Respect for the dead is an important part of our culture. On Memorial Day we pay our respect for the deceased by visiting them and cleaning their graves. When a person passes away, people show up and show a lot of comfort for the family. Some of the men in the village help with making the casket, cross, and digging the grave. The women prepare the deceased with nice clothing, along with lining the casket with beautiful material.

This grave site belongs to Old David and his 2 brothers, John and William. Old David was the father of Bessie Charlie and the grandfather of Neal Charlie.


Chief Charlie was the chief of Old Minto. He was married to late Laura Charlie of Old Minto. On his head stone under his name it says "YET' EGH' EEO'O" which means "He was a strong man." It also says "INDIAN CHIEF OF MINTO MET JUDGE WICKERSHAM 1915 FOR INDIAN LAND."



Susie Silas was buried here. She was the mother of Jonathan and Berkman Silas. Berkman is one of the elders of Minto today. Susie was in her 80's when she passed away.

Don't know who is buried here.

Additional Photos of Graveyard

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