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Yup'ik RavenMarshall Cultural Atlas

This collection of student work is from Frank Keim's classes. He has wanted to share these works for others to use as an example of Culturally-based curriculum and documentation. These documents have been OCR-scanned. These are available for educational use only.







To: Tati
Song: We Like to Party
From: Flimsy

To: Allison and Spy
Song: Wild Things
Mess: Come down right now!
From: Dare devil

To: Spy and Crack
Song: Gettin' Jiggy
Mess: You guys match
From: A friend

To: Kevin Duny and
Paul Shorty
Song: ABC's and 123's
Mess: Be Good
From: Aunty Liz

To: Nicholas Askoar
Song: Kiss Me
Mess: I miss you
From: Diane Fitka


To: Girlie
Song: Oops Up!
Mess: Don't slip
From: Muff

To: Bonnie R. Beans
Song: Shout
Mess: 1/2 fun
From: DMF

To: MHS Girls
Song: ABC's and 123's
Mess: Keep up with School Work
From: Senior #12

To: Viola, Priscilla, AT, Florence, Karen(MEHS)
Song: Friends
Mess: See ya all sometime
From: Girlie

To: Michelle Akerelrea, Nicole George, Juggie, Cupa,and Noreen
Song: There She Goes
Mess: Take it e-z and don't be mischief!
From: Mustang #12

To: Myra Evan
Song: Crazy
Mess: What's up?
From: J?

To: Theresa
Song: Pretty Woman
From: Ray

To: Bill
Song: Let's go fishing!
From Tern

To: Jennifer
Song: Love in the First Degree
Mess: I miss you a lot. See you in six weeks!
From: Frank

To: Scammon Girls
Song: Down River Blues
Mess: You girls can do it next year!
From: #12 Mustang

To: All my buddies
Song: Joyride
Mess: Have fun.
From: #49

To: The 2nd and 3rd graders
Song: Does your chewing gum lose it's flavor (on the bedpost overnight?)
From: Guess Who?

To: My Honey
Song: I'll Love you Forever
From: Your Honey

To: All the Freshmen
Song: Freshman
Mess: Don't mess around. Do your work!
From: Kim

To: Stew, Skin, Dennis, Jake
Song: Shoots & Ladders
From: Gomer

To: All H.S. boys that are failing
Song: Show me what you got!
From: Gomer

To: Boopsie and Popeye
Song: That's What Friends Are For
Mess: See you guys sometime
From: Kim D.

To: Lorah
Song: Workin' on the Chain Gang
Mess: Congratulations!
From: Mom and Dad

To: Jonathan Riley
Song: If you want to party!?
Mess: What's up?
From: Kim


To: MS
Song: Do You Dream of Me
Mess: I Love You
From: CTS

To: The Marshall Students
Song: We are the Champions
Mess: In our own way.
From: A Junior

To: The Marshall Students
Song: Tie Your Dreams to Mine
Mess: Remember My Words
From: Bird Man!

To: Uppa Boy
Song: Fatboy
Mess: Hi Uppa
From: Kim

To: You
Song: Unchained Melody
From: Me


Opinion Section

Teen Centers in the Bush

- Rose L. Fitka

Wrong Place For A Dump Site

- Mildred Fitka

School News

Three Interesting Women

Lily Wong-Filimore
- Nastasia Sergie

Mary Eunice Romero
- Rose Fitka

Sharon Besser
- Mildred Fitka

In Juneau with Close-Up

- Kimberly Fitka

Straight from Max

- Nastasia Sergie

Remember Earth Day?

- Frank Keim

Goodbye and Good Luck!

Time for a Change

- Donna Best

Fairfield, Here I Come

- Flora Evan

Life After Death

- Frank J.M. Keim

...a Vacation!

- Ray Butts

Village News

Maserculiq Inc. News

- Rose Lynn Fitka

Keeping People Alive

- Rose Lynn Fitka

Marshall Fish News

- Maurice Turet

New Post Office for Marshall

- Jolene Soolook

City of Marshall

- Kim Fitka

New Water and Sewer in Marshall

- Kimberly Fitka

Church News

Russian Orthodox News

- Jolene Soolook

Catholic Church Celebrates New
Millennium Jubilee

- Jolene Soolook

Elders Page


- Nick Andrew SR.

Fun Page


Guess Who






Message Page (in pdf)


Dear Kim


Marshall Mysteries


The Last Page

Christmastime Tales
Stories real and imaginary about Christmas, Slavik, and the New Year
Winter, 1996
Christmastime Tales II
Stories about Christmas, Slavik, and the New Year
Winter, 1998
Christmastime Tales III
Stories about Christmas, Slavik, and the New Year
Winter, 2000
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Summertime Tails IV Fall, 1995 Summertime Tails V Fall, 1996 Summertime Tails VI Fall, 1997
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Mustang Mind Manglers - Stories of the Far Out, the Frightening and the Fantastic 1993 Yupik Gourmet - A Book of Recipes  
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Happy Valentine’s Day! February Edition 1998 Happy Easter! March/April Edition 2000 Happy Thanksgiving Nov. Edition, 1997
Happy Halloween October 1997 Edition Edible and Useful Plants of Scammon Bay Edible Plants of Hooper Bay 1981
The Flowers of Scammon Bay Alaska Poems of Hooper Bay Scammon Bay (Upward Bound Students)
Family Trees and the Buzzy Lord It takes a Village - A guide for parents May 1997 People in Our Community
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Fish Fire and Water - Stories about fish, global warming and the future November, 1997 Wolf Fire - Stories and Poems about Wolves Bear Fire - Stories and Poems about Bears Spring, 1992



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