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SEA ARK BOATS Donates "Super Jon" Riverboat to CHEI!

During the summer of 1998, the Cultural Heritage and Education Institute (CHEI) received an extraordinary contribution of a new Sea Ark 24' Super Jon water craft from SEA ARK BOATS, INC. of Monticello, AR. The Sea Ark 24' Super Jon has enabled CHEI to facilitate logistical errands much more efficiently. Since the cross-cultural summer camps held at Old Minto are only reachable via the Tanana River, supplies and people must be brought in using water craft. The Sea Ark 24' Super Jon has become an essential part of the transportation of personnel and equipment, including firewood, water, food, and shelter materials. Over the next few summers the Sea Ark 24' Super Jon will be relied upon even more as it shall be used to transport building materials for several construction and restoration projects in Old Minto. The use of the 24' water craft will help to make an arduous task all that much easier.

MADER MARINE PARTS of Palmer, AK, the Sea Ark Alaska distributor, coordinated the donation and several other organizations and people facilitated the transportation of the water craft from Tacoma, WA to Fairbanks, AK. Totem Ocean Trailer Express donated shipping from Washington to Anchorage, AK and Raven Shipping Pacific transported the craft from Anchorage to Fairbanks. Persingers Marine, Fairbanks Sea Ark distributor, contributed rigging services and King Trailer of Maryville, WA provided a boat trailer for land transportation.

For the past two summers the Sea Ark boat has had several comments on the size and the looks from many travelers up and down the rivers which serve many small communities along 900 miles connecting several parts of Alaska.

Our thanks to all those contributors who made this possible.



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Thanks to the staff of the Alaska Native Knowledge Network (ANKN) and CHEI for aiding in the creation of this page