Level 2

Alaska Science
Key Element

A student who meets the content standard should employ strict adherence to safety procedures in conducting scientific investigations.


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Performance Standard Level 2, Ages 8–10

Students examine laboratory and community safety procedures, identify how an individual affects the safety of the group, and practice safe behavior in the classroom and laboratory.

Sample Assessment Ideas

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Sample Assessment Ideas

  • Students review lab safety procedures; draw lab safety posters illustrating the procedures.

  • Students identify ten safety features in the community (guard on snow-machine clutch, kill-switch on outboard motor or snow-machine, railings on stairs, and so on).

Expanded Sample Assessment Idea

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Expanded Sample Assessment Idea

  • Students review lab safety procedures and model incorrect and correct approaches for the critique of their peers.


Students will:

  1. Review lab safety procedures.

  2. Witness demonstrations of procedures by instructor.

  3. Practice proper procedures.

  4. Pantomime performing a task in the laboratory until stopped by the observation of their peers of a non-safe behavior.

  5. Pantomime the proper approach after it is described by peers.

Reflection and Revision

Develop a list of other areas of the school that can benefit from safety procedures.


Levels of Performance

Stage 4
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stage fish stage fish

Student work is complete, correct, and shows evidence of elaboration, extensions, and creativity. Student actively participates in a pantomime or critique that shows ability to interpret and incorporate a variety of laboratory safety procedures.
Stage 3
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stage fish
stage fish
Student work is generally complete, correct, and shows some evidence of elaboration, extensions, or creativity. Student participates in a pantomime or critique that interprets or incorporates some laboratory safety procedures.
Stage 2
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Student work is incomplete or shows limited ability to interpret or incorporate laboratory safety procedures.
Stage 1
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Student work fails to address the topic of laboratory safety. It may be entertaining, but misses major safety concerns and fails to communicate either lab safety or unsafe procedures.
Standards Cross-Reference blue rule

Standards Cross-References
( Alaska Department of Education & Early Development Standards

National Science Education Standards

The potential for accidents and the existence of hazards imposes the need for injury prevention. Safe living involves the development and use of safety precautions and the recognition of risk in personal decisions. Injury prevention has personal and social dimensions. (Page 168)



One person’s exercise of freedom may conflict with the freedom of others. Rules can help to resolve conflicting freedoms. (Page 172)

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