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Curriculum Resources for the Alaskan Environment

Subject Areas: nutrition, environmental studies, biology

Timeline: ten weeks

Grade Levels: 6-12

Purpose: to show the effect of diet on nutrition and health; to encourage improvement in personal diet


J. Bacon
Effects of Diet on
Mice or Rats


Square bullet Activities

  • Obtain two young or infant white mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters, or guinea pigs.
  • Isolate the animals in separate cages. Tag them.
  • Have students conduct an experiment by:

    feeding one animal all it can eat of cereal (sugarless), cheese, bread, crackers, meat, grains, rice, water, fruit, nuts

    feeding the other animal only candy, soda pop, sweetened orange drink (not juice), potato chips, coffee, tea, cake, other sweets.

  • Obtain a gram or lab scale. Record the weight of each animal initially and weekly.
  • After five weeks, have students record each animal considering:

    appearance (i.e., size, condition of fur, eyes)

    behavior (i.e., degree of nervousness, excitability).

  • After five weeks, switch the diets. Have students record observations:

    be prepared for dramatic results

    the scrawny, junk-food-fed infant rarely recovers fully. It will always be smaller and weaker than the other.

Square bullet Resources

  • university biology and psychology departments
  • pet stores


  • Conduct a second experiment.
  • Provide more time. Use more than one animal on each diet.
  • Conduct the project in conjunction with a unit on human nutrition.


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