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Yup'ik RavenMarshall Cultural Atlas

This collection of student work is from Frank Keim's classes. He has wanted to share these works for others to use as an example of Culturally-based curriculum and documentation. These documents have been OCR-scanned. These are available for educational use only.





Garrett Evan


Lord of the Flies II

The Ship


"Hi, I'm Ralph. Which ship are we on?"

"We're on the British S.S. Mackerel," the British officer told me.

"Well, I got to go and see SamnEric. By the way, keep an eye on Jack and Roger," Ralph said, as he left the room.

The ship was so big it seemed about half the size of the island. There were big artillery guns on the ship and a landing strip for airplanes and choppers. The airplanes were single-engine planes with .50 caliber machine guns for shooting at enemy planes.

"Hi SamnEric. What's the news? Is Jack planning anything?" Ralph asked the two boys as he closed the door.

"Jack said he still wants to get you."

"He is planning something then? You two go back and find out."

Jack and his boys were in a room on the other side of the ship. The smaller boys wanted to join Ralph because Jack was getting too mean and hitting them to try to keep them from leaving him. Since there was no beast on the ship, Jack needed something else to try force the boys to follow him as chief. So four boys plus SamnEric wanted to join Ralph.

One day, when Jack and the others went out, SamnEric and the four boys left to join Ralph's little outlaw band.

"Ralph we have come to join you, to help you fight Jack and Roger in case they come for you," Sam said.

"How are you boys? Everything all right? Have you found out what Jack has been planning?" Ralph asked the boys.

"He said that he is planning to get a gun from one of the officers or steel one from the rooms," Sam said.

As Jack and the others walked around the ship looking for a gun, they found a room that said "weapons" on the door. They went in but only found shells for the big cannons plus some missiles with nuclear warheads .The shells were about one and a half feet wide and three feet long and the missiles were about one and a half feet wide by six feet long. The room was huge and completely filled with shells and missiles and several passageways to move the ammo around. So they went on searching the ship for a weapon. They went down to the brig and then up to the navigation room but without any luck. The only weapons they found were a couple of knives from the kitchen. So they asked the guard.

"Excuse me, officer, we would like to know if there are any hand guns or rifles on the ship?"

"Only the officers have hand guns and rifles. There are no other guns on the ship," he said to the group of boys.

So the boys went back to their room empty-handed to plan their attack on Ralph anyway. But when they got back to the room they found that the other boys had gone to join Ralph. Jack got mad and threw a fit and began hitting the boys. Then they all prepared to drive Ralph and his boys to the bow of the ship and beat them up. Meanwhile on the other side of the ship, Ralph, Sam, Eric, Jon, Joe, Edmen, and Bill were getting ready for their attack.

Jack and his boys sneaked up on Ralph and the others, then rushed in with their weapons and tried clubbing them. But Ralph was expecting them with a little trick of his own. They had found some stout sticks and fought back with them. But because Ralph's group was smaller they had to retreat to the bow of the boat where they continued their fight until the officers came and broke it up.

"Who started this?" the captain demanded.

"It was Jack! He tried to kill us!" Ralph replied to the captain.

"Is this true, son?" the captain asked.

"Yes, it's true. It was me," Jack said.

"Then I have no choice but to throw you boys in the brig!" the captain said.

The rest of the way home there was no more trouble, and Ralph and his boys could relax for the first time.


Chris Fitka

Ralph's Revenge

Mary Jane Shorty

Olga Moxie

Michelle Polty

Ralph's Journal

Gerilyn Fitka

Robert Pitka

Carmen Pitka

Ben Peteroff

The Trip Home

Garrett Evan

The Ship

Matthew Shorty

Fred Alstrom

The Rescue

Theresa George

Victor Shorty



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