Level 2

Alaska Science
Key Element

A student who meets the content standard should understand that sharing scientific discoveries is important to influencing individuals and society and in advancing scientific knowledge.


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Performance Standard Level 2, Ages 8–10

Students work together to explore and share scientific discoveries about their environment.

Sample Assessment Ideas

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Sample Assessment Ideas

  • Students work together in teams to test different insulators (a material wrapped around a container containing water and a thermometer) under similar conditions; share results with class.

  • Students share information about the dates of “ice break-up” in communities across Alaska to determine weather trends.

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Standards Cross-References
( Alaska Department of Education & Early Development Standards

National Science Education Standards

Scientists make the results of their investigations public; they describe the investigations in ways that enable others to repeat the investigations. (Page 123)

Women and men of various social and ethnic backgrounds, and with diverse interests, talents, qualities, and motivations engage in the activities of science, engineering, and related fields such as the health professions. Some scientists work in teams, and some work alone, but all communicate extensively with others. (Page 170)

Science requires different abilities, depending on such factors as the field of study and type of inquiry. Science is very much a human endeavor, and the work of science relies on basic human qualities such as reasoning, insight, energy, skill, and creativity as well as on scientific habits of mind, such as intellectual honesty, tolerance of ambiguity, skepticism, and openness to new ideas. (Page 170)



Clear communication is an essential part of doing science. It enables scientists to inform others about their work, expose their ideas to criticism by other scientists, and stay informed about scientific discoveries around the world. (page 16)

Doing science involves many different kinds of work and engages men and women of all ages and backgrounds. (Page 16)

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