Day-By-Day Guide

Day 19

On DAY 19, students should continue to work on the composite map(s), and should also make keys for their maps. In order to clearly separate the two resources shown, students may want to use different colors and/or patterns of shading for each resource. The key should explain these symbols. The key should also indicate: the year that the map was made; the name of your village; the names of the resources which are mapped; and what seasons are considered (if necessary). The key may also tell how many years of resource use are covered. For example, your key might look like this:


Day 21

On the last day, students should make a classroom display of the maps and posters that they created during this unit. After these are put up, the class should discuss what they learned during the unit, as well as the value of mapping and preserving this type of information in order to protect the local resource area for future use.

An additional activity to challenge your students would be to include classes, and perhaps a field trip, teaching map-reading and orienteering.

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