Minto Mapping Project
A Curriculum to Preserve Generations of Knowledge
 Bringing the Community and the School Together
 Gathering Information

 Using Technology for Putting Together the Information
 Expansion of Illustrating Skills Through the Visual Arts

    1. It is necessary for Elders to evaluate the knowledge and traditional skills they would like young people to be taught - both ideally and realistically.

      Parents need to be involved in this process because their support will help both the children and the Elders accomplish their goals.

    2. Teachers, parents of school age children and Elders will meet and come to a consensus as to what they feel their children need to be successful in their world today. Teachers, parents and Elders need to have an active role in this process in order for it to succeed. "It takes the whole village to raise a child."

    3. Students need to be aware that they have obligations to their ancestors to carry knowledge to future generations. It is their responsibility to learn that knowledge.

    4. All of these groups, – the Elders, parents, teachers and children need to work together to achieve these goals.

Planning the Field Trip

    1. Each camp should be planned before school is out in the spring so everyone understands their obligations in the fall when school starts.

    2. The planning committee should consist of school staff, parents and Elders. In this session a decision needs to be made by identifying who the participants will be.

      1. Identify the number of students that can participate early enough so that they can be planning ahead and anticipate the camp.
      2. Make sure you have enough students committed to make it worthwhile. It would be important to include the parents in this commitment. It must be stressed that the student group be composed of committed students whom Elders identify as being competent cultural bearers. These students would need to be part of the school computer class to enable them to record the data and stories they will be collecting.
      3. It is essential that there is a teacher at the school willing and able to teach technology that will carry on this project and expand it as part of an assigned teacher load.
      4. Identify the places to visit and the length of time to stay at each site.
      5. Identify what will need to be accomplished at each site in a general sense and what physical features and historical significance it presents so that everyone will know what to expect
  Cultural Standards

A1, A3—7, B1, B3, C1—2, C4, D1—4, C6, E1—2, E5, E8

A1—4, A6, B2—3, B5, C1—3,
D1—4, E2—3

A1—3, A5, B1—2, C1—2, C4

A3—4, B2, E2, F1, F3

A1—5, B1, C1—2, C4—5, D1—3, E1—2, E4, F1—4

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