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For the past fourteen years, CHEI has initiated the development of several educational, cross-cultural, and motivational programs including:

  • the implementation of after school programs at the Minto School offering a variety of academic and cultural activities that stress youth leadership, the importance of sobriety, increased parental participation in school, and positive extracurricular opportunities. The basketball team, dance troupe, and Athabascan skills and arts workshops are examples of some of these programs;
  • the production of the "Coming of Age" video project, which showcases Alaskan Native sobriety success stories;
  • The development of an international exchange program between Minto and several countries including Japan, New Zealand, and Great Britain;
  • Coordination of the Athabascan Place Names map [also called the Indigenous Curriculum Project], in which Minto students research historical Athabascan place names, of culturally significant land use sites, and document their significance on a 2-dimensional map and interactive CD-ROM
  • the initiation of restoration and preservation of Old Minto as a historical cultural landmark;
  • Coordination of various Spirit Camps at Old Minto (Old Minto High Risk Youth Camp, Alcohol Abuse Treatment Camp, Youth-Elder Spirit Camp, and Culture Camp);


Old Minto High Risk Youth Camp: The High Risk Camp is focused at kids with potential abuse problems. Participants are selected/suggested by the school principal, health aid, village Public Safety Officer (VPSO) and Tribal Council Members. The camp agenda includes: counseling and talking circles to get problems into the open, Athabascan skills training to boost confidence and formation of sober peer support networks so the kids can keep in contact after the camp.

Old Minto Recovery Camp: This camp is for adults with known alcohol problems and is designed to give them a sober, healthy retreat from normal life and an opportunity to form sober peer groups. Tanana Chiefs Conference administers this camp with the use of Old Minto. Adults are encouraged to participate in talking circles and counseling with Elders. Peer support is an important part of this program. Preventative information and location of Fairbanks support groups are provided.

Youth-Elder Spirit Camp This camp is directed at students, and focuses on community participation and pride. The Elder-youth bond is of the highest concern here. Elders teach youth Athabascan skills such as basket making and animal hide preparation and participate with them in talking circles to learn stories, discipline and respect.

Athabascan Culture Learning Camp This camp is for the general public to learn about the Minto people and experience the Athabascan ways of knowing. This camp includes: Athabascan arts and craft skills, talking circles, nature tours, the "feel" of the Old Minto fish camp, songs and much more.

Volunteers are appreciated and welcome. Please contact us for more details if you are interested.

Spruce Roots Sewing Circle

Pending funding, we hope to accomplish more programs in 1999.

  • Completion of the "Coming of Age" video project, which showcases Alaskan Native sobriety success stories
  • Implementation of a Preschool for children age 3 and 4 at the Minto School
  • Implementation of a weekly woodworking class to be taught by an Elder or other community member 
  • Implementation of a weekly sewing class to be taught by an Elder and other community member volunteers





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