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Yup'ik RavenMarshall Cultural Atlas

This collection of student work is from Frank Keim's classes. He has wanted to share these works for others to use as an example of Culturally-based curriculum and documentation. These documents have been OCR-scanned. These are available for educational use only.





Marshall Post Office

Marshall Post Office

 Theresa Kamuck

Theresa Kamuck

Theresa was born in Tukchuk and lived part of her life in St. Mary's. She has worked in the Post Office for about four years.

Theresa enjoys passing out mail, but she doesn't like people complaining about mail not coming in. She first became interested in her job when she was asked to be a substitute one day and she has liked it ever since. The training she needed she has mostly received through substituting, and the rest she gets from studying the books and other information guides in the post office. Theresa feels her job keeps her happy because it gets her up in the morning and keeps her busy. She likes when Pete gets up first and warms up the house, and when he takes her back and forth to work if the weather is bad.


Charlotte Alstrom

 Ellen Alstrom

Ellen Alstrom
Weekend Postal Worker

Ellen Alstrom was born in 1957 and she was raised in Marshall, Alaska. She went to school at Marshall, Mt. Edgecumbe, Anchorage, Kenai, and Bethel. She also went to college but only took a few courses and didn't graduate. She has been working in the post office for two years and will continue working there until she finds a full time job. Ellen likes her job because she works part time so she doesn't have to worry about babysitters for her kids.

She was interested in working at the Post Office because she needed a part- time job. She didn't need any training before she got her job but she has received ten hours of basic training since and the rest she learns on the job. She feels that her job keeps her stimulated, and she enjoys chatting with people. Sometimes, though, she gets so busy she doesn't have much time to stand around. She likes being busy because it makes the day pass by faster. She doesn't like grouchy customers. Ellen has a family and it affects her performance because if she doesn't have a babysitter she might be late or her kids might be running around in the post office.



Marshall School

Co-op Store

Head Start


Marshall Clinic

Water and Sewer

Community Hall/City Office


Police Department

Marshall Post Office 

Traditional Council

Mas. Inc./MFP

Gas Station

 Hunter Sales

United Utilities


Catholic Church

Russian Orthodox Church


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