Josephine Riley


Josephine Riley was born October 28, 1929. Her parents were Titus John of Minto Flats and Charlotte Albert of Minto. Wilson Titus is her only sibling out of six still living.

Josephine was married to Harry L. Riley Sr., they raised 17 children; Dale, Gloria, Edna, Rocky, Harry "Lane" Jr., Karen, Gordon "Butch", Donna, Darlene, Roland, Elmer, Violet, Denise, Peter, and Tiffany. Vernon and Lucille "Honey" are deceased.

Josephine knows her Athabascan language. She went to the school in Old Minto up to the 4th grade. She believes good teachers were there and that is how all the Minto elders can speak so good.

Josephine picked up odd jobs now and then like being a substitute teacher, working for elections, and she was once a home maker. She has made speeches for the Minto school and UAF classes several times.

Josephine's husband and her son Dale were in the military.

Josephine believes the young should listen to more stories and stop and inspect if an elder is trying to wave you down. Unfortunately, one elder in Minto lost his wife because nobody would stop and inspect.

Through Josephine's life her favorite interest and hobbies are dancing, driving dogs, berry picking, knitting, and ice fishing.

Josephine believes we should always share the first of what is caught like beaver, black ducks, moose, or king salmon with a neighbor or whoever is in the camp. And we should always be good to one another-friendship.