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Lessons Taught, Lessons Learned Vol. II

Artist's Credits




"Raven Block Print"

Brendan Harrington

Juneau, AK

"Ice Hunter"

Jonathan Gregorieff

Chenega Bay, AK

"Future Ship of the Sound"

Hai Han Ye

Whittier, AK

"Cook Inlet"

Rebecca Mears

Anchorage, AK

"Blanket Toss"

Ryan Andrew

Kongiganak, AK

"Winter Trees"

King Pasomsuk

Bettles, AK


Scott Orsborne

Hoonah, AK

"Killer Whale"

Frankie Gurske

Chenega Bay, AK

"Dog on Rocks"

Caleb Walser

Chiniak, AK

"The Arctic Giants of Eskimos"

Danny Nashoanak

Stebbins, AK

"Husky Block Print"

Corey Denton

Juneau, AK


Wendell Paktenig

Ketchikan, AK


Vanessa Edwards

Allakaket, AK

"Winter Nights in an Igloo"

Doug Henning

Whittier, AK

"A Happy Fish Day"

Amy Phillips

Chenega Bay, AK

"Caribou Block Print"

Wade Walter

Juneau, AK

"King Ugluk"

Doug Henning

Whittier, AK


Robbie Roberts

Juneau, AK

"The Chinese Influence"

Doug Henning

Whittier, AK


Al Yatlin

Bettles, AK

"An Icy Perch"

Erin Koning

Chiniak, AK

"Life in the Bay"

Jacob Philips

Chenega Bay, AK


Kevin Hanson

Soldotna, AK

"Skier Hotdogging"

Shawn Lund

Soldotna, AK

"Two Common Loons"

Jason Williams

Hoonah, AK


Ray Barnhardt

Part I * Rural School Ideals

"My Goodness, People Come and Go So Quickly Around Here"
Lance C. Blackwood

Parental Involvement in a Cross-Cultural Environment
Monte Boston

Teachers and Administrators for Rural Alaska
Claudia Caffee

The Mentor Teacher Program
Judy Charles

Building Networks
Helen Eckelman

Ideal Curriculum and Teaching Approaches for a School in Rural Alaska
Teresa McConnell

Some Observations Concerning Excellent Rural Alaskan Schools
Bob Moore

The Ideal Rural Alaska Village School
Samuel Moses

From Then To Now: The Value of Experiential Learning
Clara Carol Potterville

The Ideal School
Jane Seaton

Toward an Integrated, Nonlinear, Community-Oriented Curriculum Unit
Mary Short

A Letter from Idealogak, Alaska
Timothy Stathis

Preparing Rural Students for the Future
Michael Stockburger

The Ideal Rural School
Dawn Weyiouanna

Alternative Approaches to the High School Curriculum
Mark J. Zintek

Part II * Rural Curriculum Ideas

"Masking" the Curriculum
Irene Bowie

On Punks and Culture
Louise J. Britton

Literature to Meet the Needs of Rural Students
Debra Buchanan

Reaching the Gifted Student Via the Regular Classroom
Patricia S. Caldwell

Early Childhood Special Education in Rural Alaska
Colleen Chinn

Technically Speaking
Wayne Day

Process Learning Through the School Newspaper 
Marilyn Harmon

Glacier Bay History: A Unit in Cultural Education
David Jaynes

Principals of Technology
Brian Marsh

Here's Looking at You and Whole Language
Susan Nugent

Inside, Outside and all-Around: Learning to Read and Write
Mary L. Olsen

Science Across the Curriculum
Alice Porter

Here's Looking at You 2000 Workshop
Cheryl Severns

School-Based Enterprises
Gerald Sheehan

King Island Christmas: A Language Arts Unit
Christine Pearsall Villano

Using Student-Produced Dialogues
Michael A. Wilson

We-Search and Curriculum Integration in the Community
Sally Young

Artist's Credits



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