Earl Titus
by Joeseph Alexander and Kristsina Charlie

Midnight of January 2, 1933, Earl Titus was born in Old Minto. His parents George Titus and Minnie Charlie had Barbara and Ivan and three more children who passed away early in life. They were Charles, who was a year older then Earl, Charles, Clara and Oliver. Earl never married.
Earl speaks Athabascan. He went to school starting out in Old Minto. In 1949, Earl attended Mt. Edgecumbe High School. He was in seventh grade. There he completed the eighth grade.
In 1949, he started working, first at Morrison Clutes and in 1950 on the railroad, and Peterson’s Navigation. In 1951, Black’s Navigation Company, before it became the Yutana Barge. From 1954-55, at Smith Brown and Youth. Earl forgot the year he helped build the school house. In 1964, Earl’s eyesight got worse and had to quit working for the Railroad, when they no longer would take him. Then after that, he picked up any carpenter helpers job.
"I will always remember, in winter, I used to enjoy building sleds. Any kind, mainly racing sleds, mostly. I built a big wood sled, for myself. But that was a one time deal."
Earl was interested in Lay Reading for the church, but had to give up, due to the loss of his eye sight. All his life he will always enjoy studying the Bible. Earl was 15 or 16, when his eyesight got worse. He especially liked carpentry, outboard mechanics, and hunting and trapping in his younger days.
Earl was also interested in brail school, but didn’t have the right connections.


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