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The Old Minto Cabins Project

dot_clear.gif CHEI is working with the communities of Fairbanks and New Minto to restore a number of the historic buildings of Old Minto. Under the direction of Robert Charlie, a former resident of Old Minto, CHEI has the cultural expertise required to ensure that all village preservation efforts will capture its unique historical architecture and cultural integrity for the benefit of its visitors and the comfort of its teachers, the elders.

dot_clear.gif Many of the materials needed to carry out the cabin restoration effort and many of the services and materials needed to run the camp programs will be purchased in Fairbanks. Many of the people needed to restore the cabins and to carry out the camp's operations will come from Fairbanks, New Minto, and other national organizations such as AmeriCorps*National Civilian Conservation Corps, and Elder Hostel.


Old Minto Cultural Heritage and Educational Institution
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