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Warren Tiffany Collection

compiled by Tom Hopkins and Sarah Tiffany







of BIA

Bulletin 1973


Alaska Native


Culture: Background
for Learning


A Day in
a Day School

Warren Tiffany

Tom's Site

Mumiqsalook (pdf)
"Warren passed away in the fall of 2009 and left behind several documents he had written. The documents have been made available to his daughter, Sarah, who did the initial scanning for this electronic version of Mumiqsalook. While Mumiqsalook is a historical document, it might also be useful in contemporary classrooms especially with the language shift to English, which places increased importance on the culture of the children which remains Eskimo. "

My First Grade Book (pdf)
: "Warren passed away in the fall of 2009 but left behind several documents and My First Grade Book was one of them. While the book will probably have limited application to the Alaskan village schools of 2011, at least this scanned version of My First Grade Book will reflect what one educator thought appropriate and educationally useful in the 1950's and 1960's."

Teacher's Manual for My First Grade Book (pdf)
"It can be seen from the following page that the last printing of My First Grade Book was in 1962. Now in 2011, almost 50 years later, there have no doubt been many changes in Alaska Native village life and schools. In my day of village teaching, 1953-1956 and later at Mt. Edgecumbe High school, 1958-1963, My First Grade Book remained a positive addition to the curriculum. As teachers look over the book they can see that the primary focus is social behavior which has little to do with the heavy emphasis on academic learning we experience today. And even the social behavior as well as teaching philosophy it reflects are no doubt different and dated. The approach to curriculum in 1953 and 1962 was very structured and reflected tight control and attention to detail by the teacher."

My Little Book (pdf)
"When Warren Tiffany wrote My Little Book in 1956 he was an Education Specialist working out of the Nome Office of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. At that time the BIA had curriculum guides entitled Minimum Essential Goals for Indian Schools."

Education in Northwest Alaska (pdf)
"There are few histories on Alaska Native Education that contain as much information on actual school activities and experiences as Warren I. Tiffany includes in this historical document. The reader will also find many happenings not found in other histories which together paint an educational picture starting with a foreign institution, the school, being constructed in an Eskimo village without any explanations and/or instructions on why it was being constructed."



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