Virgil Titus

Interveiwed by grandson Eddie James.

My grandpa Virgil Titus was born March 21, 1938 in Fairbanks, Alaska, to Matthew Titus of Nenana and Dorothy Charlie of Minto. Virgil was raised in Minto with his twelve sisters and brothers; Harold, Lawrence, Sammy, Truman, Orrin, Annie, and Lillian, the other names are unknown.
As a young Native man, in the way that things were done each April they would go to Muskrat Camp. While there, they hunted rats for food, clothing, and money. When they went back to the village they would get ready to leave for fish camp and they would stay there from June to August. They would dry fish for the winter and when they got back to the village they would sell some for money, clothing, and food.
Then came time to go moose hunting. The moose would provide the family with meat for the winter. When they shot a moose they would dry it and ration it over the winter with all kinds of berries. They would then move back to the village in the month of October.
From November to January Virgil would go trapping. They would sell the furs for food and clothing. From February to March they would snare and trap beaver.
Virgil was educated in Old Minto. His employment history includes working as a plumber and carpenter all over the state of Alaska. He takes me to a place that I enjoy a lot it is called Washington Creek.
Virgil’s hobbies include: hunting,listening to music and playing music. Virgil is married to Vernell Titus

Biography courtesy by Denakkanaaga Elder-Youth Conference June 2000 Minto Alaska

By Preston Alexander-Class Of 20 04-Minto High School

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