Martha Alexander

Martha Ukadish Alexander was born December 2, 1938, to Timothy Ukadish and Anesia Moonin in English Bay, Alaska. Her brothers and sisters are: Nadia, Margaret, Annie, Natalie, Justeena, Benjamin, and Seraphim. She also has two half brothers, Fred, and Ralph. Martha speaks her Native
language, Aleut.

Martha attended school in English Bay until the 3rd grade. She has worked in fish canneries in South central Alaska.
In 1962, Martha was in the hospital in Anchorage. She met Floyd Alexander at that time, he was also in the hospital. "As soon as he got out, he went home then came back. As soon as I got out, he followed me." They married in 1963. Martha moved to Minto with Floyd in 1963. During that time Martha says that Floyd would hunt and trap. In 1964, they moved to California where Floyd attended welding school, they lived there for three years, and one year in Seattle, Washington.
In 1970, Martha and Floyd adopted Melinda, she is their only child. They then settled in Minto. Martha was a mother and housewife and Floyd worked at the Well House.
Martha lost her husband in 1996. Today, she enjoys playing bingo and knitting. She is also raising three of her grandchildren, Preston, Tammy, and Evelyn.



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