Responsive Communication: Patterns for Making Sense



If others do not respond to your love with love,
Look into your own benevolence;
If others fail to respond to your attempts 
to govern them with order,
Look into your own wisdom;
If other so not return your courtesy,
Look into your own respect.
In other words,
Look into yourself whenever you fail
to achieve your purpose.

- Mencius


We refer to both the book of this title and our workshops in communication as 'responsive communication'.  The book was published by Black Current Press.

The deepest assumption of Responsive Communication is that you are trying to increase your ability to listen to and understand others as the basis for responding to them.  We assume that in our globalizing world most communications are with people who are different from us in some respect.

Early activities of the Axe Handle Academy also involved implementing word processing and email exchanges in Alaska Native languages and a strong interest in the role of new communication technologies in enhancing or obstructing responsive communication.

An excerpt from the book.  

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