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Yup'ik RavenMarshall Cultural Atlas

This collection of student work is from Frank Keim's classes. He has wanted to share these works for others to use as an example of Culturally-based curriculum and documentation. These documents have been OCR-scanned. These are available for educational use only.





Dear Gummie


Dear Gummie,

Hey yo! I've got a problem with walking to school. There is lots of mud and my pretty shoes are getting dirty. What do you think?


Dear Muddy,

If you don't want to get your pretty shoes muddy, then you have three choices. One, you could use rubbers to school and put your shoes on in the school. Two, you could tie a plastic bag around your shoes. Or three, you could use your ugly shoes.


Dear Gummie,

I have this problem with waking up in the morning. I don't like going to bed early. What could I do?


Dear Sleepy,

If you stay awake all through all your classes and go to bed at 10 p.m., then you will go to sleep as soon as you hit the sack. If this does not work, you should come to me, and I'll give you something that might help.


Dear Gummie,

I have a problem with this teacher getting on my case for little reasons, then when somebody does something even worse, he doesn't do anything to them. What do you suggest?


Dear Madd,

I think maybe the teacher does not like you, and tends to react more harshly to things that you do because he wants you to get into trouble. I suggest that you act civilized and try to talk it over with him.


Dear Gummie,

I lost my marbles somewhere between Marshall and halfway cabin. I looked and looked but they're nowhere to be found. What can I do?


Dear Insane,

I heard that there are marbles at the Co-op store. Maybe you could get new marbles from there!


Dear Gummie,

I have this classmate who likes to go home every day. Why does that person like to go home? Maybe, that person is hungry or something? Help me find out.


Dear Concerned,

I'm afraid I can't help you with this problem. This problem is something very serious and far beyond the powers of Gummie. You are going to have to solve this one by yourself.


Dear Gummie,

I have a friend who is really crazy. I try to help him and share things with him to make him "better" but it doesn't do any good! What can I do?

Happy Helper

Dear Happy Helper,

I think that your crazy friend knows that you are sharing things with him because you think he is crazy and want to help. He probably thinks that if he acts more crazy you will give him more things. I think that you have to tell him that if he does not act crazy, you will still share things with him.


Dear Gummie

Editorial Page

Education is Very Important!

- Charlotte Alstrom


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Roman Catholic Church

- Tassie Fitka

Russian Orthodox Church

- Tassie Fitka


Dear Gummie


Look To The Stars
Your Personal Horoscope





Fair Weather Camping
By: Agnes Owletuck


Message Page (in pdf)

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