Pauline Duncan's Tlingit Curriculum Resources - Picking Berries: Devil Club

Tlingit Raven

Devil's Club

Grandma and I stop to look at the beautiful,
spiny Devil Club. We let the Devil Club know how
beautiful she is and how grateful we are to have her in
our woods. Some natives believe the Devil Club is a
powerful, medicinal, and spiritual plan. Today, it is not
unusual to see a stalk of the plan hanging over a
doorway of a home or a boat. Many believe that it
can bring luck, keep evil spirits and sickness away.
Have respect for this great plan. When you come
across one, feel free to give it a cheerful chant.

Gunalcheese, Gunalcheese, Gunalcheese!
S'ax'tt-Devil Club
Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Devil Club

©January 1988
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