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Chilkat Spirit by Mike A. Jackson

The Compleat Salmon


Letter From Fred Hope

Working draft of the Aak'wtaatseen story (.pdf)

Moldy End Notes

These notes are based on comments and explanations by the elders, and on concensus reached after debates and discussion among the editors at our various editorial sessions, especially September 2001, March 2002, and June 2002.

Looking at perspective, diversity
An article from the Juneau Empire
Excerpt: "Since Ishmael Hope founded the annual Beyond Heritage festival in 2001, event organizers have sought to put together a program that balances traditional and contemporary expressions of Native art and culture."

Teacher's Packet (Creel & Tackle Box) As of July 4, 2001

1. I Am Salmon: An Exploration of Salmon and Self. An Educator's Collection of resources and Activities for the Interdisciplinary Study and Appreciation of Watersheds and People of the North Pacific Rim. One Reel, First Fish: Wild Salmon Project. 1999. (Contact One Reel for a copy of this.)

2. Alaska Rural Systemic Initiative Sponsored Draft Set as of August 2000.

3. Juneau School District Sponsored materials, June 2001

4. Related materials and work in progress

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