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Alaska Rare Plant Field Guide


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Kojee educator’s ethnobotany web site with lesson plan:

Video: “Arctic Harvest,” may be purchased from the North Slope Borough, PO Box 69, Barrow, AK 99723. It is available in Inupiaq and English. You will need to specify which you want

Dyeing with Plants

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Basket Weaving

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Fast Plants™ materials may be ordered from:

Carolina Biological Supply company
2700 York Road
Burlington NC 27215
Call toll-free 800-334-5551

If you choose to use Fast Plants™, you will want to order Brassica rapa seeds WW-15-8804, pack of 50 and the manual, Exploring with Wisconsin Fast Plants, WW-15-8951

For more informtion about Fast Plants™ :

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Biology for Every Kid,
Ecology for Every Kid,
Guide to More of the Best Science Fair Projects
, 2000.
Guide to the Best Science Fair Projects
, 1997.
, 1997.

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Alaska’s Tundra and Wildlife;
Wildlife for the Future;
Alaska’s Forests & Wildlife;
and the
Alaska Ecology Cards.

Science Fair, experiments and Janice Van Cleave site:


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Pacific Papers
15702 119th Ave. NE
Bothell WA
(800) 676-1151

Herbarium Supply Company

3483 Edison Way
Menlo Park CA 94025
(800) 348-2338


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Activity to learn basic classification techniques:



Virtual Cell that can be dissected:

Jello cell:


Activity site:

Center for the study of photosynthesis:

Hinkle Creek Elementary School, 4th grade class wants to know about the plants in your area and has a Web site with excellent illustrations and sound:

This site discusses photosynthesis, food chains and more:

Questions and answers about photosynthesis at this site:


Interactive food web work sheet included here:


Lichen information with lively illustrations:


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Alaska Traditional Knowledge and Native Foods database:

Guidelines for how to interview an Elder:


Alaska Native Knowledge Network. Use the searchable index to locate plants:

Ask Eric lessons:

Eisenhower National Clearing House for curriculum resources:

University of Alaska Anchorage Alaskool project:

US Department of Education lesson site:



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