Andrew"Andy" Jimmie
by granddaughter Heather Alexander

Andrew Jimmie, known as Andy, was born February 25, 1935, out on the lakes near Old Minto. His parents were Peter Jimmie and Ena Jimmie, both of Old Minto. He has one sister, Vernell Titus, and two brothers, Lefty Jimmie (dec.) and Ronald Jimmie.
He is married to Barbara Jimmie of Minto. They have five children, Laverne Alexander, Andrean "DeeDee" Jimmie, Loretta Jimmie, Douglas Jimmie, and Teresa Jimmie (dec.).

Andrew only completed the 8th grade. Back then a lot of people didn’t get to finish school. He began working when he was 15 years old. He mainly worked construction. He worked for a very long time and he is still working today. Nothing can stop him from working. I know because he is my grandpa. He is a very nice man, he says hi to anybody that says hi to him. He can never say no to his grandchildren, never.

He was in the Army from 1957 to November 1959. He served in Alaska and worked with transportation. He was really happy to get out of the Army. I asked him if he had any memories of being in the Army but he didn’t.

He really enjoys driving dogs. He got in the Minto 90 in 1991. He also likes to ride his snowmachine and in the summer time he likes to drive his boat. He and his wife love to go out camping. If there is nothing to do then they go to fish camp.


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