saasaduuku{txin. / Huzugaan txin achiga{ agacha mada ama txin sakaa}atada.
Always learn and maintain a balance.

Qaqamii}u{ qalgadam ukulganaa ngiin ugutaasakun. / Qaqamii}u{ qalgada{ An}a}i{ ngiin a{tanaa aku{.
Subsistence is sustenance for the life.

Unangam tunuu unangqasining asix tunu{talaa}naqing. Unangan anaan Uku{tach{iku{. / Unangam tunuu Unangas alganaa ukuchxiza{ ama huzu{ ngiin tunu{tach{iza{.
Our language defines who we are and lets us communicate with one another.

The Right Way to Live as an Unanga{

Simple Instructions with the Long List

  1. Udigdada. E / Udigida. W / Share.
  2. Tutada. E & W / Listen.
  3. Txin anguyni{ta}ulux. E / Txin manitalagada. W / Don’t be boastful.
  4. Agitaasitxin i{amnaasada. E / An}a}inas i}amanaasada. W / Be kind to other people.
  5. Agitaasiin sismida. E / An}a}inas kiduda. W / Help others.
  6. Tuman tana{ agliisa{tan. E / Tana{ agliisada. W / Take care of the land.
  7. Tuman ala}u{ agliisa{tan. E / Ala}u{ agliisada. W / Take care of the sea/ocean.
  8. Tuman taanga{ agliisa{txin. E / Taanga{ haqayaasada. W / Take care of the water.
  9. Manachin ilam axtalakan agliisachin. E / Ana}is mal agumis ilam axtalagada. W / Do not do anything to excess.
  10. Txin ugutada. E / Qa}atada. W / Be happy.
  11. I}ayuu{txin, ana}im atxa}ingin agachan madada. E / Txin sakaa}atal ana}is mada. W / Behave yourself: Do the things you know are right.
  12. Chxadalagaa{txin. E / Chxalagada. W / Don’t steal.
  13. Adluuda}i}ulux E / Adalulagada. W / Don’t lie.
  14. Ludakiim axtax samtaaxtxin. E / Ludaa}is, tukus ama uchiitilas sahnga{tada. W / Respect Elders (including parents, teachers & all people, young and old).
  15. Agitaasiin samtasaa{txin. E / Agitaadaan sahnga{tada. W / Respect your peers.
  16. Kayutuu{txin. E / Kayutuda. W / Be strong.
  17. Agitaasiin matanangin imin gidu}iisalagaa{txin. E / Silaa txin gikuun alagada. W / Don’t be envious of what belongs to another.
  18. An}a}i{ i{amana{ i{talix kayux i{amana{ atxa{talix manaa imin ugutaasalix aa{txin. E / An}a}ina{ i}amanas manaa ngaan hi{tada. W / Admire one who does well by honest means.
  19. Maamin i{tanatxin madada. E / Ana}is maamis hi{taqaan aguun mada. W / Don’t make promises quickly, but keep those you make.
  20. An}a}iisanatxin an}a}im agitaasingin agachan liidalix an}a}iisada. E / Matal an}a}iikaan agacha an}a}isada. W / Live like you want people to see you live.
  21. Igilnaa{na{txin. E / Qaqatulagada. W / Don’t be greedy.
  22. Sla{, a}ada{, tugida{, kayux sdan tunum manginulux kugan i}ad}ulux. E / Sla{, a}adgi{, ama sdas hadangiin i}amana{ agacha tunu{taasada. W / Don’t talk bad about the weather or the sun, the moon, or the stars.
  23. Agitaasaan adaan tunum i{amnanginulux i}ad}ulux. E / An}a}ina{ adalus hadaan hilgada}ulax. W / Don’t slander another person.
  24. Kadaan axtaa}ana{txin. E / Kadamis agalagada. W / Don’t get ahead of yourself.
  25. Adu{tanaan akidada. E / Adut akida. W / Pay your debts.
  26. Qaqamii}u{. E / Qaqamii}u{. W /Subsistence.
  27. Tunuun ugunu{talakan an}a}ii{txin. E / Unangam Tunuu ugunu{talagada. W / Don’t forget your Unangan Language.




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