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Yup'ik RavenMarshall Cultural Atlas

This collection of student work is from Frank Keim's classes. He has wanted to share these works for others to use as an example of Culturally-based curriculum and documentation. These documents have been OCR-scanned. These are available for educational use only.





Your Personal Horoscope

Look To The Stars

Your Personal Horoscope

Your Personal Horoscope

Your Personal Horoscope

Virgo~The Virgin 8/23-9/22
Characteristics: careful, efficient, modest, orderly, practical, tidy.
Outlook: Your inner spooks will be revealed, don't scare yourself! 

Libra~ The Scales 9/23-10/22
Characteristics: companionable, diplomatic, friendly, intelligent, pleasant, thoughtful.
Outlook: Don't eat too much, or you won't need a Halloween costume.

Scorpio~ The Scorpion 10/23-11/21
Characteristics: aggressive, intense moody, passionate, secretive, quick tempered.
Outlook: Stay home on Halloween. You scare too many people!

Sagittarius~ The Archer 11/22-12/21
Characteristics: cheerful, enthusiastic, generous, outgoing, relaxed, warm.
Outlook: You were born on a lousy day. But don't worry, be happy!

Capricorn~ The Goat 12/22-1/19
Characteristics: ambitious, cautious, dignified, patient, persistent, practical.
Outlook: You will get good treasures during trick-or-treating.

Aquarius~ The Water Bearer 1/20 - 2/18
Characteristics: curious, independent, modern, open-minded, outgoing serious.
Outlook: Don't steal other kids' candy or you won't receive any Christmas presents.

Pisces~The Fishes 2/19-3/20
Characteristics: emotional, imaginative, intelligent, sensitive, vague.
Outlook: Create an imaginative costume and you will get lots of candy.

Aries~ The Ram 3/21-4/19
Characteristics: bold, courageous, determined, energetic, hot tempered, impatient.
Outlook: Wear your birthday suit for a costume and you will make everyone smile.

Taurus~ The Bull 4/20-5/20
Characteristics: affectionate, conservative, loyal, sensible, possessive, stubborn.
Outlook: Quit being stingy. If you give candy you will get candy.

Gemini~ The Twins 5/21-6/20
Characteristics: curious, lively, moody, restless, talkative, witty.
Outlook: Go to a Halloween party as a pickle and everyone will give you a tickle.

Cancer~ The Crab 6/21 - 7/22
Characteristics: Artistic, emotional, homeloving, instinctive, patriotic, shy.
Outlook: Go trick or treating this year instead of hiding in the closet like last year.

Leo~ The Lion 7/23 - 8/22
Characteristics: cheerful, colorful, kind, generous, powerful, proud.
Outlook: If you give out money for treats this year, you will be a millionaire when you grow up.

Your Personal Horoscope
*Horoscopes were not researched using professional source*
Your Personal Horoscope


Feature News

A Good Moose Season

- Kathy Duny

Tank Farm Being Relocated

- Jonathan Boots

Willow Mine to be Mined?

- Lois Moore

Marshall Co-op Store Extension

- Charlotte Alstrom

Marshall's New Armory

- Maurice Turet

Airport Update

- Tatiana Sergie

Marshall Head Start Begins

- Rose Lynn Fitka

Marshall Traditional Council

- Tassie Fitka



Editorial Page 

Sales Tax has Benefits Too

- Charlotte Alstrom


Guest Editorial 

Let's Get Rid of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

- Cheryl Hunter


Max's Message from the Best Little
School on the Yukon



Whats Happenin' at School?


Running Cross Country

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Third and Fourth Grades
5th & 6th Grades
Richard Olsen's Classes
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Guy's Classes
Frank's Classes
Donna Best's Special Olympics
Marshall Student Council Report


Puzzle Page


October 1997 Calendar


Comic Page


Happy Halloween


Dear Tat


 Elders Page

Trapping at Nageethluk

Story told by Camille Boliver

Look To The Stars
Your Personal Horoscope


Did You Know That...


Message Page (in pdf)


Christmastime Tales
Stories real and imaginary about Christmas, Slavik, and the New Year
Winter, 1996
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Stories about Christmas, Slavik, and the New Year
Winter, 1998
Christmastime Tales III
Stories about Christmas, Slavik, and the New Year
Winter, 2000
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Happy Valentine’s Day! February Edition 1998 Happy Easter! March/April Edition 2000 Happy Thanksgiving Nov. Edition, 1997
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The Flowers of Scammon Bay Alaska Poems of Hooper Bay Scammon Bay (Upward Bound Students)
Family Trees and the Buzzy Lord It takes a Village - A guide for parents May 1997 People in Our Community
Buildings and Personalities of Marshall Marshall Village PROFILE Qigeckalleq Pellullermeng ‘A Glimpse of the Past’
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Ellamyua - The Great Weather - Stories about the Weather Spring 1996 Moose Fire - Stories and Poems about Moose November, 1998 Bears Bees and Bald Eagles Winter 1992-1993
Fish Fire and Water - Stories about fish, global warming and the future November, 1997 Wolf Fire - Stories and Poems about Wolves Bear Fire - Stories and Poems about Bears Spring, 1992



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