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This collection of student work is from Frank Keim's classes. He has wanted to share these works for others to use as an example of Culturally-based curriculum and documentation. These documents have been OCR-scanned. These are available for educational use only.





Chris Fitka


Lord of the Flies Part II
Ralph's Revenge


As I was crying I told the Navy officer part of the story. He and his assistant took us out to a British battleship, and from there we were on our way home to London. While on boardI explained the whole story to Colonel Sanders, the highest ranking officer on the ship. He told me justice would be done when we arrived home but somehow I did not believe him. They put Jack and his crew in the forecastle of the ship and me in the regular barracks.

We arrived in London a week later and our parents were at the dock to greet us for our homecoming. I almost died of an overdose of relief and happiness while I was in the arms of my mother and father. Since Jack didn't have any parents, the Colonel brought him to a juvenile home because of his behavior on the island. I was told that Roger and the others were going to get off easy. I did not have a problem with the other boys, but Jack and Roger were my big concern. The look on Simon's parents' face and Piggy's aunt's face urged me to bring justice for what had been done, especially since Jack and Roger had planned and attempted to kill me. I told myself to be patient and act only when the time was right.

I passed through junior high with good grades and a plan to erase Jack and Roger from the planet. Still this would have to wait for a better time. I watched the two carefully and kept a low profile. Roger went to the same high school I did and Jack remained in the juvenile school that was located in downtown London.

Roger and I graduated from high school in the same year, and I heard he was going to enlist in the British Army. I decided to go to the University of London to become a lawyer. While there I still harbored the hate from the big incident of my childhood. The last time I saw Jack he was a janitor in the downtown museum and lived in a shabby old house just a block away from the museum.

After finally finishing my eight years of university I was hired by a small law firm located here in London. Although I would only take care of small cases, the pay brought food to my table and a lot more. The job brought me satisfaction too because I would be the last kind of person to be suspected for murder. At last I could really plan to do it although it was harder than I thought. Since Roger was now Colonel Roger at the base uptown, I would have to think of a way to get in and out of the base without anyone knowing. One thing that would make Roger's murder easier though was that he was single and his home was alone on the quiet side of the base.

On a Friday night I dressed up in black and took some ductape and a blade with me. I climbed the fence near Roger's house and peeked through his windows. He was asleep in his bedroom with a lamp on. One of his windows was slightly open. I quietly sneaked in. The sound of his snoring told me his murder wasn't going to be hard.

I jumped on Roger, turned his body face down and taped his arms behind his back. While taping his mouth I could see the same fear and panic in his eyes that I once experienced on the island. Now I was giving Roger a taste of the same medicine. ThenI went out to his refrigerator to get me a beer which I drank to celebrate the occasion. When I got boredI taped up his nose and mouth and then fled his house and the base with a sense that justice had been done.

I then proceeded to Jack's house. I peered in his window and saw him passed out on his couch with an empty bottle on the floor near his hand. I entered his house through his unlocked door. It had a foul odor that made me hurry in what I was about to do. I closed and locked all his windows and lit two candles on one side of the room. Then I turned all his propane stove valves and left his house.

I was sitting in my car eating peanuts about half a block away when suddenly I heard a "Boom!"I grinned in the brightness of the flames that were burning the million pieces that once were Jack's house. I smiled again and sighed. Now they were both gone, I thought, and I wouldn't have to worry anymore about what happened on the island during my childhood.


Chris Fitka

Ralph's Revenge

Mary Jane Shorty

Olga Moxie

Michelle Polty

Ralph's Journal

Gerilyn Fitka

Robert Pitka

Carmen Pitka

Ben Peteroff

The Trip Home

Garrett Evan

The Ship

Matthew Shorty

Fred Alstrom

The Rescue

Theresa George

Victor Shorty



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