The following links to illustrations show a sample of some of the plants you can find in the Aleutian/Pribilofs. Not all of these plants are found everywhere in this region. Nor are all plants in the region illustrated here.

The FLORA OF ALASKA illustrations (numbers 1-60) show a proportional scale. A 1/3 scale means, for example, that the drawing could be multiplied 3X and would show the plant at actual size.

Names are given in this order, alphabetized by species/genus:

Unangam Tunuu
when available
(UT page number from the Aleut Dictionary/Unangam Tunudgusii)
(common name, Unangam Tunuu)
Common name

This symbol, ~ means the plant is considered very toxic. A range of toxic effects are known in some plants in this region. Never eat any unknown plant or berry. Be certain of the identity of a plant before you eat it. Taste a wild plant only under the supervision of a parent or a caregiver.

This symbol means this plant is recommended for use in ACTIVITY TWO, Section Three.

Illustrations 1-60 were drawn by Mrs. Dagny Tande-Lid. They have been provided by Stanford University Press by permission from the book FLORA OF ALASKA AND NEIGHBORING TERRITORIES, by Eric Hultén, copyright (c) 1968 by the Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University, and reproduced with the permission of the publishers, Stanford University Press. Further reproduction of the material requires the publishers' permission.

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Plant drawings 61-66 were provided by R. W. Tyler and used by permission.


The following links to plant illustration cards are provided for your convenience to speed up downloading time.
  Page 1: Illustrations 1-6 (Ac-Ar) Page 5: Illustrations 25-30 (Ge-Le) Page 9: Illustrations 49-54 (Ru-Sa)
Page 2: Illustrations 7-12 (Ca-Co) Page 6: Illustrations 31-36 (Le-Me) Page 10: Illustrations 55-60 (Sa-Va)
Page 3: Illustrations 13-18 (Co-Em) Page 7: Illustrations 37 -42 (Mi-Pl) Page 11: Illustrations 61-66 (Cl-Ul)
Page 4: Illustrations 19-24 (Ep-Ge) Page 8: Illustrations 43-48 (Pl-Rh) Leaf and Flower Cards
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