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Yup'ik RavenPoems by Maricia Skinna

Here are a selection of poems written by Maricia Skinna, originally from Mountain Village and now living in Klawock, Alaska.

Wiinga Naucetaaq

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My name is Maricia. Maricia Ann. Don, my father named me after Marie, my mother.

Wiinga, I am Naucetaaq. Yup’ik…Flower, Plant. One who petted the bumble bees as a toddler.

I am of the Beans and Kokrine families. I am also of the Luper and Meadows families.

I once bared the name Ahmasuk, now a Skinna. By birth and marriage, I have many names.

Since childhood I am Pooba. The Grand Pooba from the Flintstones.

Many titles, many roles.

I am a mother of four, Adelaine Marie, Senora Noelle, Kerry Nagitaagna & Erik Donald.

Step-mother of William Robert, now mother of five innocent, precious ones.

I am of many ethnic backgrounds, Yup’ik, Athabaskan, Russian, Irish, German, and Cherokee.

My children are of those, plus Inupiaq, Norwegian. Also French, Tlingit, among yet others, even Yaki.

We together are the United Tribes of the World.

My name is Maricia. Marcia, Marissa, call me what you may. I am still the same, no matter.

I am from Mountain Village where the Mighty Yukon resides. A place untamed and of rich history.

I am from Nome. A home far away, full of beauty, victory, and controversy.

I am from Sitka-By-The-Sea. Once youthful and free, but found the adult in me.

I am from Klawock. Married an Eagle, I am of Raven moiety. Heinyaa Kwan drummed me in.

I am Maricia. A child of the Most High God. I reside in the Lord alone where concern is trust.

Through my ups and downs, ins and outs, He has not let me go bust.

I am but a speck in the universe, but through His eyes I am of much value and meaning.

Of which I am still struggling to unravel. Who is it that created such a complex being?

Piece by piece, facets of my soul revealed, no longer sealed, my inner light shining bright.

My name is Maricia. Born under the sign of Aquarius. Freedom loving and independent.

Of strong humanitarian convictions and wisdom free flowing for all, the Water Bearer.

I am a Wood Tiger under the Chinese zodiac. Hear me roar!

Grandly I strut, mighty-jawed, fiercely protective to the core.

Many associations, many defining aspects.

May I live up to my endless prospects…just as I am.

Wiinga Naucetaaq, yesterday, today, tomorrow. Forever will my being continue to sprout about.



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