Jonathan David once told me when his wife was alive him and her would spend the whole winter out in old Minto hunting and trapping. The only time they would come back to our village was on Christmas Eve. He said, They would make tea and eat meat for their dinner. Sometimes it was hard for them but they always managed to stay alive during the winter nights. He also said that he would bring his gun with him just in case he saw moose or wolves that would harm him.

Another story about Jonathan is about the Honeymoon Island.

Jonathan said, "Way over on the other side of that timber and on the other side of the big hill there, that's where people used to be." Oh they had camp there all the time." And they move sometimes they move there in the fall." They stay there til winter then they move down for Thanksgiving." The old people that lived there are buried their and some yung people too. 6,7years old." His father-in-law, and his mother was buried there too.


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