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Iñupiaq & SLI RavenI˝upiaq/St. Lawrence Island Yupik

Process of Interviewing
by Rachel Craig
This is a very helpful document for the protocols of interviewing an Elder.

Family Tree Project

by Rachel Craig
Excerpt: "The elders of Northwest Arctic Borough have been very concerned about our knowing our own family trees."

Iñupiat Ilitqusiat
by the Village News Network
Excerpt: "This publication is an attempt to blend two goals: cultural education and media education. NANA’s Inupiat Ilitqusiat program strives to instill values that will serve children all their lives. The Village News Network strives to increase the Native voice in Alaska media. We came together to help each other."

Kobuk Junior Dictionary
The Kobuk Junior Dictionary was originally published by Alaska Native Language Center in 1979. This adaptation is now searchable online. The dictionary may be purchased by ANLC.

Testimonies to the Alaska Natives Commission
Fairbanks - 1992
Nome - 1992

Plants of Point Hope Alaska
A guide to flowering plants near the village of Point Hope.

Plants of My People
By Cheryl Ann Wood from Golovin Bay, Alaska.

Iñupiaq and Bering Strait Yup'ik Action Plans
These Action Plans were developed from the Education Summit in April 2005.

2005 Inupiaq and Bering Strait Yup'ik Teachable Calendar
This is an order form for Kawerak's Teachable Calendar

Native Values
The Alaska Native Values are now available online.

Tikigaqmuit of Point Hope Alaska
From the owner: "In fact, in 1982 when these images were first taken many months were spent melting snow to obtain the necessary water to mix chemicals to develop color film.!!! These outstanding award winning images have withstood the test of time and are very unique in artistic composition!"

North Slope Borough
This site has excellent links to regional organizations along the North Slope.

The Native Village of Kotzebue (Kotzebue IRA) oversees the Nikaitchuat ("anything is possible") Ilisagviat ("a place to learn") tribal school. Nikaitchuat Ilisagviat has begun the third year of operation.

George Aden Ahgupuk Official Website
Excerpt: "Family members, friends and business associates have contributed a great deal of information and artwork to make this website successful.  Through his artwork, our Grandfather touched many lives and gave people a true feeling of The Great Land of Alaska. "

PEOPLE OF KAUWERAK Legends of the Northern Eskimo
"William Oquilluk of the Seward Peninsula took it upon himself to document the stories, legends and ceremonies of the Northern Alaska Eskimo culture. Set against a theme of four great disasters and leading into the fifth- the complete destruction of the beliefs and values and the loss of the language through total assimilation into the surrounding dominant American way of looking at man and his environment. No story was included in this collection until William Oguilluk had heard the same version from five different individuals."

Iñupiaq Eskimo Dictionary
by Donald H. Webster and Wilfried Zibell
Published on the Alaska Native Studies Curriculum and Teacher Development Website. You can search for both Iñupiaq and English words.

Bering Straits Foundation
Excerpt: "An Alaska Native non-profit dedicated to enhancing educational and cultural preservation opportunities for Bering Straits Native Corporation shareholders, their descendants, and the people of the Bering Straits region."

KNBA 90.3 FM's Native Word Archives
This site includes Native words with sounds from Native speakers. The languages represented are Iñupiaq, Aleut, Tlingit, Athabascan, and Yup'ik.
The Native Studies Curriculum and Teacher Development Project (NSCTD) brings together teams of teachers, elders, and community members in various parts of Alaska with university-based specialists to develop curricula on Alaska Native studies and language that is available to all schools through the internet or on CD.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Alaska Native Language Center is an excellent resource for information on the languages of Alaska Natives.

Iñupiaq - Alaska Native Cultural Profile
This is an interview of Rachel Craig, an Iñupiaq Elder, about the Iñupiaq culture. Excellent resource for information.

The Iñupiaq Numeral System
The students in Kaktovik developed the Iñupiaq numeral system based on the Iñupiaq ways of knowing. Here you will find the history and see the numeral system.

Eben Hopson Memorial Archives
This web site memorializes and celebrates the life and leadership of the late Eben Hopson.
To those knowledgeable about the people of the Arctic, Eben Hopson is one of the great historical political leaders of the North.

Alaska Native Heritage Center
Excerpt: "The Alaska Native Heritage Center is a gathering place that celebrates, perpetuates and shares Alaska Native cultures. Since opening in 1999, the Center has become Alaska's premier interactive cultural destination."


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