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Yup'ik RavenPoems by Maricia Skinna

Here are a selection of poems written by Maricia Skinna, originally from Mountain Village and now living in Klawock, Alaska.

Wiinga Naucetaaq

mind games

Alaska The Wild

ABCs of The Native Way




ABCs of The Native Way

Always willing to lend a helping hand – giving, caring, and sharing during times of need.
Belong to our Tribal People – together we form a web of protection and strength.
Commissioners of our Civil Rights – standing strong in our inherent place in this world.
Delicate, fragile, and precious – like the tundra, maintaining respect and balance is crucial.
Energetic – toward our goals, we run like a bear, full of speed and might.
Fun-loving – laughter fills the air that flows over the land, timber, and seas.
Generous – together, we take care of the needs of our People, giving freely.
Honoring our past – ancestors speak through us with vigilance.
Intelligent, genius, articulate – look at the many products of our mindfulness - sleds, masks, the qayaq.
Just – we believe in the ways of the past - no one gets away from wrongdoing without consequence.
Kindred spirits – reincarnated from our forefathers - spirits come alive through us, sustaining us.
Loving – we honor one another above ourselves in the true way, putting all others first.
Mighty – Olympics demonstrate strength, survival skills learned from days of past.
No Natives or Dogs Allowed – A sign seen no more!
Ominous – We believe in spirits all around - of the land, air and vast waterways of our world.
Purposeful – Our songs and dances take us to places near and dear to our Creator.
Quiet – Our strong words and gentle actions speak volumes of the noble People we claim to be.
Resourceful – Our natural surroundings provide everything we need to feel like real human beings.
Successful – During hard times we continually adjust and set our aims high, in both worlds.
Traditional – We live by way of the old, paving the way for new traditions in order to survive.
Universal ethics – Love, Belief, Support, Laughter, Mourning, and Continual Improvement.
Values – Never shifting from respect, harmony, balance, and trust - we value our lives together.
Willful – Our hearts, minds and spirits have a power beyond comprehension or imagination.
X-ray vision – Look into our eyes, see our spirit, read our mind not, so long we have fought.
Youthful – Our cultural heritage lives on in the voices and actions of our young ones.
Zero – Following Generation “X”, Generation Zero, our Hero, learn, listen, and continue to be.

By Maricia Skinna
April 2, 2008



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