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The Axe Handle Academy (a proposal)

This website consists primarily of the full text of the original proposal.




Responsive Communication

A book by Ron and Suzie Scollon, published by BCP.  The full text is available as an independent website.




The Problem of Power

A reading guide by Ron and Suzie Scollon to several books.  Full text may be downloaded here.


1987 The Axe Handle Academy: A Conversation with Ron Scollon

A mock conversation between Black Current Press and Ron Scollon about what the Axe Handle Academy is all about.  Full text may be downloaded here.




How to Teach Thematic Comparative Literature

A curriculum note for secondary teachers by Ron and Suzie Scollon.  Includes four units with list of readings and introductory essays. Full text may be downloaded here.




Time and the Media

An essay by Ron Scollon prepared as a reading guide for a series of public programs in several Alaskan towns. Prepared under a grant from the Alaska Humanities Forum.  Full text may be downloaded here.


1988 The Incredible Shrinking Man

An essay by way of a final report to the Alaska Humanities Forum on the grant 'Print, Palaver and Primetime: Public Discourse in Transition'. Full text may be downloaded here.



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The Black Current Press publishes books which we hope will help to define and understand contemporary life in the bioregion formed by the circle of ocean currents known as the Kuroshio, the Alaska Current, the California Current, and the North Equatorial Current.  We plan to publish a few titles each year and over the course of several years plan to include fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.  Centered in Southeastern Alaska we tend to favor the Pacific Northwest (which we like to think of as the Northeastern Pacific), Japan, China, Korea, and Hawaii.


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