Vernell Titus

Vernell's most favorite place to be is Green Hill. Green Hill is located in the area of Old Minto across from Sawmill Sluge.

Most favorite food; beaver foot, dry fish, and moose meat.

by Leslie Alexander

Vernell R. Titus was born on February 1, 1941, somewhere in the Minto Flats to Peter Jimmie and Ena Jimmie both of Minto. Vernell has no sisters, she has three brothers; Andrew Jimmie, Ronald Jimmie, and Lefty Jimmie (dec.). Her brother Andrew served in the Army.


Vernell went to school until the 10th grade. Vernell married Virgil Titus, together they had seven children; Lourna, Ramona, Leona, Leon, Sandra, James, and Teresa. Today, James is their only surviving child.


Vernell has worked in Valdez, Fairbanks, and Minto. She has worked as a housekeeper, cooks helper, and a kitchen helper.


Vernell's mom and dad used to move to spring camp in April or May. In June, they would move back to Minto and get ready for fish camp to cut fish. Her mother used to make birch bark baskets for tourists, this is where Vernell learned to make baskets. In July, Vernell and her family would make dry fish for the winter and bail some fish, they would sell it to the store for groceries. In the fall time everyone would go out hunting to catch moose. They saved every part of the moose, they didn't throw anything away.


After Vernell married, each November she and Virgil would start going out hunting for muskrat, mink, and beaver. They saved the muskrat and beaver body for eating and then would dry them. In the fall time they go out berry picking and save them for winter.


Vernell concludes, "I learned everything and know everything from watching and listening to other people."

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