Minto Mapping Project
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 Using Technology for Putting Together the Information
 Expansion of Illustrating Skills Through the Visual Arts



The technology component of the Minto mapping project is a means for students to record the past and the present with the most contemporary tools at their disposal in the Minto School. Using technology, they can preserve and share information about their lifestyle and cultural heritage with people all over Alaska and the the rest of the world.


It is the intent of the technology component to teach students to create interactive web pages to reflect information the Elders feel is important to preserve their own society, both past and present. As the project develops, it will grow into a continuous cultural atlas. That is, a collection of information about a specific group of people who live in an area.

Technology Goals

    1. Students will learn to use the computer in general.

    2. Students will learn to use software such as:

      1. Word processing (Microsoft Word®, Appleworks®, etc.) for authoring the stories
      2. Paint programs such as Adobe Photoshop® to manipulate photographs and other art
      3. Web authoring programs such as Claris Home Page® or Macromedia Dreamweaver® for creating their web pages
      4. Scanning to include art work and other important documents
      5. Video and audio digitizing software to import sound and video clips to their web pages

    3. Students will need an ongoing computer class as part of the school curriculum to learn and practice using specific programs necessary to the web site project.

    4. Students will experience a correlation between their past, present and future as they gather information and learn how to put it all together using the current technology.

    5. Students will learn the editing process as they prepare the stories, art, and other information for the website.

Technology Related School Goals

    1. Designate a qualified computer teacher who will create a course for students to become proficient with software related to creating interaction web pages.

    2. Upgrade computer lab to support current technology involved in the project.

    3. Purchase software needed to equip the computer lab so that students may be taught as a group, each working at their own computers.

Specific Technology Tasks For Students

    1. How to create a web page.
    1. Introduction to HTML
    2. Using web authoring software to create web pages
    3. Good design of web pages
    1. How to prepare a photo or visual art for the web page.

    2. How to include sound and/or video on the web page

Cultural Standards

B2, B4

A2, A6, B5, C1—3, D4, E1,

A3, A5, C2, C5—6, D2, E1—3

A1—4, B2


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