The Academy:  rationale and theory


How do you shape an axe handle?
Without an axe it can't be done.
How do you take a wife?
Without a go-between you can't get one.
Shape a handle, shape a handle
the pattern is not far off.

- Shi Jing





Focus:  the teacher

Heart:  communication

Measure:  cooperative competence

Purpose:  enlarging the future



Communication is the heart of educational method

In the Axe Handle Academy good teaching emphasizes modeling good communication for students.  Good communication emphasizes the commuunication skills needed for learning which are listening, observing, and reflection.

Byy placing the focus of the Axe Handle Academy on the learning of the teacher we have merged the teacher and the students into a collaborative learning team.  Now for this collaboration to work effectively the teacher must be able to model for students the communication skills and knowledge required by our Communication Studies component.  The teacher/student learning team is now engaged in a joint task of observation, experimentation, analysis, and reflection.  The essence of the scientific method, like all good learning consists of listening much and speaking little, of observing much but manipulating little, of remaining open to new information and avoiding premature conclusions.


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