Dorothy Titus

Dorothy Titus is one of the oldest living in Minto today. She was born October 22, 1911, at Four Cabin, which is at Lake Minto on the Minto Flats. Her parents were Moses Charlie of Tanacross and Bessie David of Kokrines. Dorothy is the eldest, her siblings are: Cerosky, Timothy, Neal Sr., Godfrey, Lige Sr., Robert, and Rita. She remembers two others who died as babies. As a child Dorothy grew up in Minto and in camp.

Dorothy received very little education, she says just a little schooling at a time. When she was older, she had some schooling in Minto and Fairbanks.

In 1929 at Nenana, Dorothy married Matthew Titus of Nenana. Together they had nine children: David, Anna Marie, Lawrence, Sam, Virgil, Orrin, Harold, Lillian, and Truman. They adopted Brenda, Elvina, Ernie, Bobby, and Ramona. Dorothy says that Matthew worked on the boat all the time, she stayed at home with the kids and dogs.

When Dorothy was young she used to do everything. She would tan all kinds of skins; moose, beaver, otter, and muskrat. Her husband taught her to trap and hunt. "I once caught a rabbit and lynx in the same snare, the rabbit was around the lynx's neck." She also liked to help people, she is a kind hearted lady who gives without hesitation.

Today Dorothy enjoys crocheting, making baskets for sale, camping, and going to church.

Dorothy would like people to be kind to one another and to share if you have something, and always be willing to help each other out. She would like kids to stay in school and to try and make something out of themselves.

This biography courtesy of the Denakkanaaga Elder-Youth Conference June 5-9.2000

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