Pauline Simmonds



Pauline Simmonds, of Minto, was born January 24, 1942 in Old Minto, to the parents of Cerosky and Linda Charlie. Her bothers and Sisters are Kenny, Bobby, Vincent, Larry and Bessie. She is married to Richard Simmonds. They have two children, Chris and Jeff Simmonds.

Her education was received at Mt. Edgecumbe High School, through high school. Her employment history consists of: Teacher's Aide at Fairbanks Native Association in 1981, for the Episcopal Diocese of Alaska from 1991-1995, as a Village Cord of Affairs.

Pauline enjoys oil painting, reading and knitting.

She would like to stress to the young people, "Be tolerant to other races and cultures. Try to educate yourself by meeting different people. And if it is at all possible,trave