Elsie Titus

Elsie Titus was born on June 1, 1919, in Old Minto. Her father was William Jimmie and her mother was Susie W. Silas. Her brothers and sisters were Daniel and Fred Jimmie and her sister was Selina Titus, who was adopted.
Elsie was married to Robert A. Titus. Their children are Jennie Baker, Luke Titus, Pearl, Raymond Titus, Carol Ann (dec.), Maggie Titus, Mary Ann Titus, Marvin (dec.), Freddy Titus, David Titus, and Tommy Titus.
Elsie speaks the Tanana Athabascan dialect. Her education went up to 3rd grade in Old Minto, that was in 1928 when she was nine years old. She has previously worked as a Kitchen Helper at the Minto Lakeview Lodge.
Her son, Luke Titus, was in the military as well as her grandson, Gabe Titus, who served in the Navy.
Her interests and hobbies are bead work, sewing quilts, birch bark basket making, crocheting, and she likes to knit mittens and socks. She also enjoys skin sewing and making things such as, boots, slippers, beaver skin items. She also cuts out material for shirts, bedding, and wall tents.
Elsie’s mother taught her about arts and crafts. There is a canoe at the University that she helped sew. It is good to listen to Elders, you can learn a lot from them.

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