Fireweed Cillqaq

Volume 2

A Short History of Port Graham        

I’ve Sure Enjoyed Whatever I’ve Done

Calinguarlarngama Nunaniqsaaglalraanga

I Was Born Between Two Cultures

We Respected Our Elderly People

Pica’akllaqepet Cuqllipet

Masking in Port Graham

The Hidden Past- Qangirninek Nuuyamaqat

Lantiinaq in Portlock

Russian Orthodox Traditions

My First Log Cabin


Elenore’s Scrumptious Jam and Jellies

Mmm… Dried Halibut

The Fire Started March 3rd 1960

New Places New People

Tried and True Remedies

Pitatailnguut Picuugat Sungcautet

Home Remedies We Have Used

Sugtat Sungcautet

Feona Swaden- My Life Story




Copyright 1981,  Kenai Peninsula Borough School District.  All rights reserved

Volume 2